To Chop or Not to Chop?

Way back when, I wrote a post about wanting to get bangs. I basically begged someone to tell me not to do it. Unfortunately, my only reader was my Mom and she was like, “Yeah, Nay, it will look cute.” So I thought about it for another year or so, and then did it. I got bangs.

Of course, true to my own life experience and what everyone else on earth tells you is going to happen, I was over them about 3 months later. Bangs make ponytails look so cute but they annoyed me, I hated having to get trims, and sometimes I’d see a picture of myself and I’d think “that’s how my hair looks?!” So now I’ve got an ugly side bang (which my cowlick doesn’t allow to actually look swoopy and cute) that mostly gets tucked behind my right ear.

I still don’t regret getting bangs though. I love making questionable hair choices. Other questionable hair choices include dyeing my hair dark brown, then medium brownish red, and my most recent dirty blonde ombre. But it’s always been long.

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Last week my bestie came to visit. In college we both had long, blonde hair. We both loved it. She has since chopped it in to a long angled bob, which she is now growing out for her wedding. Because women are super logical, she is growing it out as fast as possible for her wedding and then is immediately going to chop it back short after. She raved about how much she loved her short hair. It made me wonder if I’d love short hair too. Then N hits me with this – “I wonder what you’d look like with short hair. I think it would look really good.” Is that a hint?

This has sent me in to a downward spiral of pinning every slightly angled long bob that I can find on Pinterest. I’m thinking Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Aniston, if you know what I mean. Here’s some more pinspiration:

Follow Nadine // Back East Blonde’s board Bob it? on Pinterest.

The more I pin, the more I feel like I should do this.

The thing is, on a day-to-day basis I feel like my long hair is kind of sad looking. Blame it on Pinterest and blog world but I’m constantly suffering from long hair envy, wondering why my long hair never looks like everyone elses. Which leads me to this: Am I the only person who isn’t wearing extensions? I’ll never have the thick, luscious hair that I see on my Pinterest feed because hell-o, every hair on my head I grew my damn self. My long hair will always look a little thin and scraggly.

I could buy extensions and clip them in every day but you know what? That’s just not me. This is also adding a point to the chop it category. Maybe my hair will look thicker and healthier if I chop it and set the reset button? Maybe my hair type is more suited to a shorter style, at this point. Side note: does hair get thinner with age? Because I swear my high school self had thicker hair than I do today.

This brings me to one of the dumbest things I’ve done on my blog thus far…a poll.

Should I chop my hair off?
No one cares

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The correct answer is C. But I need your help. Because when you can’t make a decision, the best decision is to let someone else make the decision for you. Right?

Thanks a bagillion.

  • I say go for it! You would look really good with those styles you pinned. Otherwise you’ll just obsess over wanting it and constantly wonder. In 2009 I chopped my super long hair off into a pixie cut. I had always wanted to, and I’m so glad I did it. I’ve been feeling the need to address my boring straight long hair too, I’m doing bangs and I’m crazy excited. I’ve had the Zooey Deschanel bangs before and loved them. I can’t stop obsessing over getting bangs again, so I know exactly how you’re feeling. Just do it!

    • Long hair to a pixie cut is so bold! Wow! I got bangs and even though now I’m growing them out, I’m glad I did. Can’t wait to see yours!

  • I go back and forth between chopping and growing (I too, grew mine for the wedding and literally chopped it off the first day of our honeymoon!). On one hand I love being able to throw it in a ponytail, but short cuts really let a woman’s face stand out and shine given it’s the right short cut. I like the styles you’ve picked, plus you can always start with a longer angled bob and then go shorter later if you like what you see.

    • I definitely would do a longer bob with only a slight angle. I’m not that fashionable that I can pull of an extreme angled bob. lol

  • Kelley

    Yes! I too had long hair in high school and then got the crazy idea to chop it off into an inverted bob in college. I loved it. I grew my hair out for my wedding last year and have not cut it since so it’s long again. But, I’ve gained weight and the short cut wouldn’t look as good on me right now. Once my face gets thinner I will probably chop the hair off again! I think the short look would look good on you, but if you don’t like it it’s just hair and will grow back.

    • Does everyone grow their hair out for their wedding? It seems like that is a thing. I actually have put on a couple pounds recently and was wondering if I should wait to cut my hair until I lose a few because I know that my face looks rounder than usual right now.

  • It is so funny reading about your best friend’s wedding hair problems. I grew mine out for three years in anticipation for my wedding to Ben and it was all the way down my back, past my waist. My whole plan was to chop it as short as tolerable after the wedding. But, like you said, it looked sad. Especially with all the hair changes I’ve been going through from surgery. So yesterday I went and chopped 5 inches off and it felt amazing. It’s still not “short” but it feels different and I like it. Change is good! If you’ve had long hair for YEARS, try something new. 🙂 It will always grow back babe.

    • I just get bored of my hair so easily. I keep thinking, there is only a limited amount of time in my life that I can have really long hair without it looking silly and I’m approaching that time when it might start to be inappropriate. So maybe I should keep it long for a while longer? But I still don’t think it looks good how it is.

