Confessional Friday

I confess that when people say, “oh my gosh, your dog is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen” that I don’t really see it as a compliment. It’s a fact. He is the cutest dog. Literally those are the thoughts in my head. Apparently in my head, I’m super rude.

I haven’t been to the gym yet in the New Year. I just feel so bad taking away from my morning play time with Archie and catching up with my good friends, Kelly and Michael. Yeah, that’s it…

I confess that I’ve been thinking a lot more about weddings recently. And talking about it. And I’m very grateful that Nav puts up with me and that I haven’t scared him off yet.

That sometimes I’m too lazy and it’s too cold out to walk Archie. So I chase him around the house and we play lots and lots of indoor fetch. That doesn’t make me a horrible momma, does it?

I have begged Naveed to go see Les Misérables with me and every time he goes, fine then you have to go see Lincoln with me. And I back out. No thank you. Perhaps I’ll be going solo this weekend.

I was inappropriately happy to hear that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up. Tay, you are 23, he is 18. That would be like me dating a 19 year old. Ew. I can’t get over it. Date a man, please. Preferably one who isn’t famous (cause you’re rackin up quite a list).

I put together an outfit this week that genuinely made me feel like a fashion blogger.

Chambray AND a statement necklace?! [pats herself on the back] 

I confess that yesterday I went to re-buy my Macbook Air but first stopped in the Windows store. After playing with a touch screen Windows 8 for a little, I was almost convinced to buy one. But leave my beloved Apple? I’m not so sure. I left empty handed. Any Windows 8 owners out there? Do share.

When I decided to re-purchase my Nikon D5100, I gave my self a little upgrade and bought a package with a second lens and lots of fun accessories! I got a great deal on it and it was fabulous to come home to yesterday.

I signed up for my very first photography class. And I’m beyond excited. What’s aperture, white balance, and ISO? Soon, I’ll find out. And hopefully my pictures on here will improve drastically.

And lastly, I confess that as I previewed this post I HATE the fact that most of the photos are vertical, not horizontal. It breaks up the post in a strange way. Here’s to no more vertical iPhone photos!

Happy Friday, friends!

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