Confessional Friday

I confess…
Last night I saw the movie 42. It was a great movie and I’d highly recommend it. It’s got a nice romantic side plot and if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, several cast members make appearances (George!).
The confessional part of this statement? A word I have never said, nor will ever say is thrown around A LOT. It makes me uncomfortable every single time. And I left the theater feeling ashamed/sad/angry that segregation is not only a part of American history, but my own cultural history. In other words, I felt bad about being white.
It was hard not to make the connection that my feelings leaving the theater are exactly how people will feel about gay marriage in the future. We WILL be ashamed. It made me feel that I should be doing something to fight for love.
I was filling out medical forms yesterday and had to check the “marital status: single” box. We aren’t married. But I’m not single. As I suggested on twitter, we need a “livin’ in sin” box. Or my favorite suggestion, “getting the milk for free.” Thanks for that one Valerie!
I’m back to hating my bangs again.
The Passionfruit Marketplace is my new favorite place to find blogs. Yes, I like checking out places I could advertise. But I also love how organized and prettyful (not a word but I use it anyway) it is. 
The beau finished his Certified Financial Planner classes this week. Proud doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about him. Nav, you are going to great things. I love you.
Our dog is too friendly. Another night of intermediate dog classes has proven that. 
Easily distracted and way too friendly. But he loves kids. Loves them. It makes my heart happy.

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