  • Why not go for a medium style before you go full short. Get use to it and then chop if it still is something you want that way if it isn’t you don’t have to wait for it to go for as long

    • I’ll probably do a long bob. It won’t be short short, that was never my intention. It will probably be medium length to most people but will feel short to me!

  • I’d always vote yes to a hair change. It will grow back if you hate it, but you never know until you do it! I think you’d look great with a short cut. My hair looks like a deflated Afro when it is short, but I’m always envious of women that can pull off the short look.

  • Go for it! I grew my hair out for my wedding and shortly after I chopped it; it looked so much healthier, thicker, and fuller after I cut it short.

    There are also still lots of fun things you can do with a longer bob! 🙂

  • Ok-You’re the first person I’ve met with hair about the same length as mine that feels like they always have sad looking long hair. Every day I have a debate about whether I should chop mine as well, but then I think “Nah better not” because all the girls with short hair are dying for long hair like mine. Will we ever be satisfied?

  • Do it! I think it would look super cute and sophisticated on you, and we all know how hard it is to find that balance between cute and sophisticated. 🙂 Plus, it’s not like it’s forever. Your hair will always grow back! I have to admit though, I might be a little too excited about this because I’ve also been thinking about cutting my hair…

  • I definitely think you should go for it! I made a drastic cut over a year ago and I’ve loved having a shorter hair. There’s nothing better than a new fresh style for spring!

  • Tough decision! I think your hair will look thicker shorter. It seems everyone is wearing extensions these days-not just celebrities so that can make it seem like everyone has thick hair but a lot of it is not natural. I long for change sometimes but I”m to scared to do it! Does your hair tend to grow fast? If so go for it. It will grow back.

  • I voted yes! I think it would look cute and healthier in an angled bob! Besides, if you decide you hate it you can always use your long hair growth tips and grow it out!

  • I voted yes for you- you might as well try it! I’ve never cut my hair short, but recently went from super blonde hair to super dark brown hair and it has been a good change. Change is good sometimes!

  • Dooooo it!! I too get long hair envy, been growing my hair for what feels like forever, and every time I notice a difference it’s time for a trim cuz of those damn split ends. And I do wonder how those ppl have luscious, thick hair.

    So excited to see your new ‘do!! You’ll look gorgeous!


  • I think you should totally BOB IT, girl! If you end up hating it, it will grow back! I think our hair gets thinner with age, but lucky for me, my hair is really thick. DO IT. DO IT!!! I’d love to see you sporting a shorter look!
    Carla @ Love Cartista

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    Ps : I love the last choice you give us “No one cares” haha ^^

  • Katie Foster

    Donate your hair. That way you will go short for a good cause. And then even if you don’t like your short hair at least you will know that you got the chop for a reason and you won’t feel bad about it.

  • I’m going through the exact same thing. I really want shorter hair, but even my stylist tells me not to do it as my hair just won’t play ball and sit the way she’d want it to. I think you’d look great with shorter hair, it might even prompt me to go for it!

  • I voted yes. The thing about a haircut is (1) it’s temporary – it will grow back, and (2) I’ve found if you’re considering it enough to write a blog about it, you’re ready to take the leap and make a change.

  • Go for it! Like you said, it’s hair and if you don’t like it, it will grow back.

  • When I was a kid, I loved having long hair so naturally I did the best to keep my long hair. Up until after graduating high school, I suddenly wanted change after a break up and decided to bob it with straight bangs and died it red. Needless to say, I got a lot of good comments and years after, I can’t bring myself to growing it out long again. I love my hair short (right now it’s shoulder length)!

    I say def. bob it!

  • Erin Sulla

    I have been eyeing your cute bob pins on Pinterest! So fun! I am obsessed with the long bob right now (with loose waves). Beautiful! I feel the same way, i have had long blonde hair forever and i’m forever wishing that it would be thick and beautiful but I am not the type to have extensions either. I think the bob is an awesome option and it is so stylish!

  • I love my hair long, and I was once like you, thinking that the grass was greener on the other side. What I didn’t realize? Shorter hair is actually HARDER to style… makes ZERO sense, but it’s true. However, my fiancé LOVES my hair short, so I’m growing it out for the wedding & then cutting it for him. That’s love.

    You will be beautiful either way… but consider how much time you want to put into fixing your hair in the morning 🙂
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  • Here’s the thing, the thinner and finer your hair is the more lifeless it looks as it gets longer. Cutting your hair even 6 inches and getting some layers will make your hair look amazing, and the shorter you go the more volume and body you will get. I’m a hairstylist and when my clients who have thin/fine hair want more volume I always suggest going shorter. I’ve found that an A-Line (shorter in the back, longer in the front) is almost always a happy medium. So obviously my vote was a big fat YES! You will also make your hairstylists day, because that is the stuff we live for.

    Good Luck!


  • Since you’re so nervous/unsure of what to do, you should try and do a little bit at a time. That way you can ease into a new cut without being too drastic. If it’s getting to a point where you don’t like how the shorter hair is looking, you can stop and let it grow. Best of both worlds!

