Circle Scarves and Speaking Whale

This outfit is me officially jumping head first into fall.
I’ve been dying to wear these boots for at least 2 months.
And this scarf! The circle scarf is a revelation.
I’m in love.
Picture the outfit without it. Booo-ring.
With the scarf? It’s practically fashion forward.

I win the award for wearing super basic stuff, adding one accessory
(i.e. scarf, bold necklace)
and pretending like I’m a fashion blogger. 
Just go with it.
It does wonders for my confidence.

Sweater: Goodwill, $3.50
Leggings: TJ Maxx, $5.99
Boots: Go Jane, $29.99
Scarf: Aerie Outlet Store, $9.99

I read somewhere that it’s least attractive to take a picture head on.
And yet I keep doing it.
All other poses just look, well, too posed. You know?

On to the weekend update.

Friday night my guy invited me on a hot date to see…wait for it…
Finding Nemo in 3D!
So I did what any loving girlfriend would do,
I invited 3 more people from the 12 and under crowd.

I don’t need to do a review of the movie because duh,
everyone has seen it and it’s still super adorable.
The whole experience was a preview of parenthood.
It’s date night, but the kids are there too.
And our theater seating:


Uber romantic, sitting three seats away from each other.

Side note:
Ryan Reynolds just came on TV urging people to 
protect themselves against melanoma by wearing sunscreen.
You know what would make the women of America wear sunscreen?
If every time you applied sunscreen you could enter to win a day with Ryan Reynolds applying sunscreen all over you.

That would certainly motivate us. 
Am I right or am I right?

Happy Monday, folks.
Let’s all hope this week flies by.


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