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I once read that the most natural hair color on any person is the color their hair was at age 5. I was thinking a lot about hair color, as my roots are horrific right now and the dirty-blonde-maybe-brown-weird-ashy color is coming in. As I pulled at my part and wondered if I was starting to look Shakira circa 2001, I considered for a hot second trying to go back to my natural color. Then the voice loudly in my head: NOPE.
It takes a miracle to be one of those women who has the perfect skin tone to pull off any hair color. Skin tone that’s fair, not too pink, and eyebrows that are just enough but not too much and don’t look crazy when colored. Some celebrities change things up super frequently. And a couple of them are nailing it. Others…not so much.
Ashlee Simpson Hairstyles
Ashlee Simpson has been a hair chameleon since she dyed her own hair from blonde to black on The Ashlee Simpson Show. Did anyone else freaking love that show? Her first album pretty much defined Junior year of high school for me. On that note, I think today I’ll be re-listening to Autobiography today. The former Mrs. Pete Wentz (tear) pulls off all three hair colors but I prefer her blonde.
Emma Stone Hairstyles
Oh Emma Stone, my biggest girl crush and possibly the best hair chameleon. She pulls them all off so damn well you’d actually believe they were all her natural color. In fact, Gwen Stacy is pretty much the reason I got bangs (you know, the ones I now hate). Whether she changes it up for movie roles or herself, she rocks it. Homegirl is a natural blonde but I say her soul was meant to be a redhead.
Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles
Scar Jo is my least favorite of the bunch. I don’t know, something about divorcing Ryan Reynolds (…idiot) to date Sean Penn really put her on the dislike list for me. But girlfriend is pretty adventurous with her hair color. Weirdly, I don’t even know which I like. None, perhaps? The blonde has a slight edge but just barely.

Rachel McAdams Hairstyles

After Julia Roberts, Rachel McAdams really is America’s sweetheart, isn’t she? Except she’s Canadian. We still love her. Though she was perfection as blonde villain Regina George, she’ll aways be Noah’s Allie to me. Brunette for the win.

3 Hair Colors

And one who isn’t a celebrity….me. Two years ago, Fall got the best of me and I dyed my hair dark brown. Too fearful to dye my eyebrows, I left them dirty blonde and started filling them in. Still, it wasn’t a good look for me and I managed to deeply upset my mother, who freaked out when we lost each other in Target and she realized that she wasn’t finding me because she was looking for a blonde.

Just know that if you dye your hair a drastically different color, you’ll probably LOVE it for two weeks and then want to go back to normal. So there’s my warning to all of you who are pinning new hair colors like crazy right now and pondering a big change.

Let this post serve as a self-reminder. Nadine, being a brunette just isn’t for you.

p.s. Don’t get bangs.


Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Belinda from Found Love, Now What.

Found Love, Now What

Though Belinda now lives in Wales with her husband, they did the long distance thing for years! And guess what? There were some perks. Now after living together for a little over a year, she has found some real life moments worthy of a romantic comedy. She also took a moment and made a few predictions about her life, 5 years from now. That 5 year plan doesn’t necessarily include moving back to the U.S. so we’ll be getting plenty more updates on her travel adventures around Europe. She had quite a few Ah-Ha Moments in Paris and you know what? I bet we’re in for a few more. Want to keep up with Belinda? Head over to her blog or follow her on bloglovin.

  • Emma Stone can pull off anything! I love her with any hair color, and you’re right, they all seem to look natural! Jealous.

    • Nadine

      She has the perfect skin tone for it! It’s funny because if you look at the pictures I posted, she actually has the darkest eyebrows when she has blonde hair. But whatever, it works.

  • Kalyn

    I have dyed my hair from bleach blonde to red to brown to dirty blonde and I liked them all but my favorite/what everyone else seems to like most is a natural looking dirty blonde! And I always regret it when I get bangs cut!

    • Nadine

      The problem with dirty blonde is that it is nearly impossible to get back to. I’d love to have more of my natural hair color and have it gradually get lighter at the ends but it’s nearly impossible to get there.

