To Chop or Not to Chop?

Way back when, I wrote a post about wanting to get bangs. I basically begged someone to tell me not to do it. Unfortunately, my only reader was my Mom and she was like, “Yeah, Nay, it will look cute.” So I thought about it for another year or so, and then did it. I got bangs.

Of course, true to my own life experience and what everyone else on earth tells you is going to happen, I was over them about 3 months later. Bangs make ponytails look so cute but they annoyed me, I hated having to get trims, and sometimes I’d see a picture of myself and I’d think “that’s how my hair looks?!” So now I’ve got an ugly side bang (which my cowlick doesn’t allow to actually look swoopy and cute) that mostly gets tucked behind my right ear.

I still don’t regret getting bangs though. I love making questionable hair choices. Other questionable hair choices include dyeing my hair dark brown, then medium brownish red, and my most recent dirty blonde ombre. But it’s always been long.

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Last week my bestie came to visit. In college we both had long, blonde hair. We both loved it. She has since chopped it in to a long angled bob, which she is now growing out for her wedding. Because women are super logical, she is growing it out as fast as possible for her wedding and then is immediately going to chop it back short after. She raved about how much she loved her short hair. It made me wonder if I’d love short hair too. Then N hits me with this – “I wonder what you’d look like with short hair. I think it would look really good.” Is that a hint?

This has sent me in to a downward spiral of pinning every slightly angled long bob that I can find on Pinterest. I’m thinking Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Aniston, if you know what I mean. Here’s some more pinspiration:

Follow Nadine // Back East Blonde’s board Bob it? on Pinterest.

The more I pin, the more I feel like I should do this.

The thing is, on a day-to-day basis I feel like my long hair is kind of sad looking. Blame it on Pinterest and blog world but I’m constantly suffering from long hair envy, wondering why my long hair never looks like everyone elses. Which leads me to this: Am I the only person who isn’t wearing extensions? I’ll never have the thick, luscious hair that I see on my Pinterest feed because hell-o, every hair on my head I grew my damn self. My long hair will always look a little thin and scraggly.

I could buy extensions and clip them in every day but you know what? That’s just not me. This is also adding a point to the chop it category. Maybe my hair will look thicker and healthier if I chop it and set the reset button? Maybe my hair type is more suited to a shorter style, at this point. Side note: does hair get thinner with age? Because I swear my high school self had thicker hair than I do today.

This brings me to one of the dumbest things I’ve done on my blog thus far…a poll.

Should I chop my hair off?
No one cares

Poll Maker

The correct answer is C. But I need your help. Because when you can’t make a decision, the best decision is to let someone else make the decision for you. Right?

Thanks a bagillion.

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