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Have you heard of Fiverr? It has quickly become my absolutely favorite way to waste spend money and amuse myself on the cheap.

I first heard about Fiverr from Zach at More From Your Blog. I found Zach via his wife Katie at Katie Did What. Congrats on the baby, you two! After reading this article by Zach about how to use Fiverr for your blog, I was convinced to give it a shot. Side note: I subscribe to Zach’s updates and he has a plethora of useful blog info! Plethora just might be my very favorite word.

Basically Fiverr is a marketplace for tons of services by people all over the world, all starting at $5. I use my paypal to send the money through the Fiverr platform and the person you buy things from does not get paid until they deliver the item. Though I have yet to use Fiverr for my blog (Lisette is my go-to WordPress gal), I have found that it’s the best place to get quirky gifts for people and an excellent way to amuse yourself.

Here are two ways that I’ve used Fiverr in the last month:

For my coworkers birthday, I had a random cartoon made of her. Though we’ll never do anything with it, it made us both laugh and was totally worth $5.


I also decided that Archie needed to be a cartoon. I sent over this photo of Archie, one of my very favorites:


And an awesome artist drew this cute cartoon:

Golden Retriever Cartoon

Too fun, right? You can get your own made for $5 here. I’m going to print it out and frame it. I’ve also had two logos made for work, for just $5. The talent on this site continues to blow me away, as well as some of the absurd things people offer to do for $5. This is like ebay or etsy but way way more freakin amusing.

Here are some cool things you could buy on Fiverr right now for $5:

Time Lapse of any Location in New York City – Awesome idea. No clue what you’d actually use it for.

Zombie Animal Card for Halloween – You pick the animal! Archie zombie, perhaps?

Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter – I’ve been waiting for mine for 13 years.

Cube Moose – Really random. Really cute.

Pet portrait – Archie dressed in a suit and tie?

If you want to be amused and shocked by what people will do for $5, visit the fun and bizarre section. Here are some absurd things you could pay $5 for today:

Record a video as a comedic Jesus – Funny gift for a goofy guy friend?

Put text on a spoon of soup and take a picture of it

Have a message engraved into a banana

Make you into a fantasy character – Something tells me that Whitney needs a picture of herself riding a unicorn.

Have your own set of Golden Girls made – Who even thought of this? Holy unnecessary but hilarious Batman.

There are loads more random things that could easily amuse you and tons of actually legit things you can get off of Fiverr. You can even pay someone to try to hack into your WordPress site and tell you where your security is lacking! So if you need to amuse yourself this afternoon, by all means head on over. I’ll just be here trying to figure out if Archie is more of a regular or bow tie guy.

Bow tie. Duh.


Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Chelsea from Lost in Travels.


Chelsea and her husband are expats living quite an adventurous life. You can see all the awesome places they’ve visited here. Ever thought about what you’ll name your future children (of course you have)? Chelsea has quite a task ahead of her to name her future children! Chelsea also compiled what just may be the best list of travel tips you’ll ever read. You can travel for cheap! She also has been very honest about what it’s like to live with your spouse abroad. It can be a blessing or a curse! Want to hear more about Chelsea’s thought as an expat and travel adventures? Head over to Lost in Travels or follow her on Bloglovin.

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