  • Ha! I love your examples. I have thought the same thing about Rachel and Emma Stone. Off to go listen to my jams on Autobiography!

    • Nadine

      That album was seriously underrated. I hope you’re enjoying it!

  • You just convinced me to listen to Autobiography again today!

  • Emma stone is the ultimate hair chameleon, who was also my inspiration behind going red as well as going back to blonde. Yes, I too have been a hair chameleon since my senior year of college. But if the hair at 5 years old thing is correct I should be a platinum blonde. Interesting…

    • Nadine

      I’ve heard that hair has a really hard time getting the red to really stick but that once it does, it’s hard to get out. I’d love to be a redhead for like a week though!

      Also, the 5 year old thing could be a rumor. Either way, I went with it. Hence the light blonde hair.

  • Im actually cutting my hair tomorrow.. I have had the urge for a long bob lately.. I have long hair usually and last time I did that I felt like a boy.. Not cool. I am trying to talk myself out of it right now and compromise on a long long bod length 🙂 Good reminder of WHY we choose to look the same always..it usually is the best option!!

    PS your blog is my new absolute favorite!! 🙂

    • OOOPS long long ‘BOB” not “BOD”.. I can’t help the latter of those 🙂

  • I was born with golden blonde hair, but at five years old, it changed to brown. Ever since eighth grade, I’ve been highlighting and dyeing it. I’ve been every color-different shades of brown, black, platinum blonde, and red. I always regret getting bangs. I mean, I like them at first and then immediately let them grow out. So now, I just buy the clip-in bangs, so I can change it without it being permanent.

    • Nadine

      I definitely should look in to some clip in bangs. I loved mine when my hair was up because they made ponytails look a little less blah but I hated them with my hair down.

  • I didn’t know that Emma Stone was naturally a blonde!
    Definitely thought she was a redhead.
    She looks great with any color hair though

    • Nadine

      She really pulls them all off but I totally thought she was a natural red-head too!

  • I can say I’ve gone practically every colour of the rainbow, and I prefer my natural colour (that ashy weird brown you talk about) with some blonde throughout. I’ve been told I can pull off any colour, but I definitely love keeping it natural, plus it’s waaay easy on the wallet to keep it up!

  • Oh girl, I got a wild hair (no pun intended) and dyed my blonde hair brown. It was terrible. Absolutely terrible. Also, my mom FREAKKKKED out. She didn’t even recognize me. Hah… I’m sticking with blonde from now on.

    And I respectfully disagree… Rachel McAdams needs to be blonde! 😉

  • Couldn’t agree more on the bangs thing! I had them once and never ever will I go back. Ughh the struggle is so real with bangs.

    Rachel and Ashlee are perfection.

  • I’ve done all three colours before and I’ve found that as I get older certain shadows no longer work for me. Two years ago I was all about the blonde and now blonde just makes me pale and doesn’t work. I think hair colour is an ever changing thing 🙂

  • One time in high school I professionally highlighted my hair hot pink after seeing Kate Beckensale at the Oscars…well I am no Kate Beckensale. And my mother was veryyyyy unhappy with me!!

  • I’m do glad to finally hear that someone else isn’t obsessed with ScarJo. I don’t dislike her, I just don’t fawn over her!

    Also, I reaaalllyyy loved red on all of those ladies, but could never ever do it myself.

  • Emma Stone really can pull off any color! I just went super dark for fall. I was brown with lots of blonde and now I am just super dark brown with a hint of lighter brown highlights that were my darkest color before. I look less washed out, so win for me! I will never EVER have bangs again. Never. Ever.

  • This is great, it’s crazy how quickly celebs change their hair color & manage to always rock it!


  • We all know the real moral of the story is…don’t get bangs. Been there, regretted that!

  • I love Rachel McAdams as a brunette. And I agree. ScarJo was an idiot for leaving Ryan Reynolds.

    And call me crazy, but I love you as a brunette.

