Confessional Friday

I confess…
I am a little bit more than excited about how well received our link up was yesterday. Who knew a silly drinking game could be such a hit in blog land? I guess I should have known, actually. Winos.
Archie started intermediate dog class last night and I think it’s clear he’s not intermediate material.
I often wonder how appropriate it is to spoon with your dog on a nightly basis. I’m always big spoon, obviously.
Nav’s friend from college is getting married this summer and when we got the invitation yesterday and my name was on it too, I was inappropriately excited. Then I asked Nav if it was an open bar. I have my priorities in order, people.
I’m the most ticklish person you’ll ever meet. If you tickle me for more than 12 seconds, I snort laugh. It is not cute. I repeat. NOT CUTE.
I finally got the Mailbox app yesterday after waiting in “line” behind 500,000 people. It was really anticlimactic. Is that really all it does? What was all the hype about?
I read this article yesterday about what happens after you give birth. Guys, it terrified me. If you are pregnant for the first time, don’t read it. Obviously I’m not but there were so many things that I was like that happens?!?
Happy freakin Friday. I’m a little too excited about it.
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