  • The poll is going to tell you you should cut your hair because we as readers like change and drama and obviously want to see before & after photos. You’re going to look great no matter what, but make sure you do what you want, don’t rely on all of us to tell you! That said, I grow my hair out super long and then chop it all off every 2(ish) years. I always prefer my long hair, but I keep cutting it anyway because short hair is cute, it’s flirty, and change is fun.

  • Trust me, I feel the same way. I may have long hair but it’s still thin as hell and sometimes I feel like I should jump on the extension band wagon, but that’s just too much damn work. I chopped all my hair off into the a-line bob thing 3 days before high school graduation and felt so free! Putting a bunch of layers in it made it super thick which I loved , but it also took longer to get ready than with my longer hair.Plus it’s taken me 6 years to grow it back, so keep that in mind.
    P.S. Yes, hair gets thinner as you age

  • I think you would look FABULOUS with a bob. However, I must warn you – about 2 years ago I got tired of everyone making comments that my long hair was ridiculous. My hair was basically to my hip bones. So I went for it and got a sleek, angled bob. I loved it for about a week. And here we are 2 years later, my hair is grown out to almost below my chest, and I still regret everyday that I chopped my crazy long locks off. For me, short hair is so much more difficult to deal with. I used to just wash and let my hair air dry, but short hair takes styling. Every time I see a girl with long locks I get so jealous. And the saddest thing is – I was 24 when I made the chop, which was still a reasonable age to have ridiculously long hair. But now I’m 26 and if I let my hair grow until it becomes mermaid length again, I’ll be almost 30. Which I feel like is too old to have such long hair. I should have waited to make the cut! Or I shouldn’t have gone so drastic!

    I will say everyone LOVED my short hair. And I LOVE when other people make the cut. But I always feel the need to warn girls who are about to go under the scissors that I regret my chop like crazy.

  • Anytime someone asks me if they should chop their hair, I say yes!! It will always grow back if you absolutely hate it..and you’ll never know unless you try! I think a medium length bob would look great on you though!!

  • Danielle

    I chopped mine off two years ago and loved it and then got engaged a month after so I had to grow my hair for the wedding. I chopped it right after the wedding and I still love it but I need to grow it since I have two weddings this year. It’s so easy to just grow it out if you don’t love it as much as long hair but I think it’ll definitely look good!

  • Kai

    I always say yes when people ask if they should cut their hair. I am SOOOOOO one of those people who gets extremely bored with my hair, ridiculously quickly. It’ll get to like 2-3 inches below my collar bone and then I’m like CHOP IT OFF and I get a super short and super angled bob and then I regret it like 7 months (which seems like a long time) later. I seriously do this EVERY year. cut, let it grow like 5 inches, cut again.

    so… GO FOR IT but i am warning you, you might miss it.

  • I cut off my hair and donated it to Beautiful Lengths, a place that makes wigs for breast cancer patients and 2 years later I have let my hair grow out and I feel that it is much healthier than it was when it was longer! I have been wanting to chop it off again but am wating till I have enough to donate!

  • I’m in a very similar situation – I have long, straight, fine hair. I’ve been growing it long because I’ve always wanted it super long and have usually given up before I get there. I’m finally there and I’m over it – in the mirror, in photos, I’m just so plain jane! I’m thinking after my next race or two I might give it the chop for a fresh Spring look. I need someone to tell me to do it too!

  • I have long hair and I’m scared to chop it off, so if you do it, more power to you! haha 🙂 I do think short hair would be easier to maintain (less time blow drying, woohoo!) I can’t wait to see what you do 🙂

  • Total yes! Plus. It’s hair. It grows back. But I chopped mine and haven’t turned back! Takes a lot less time. Looks healthier. AND I love getting my hair shampooed and cut – short hair means this happens more often. Score!

  • Good luck with your decision! I feel like this is the story of my life. Once in a while, when I do decide to go shorter, it never looks as good in real life as it did in my head.

  • I felt the absolute need to give you my thoughts on this! I felt like cutting mine off bc I felt like mine was drab but now I hate hate hate my short hair. I also got mine super short and couldn’t do anything with it for months. Goodbye my favorite top knot! But I think your bone structure could rock an angled short cut… Just keep it long enough that you can pull it up on dry shampoo days!!

  • Yay! I am with the 87% of people who say yes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • DO IT! This will look so cute on you!!! And yes, your hair will look fuller when it’s shorter. I have thin/fine hair too and I LOVE when I cut my hair shoulder length or shorter. The best part about hair chopping is if you hate it, you can always grow it back.

    xo Denise

  • Kym

    I want to cut mine of SOOOOO BADLY!!!! I’ve honestly been thinking about it every day for the past couple of weeks. I say go for it (easy for me to say lol) … and I’ll tell you what everyone has told me “It’s just hair! It will grow back!” 😉

  • RJ

    I think your long hair looked spectacular. The kind that makes guys’ hearts skip a beat. You were much too critical of it.

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