  • I actually love you as a brunette! You look great blonde too though, duh. And Emma Stone is by far my favorite of the hair chameleons.

  • My hair has been almost every color you can think of. except maybe blue or pink. But I’m at my almost natural color (I think) and I’m loving the blonde at the moment. so we will see.

  • I like my natural hair color better than any color I could dye it, so I stick to that. Except the random occasion streaks of pink, purple or blue. Currently, blue.

  • ha! i love this post. i too get the hair itch. i am so sick of getting my hair colored it’s been over a year since i stepped foot in a salon. so that means i just crossed my fingers the sun and lemon juice would work. and itdid but now im out of luck. i just wish it would look naturally pretty. ugh.

  • I tried being adventurous with dying my hair.. and I very quickly (but obviously not quickly enough) realized that it is a no go for me. I’ve had almost black hair, dark brown hair, red hair, my natural hair color – dirty blond, and platinum blond. Even though my natural hair color seems dull.. it looks the best on me and I can put high or lowlights (depending on the season) in it and it looks great and I don’t get awful roots showing! I got highlights last year and it grew out a TON and everyone thought I had ombre’d my hair. I call that a win 😀

  • Ha! I loved this! Emma Stone is the cutest! I am a fan of the red, but I love her no matter what color her hair is! A few years ago I too, went brown in the fall. However, it was more like black! I literally would jump when I caught my reflection in the mirror without warning. It took forever to get back to blonde. But just today…I pinned a dark hair pic! You’re so right, thanks for the warning 🙂

  • I think you look so pretty as a brunette! and I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a the relationship with scarjo.

  • Ashlee Simpson looks gorgeous with any hair color. and I adore you as a brunette- I never imagined you as one before!

  • oh that emma stone, she can do no wrong. i totally agree, she was meant to be a redhead. and YES! the ashlee simpson show, i LOVED it. i am such a reality tv junkie.

  • I’ve been feeing the itch to do something different lately. My hair is such a neutral brown, I might go a bit darker for the fall. I usually do henna dye, it’s awesome because it’s chemical-free and rinses out eventually (usually).
    I had Zooey Deschanel bangs several years ago and LOVED them. I toy with the idea of doing them again every now and then… but then I remind myself that they take fooorrrreeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to grow back and that takes care of that. The awkward stage when you’re growing them out is just so terribly awful, I just can’t do it again.

  • Oh my gosh. Emma Stone is amazing and her as a redhead is freaking brilliant. LOVE. HER.
    I just don’t like Scar Jo. At. All. Never really have. I don’t know why, I just can’t seem to like her. Plus, who the heck would get rid of Ryan Reynolds??? Definitely a bad move. I just dislike the chick.

    I’ve never dyed my hair! And I secretly want to try a different color…like a light brown or something. (I’m blonde, but like dark/dirty blonde.) It gets wayy darker in the fall/winter (naturally) and super light in the summer. Did I really just explain that? Please ignore. Anywayyyys. I’ve thought more recently about trying something, but I really think I’m just too chicken. That was the main point of this ridiculous comment. ha

  • Haha! This is perfect! I am seriously considering changing up my hair color and this was a great reminder for me to go for something subtle over crazy different! I also agree with not getting bangs spur of the moment. Been there, hated that!

  • OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ashlee Simpson 🙂

  • Um, loved the Ashlee Simpson show.

  • I LOVE changing my hair color. And I think I can pretty much rock most colors. Even bright pink! A lot of people have said that they weren’t a fan of when I went to black hair, but I still loved it.

  • Thank you so much for the timely post. I have been debating that exact same thing for the last two weeks, should I dye my hair, I would really love red but should I do it, will I regret it. On the bangs I am the opposite everytime I decide I no longer want bangs I last two weeks then out come the scissors.. why are we so attached to what we have and so afraid to experiment, guess cuz we are not Ashley Simpson and do not have the dollars to fix our mistakes if we do not like them,

  • Dude, you are so right… especially about Emma Stone. I had no idea she was a natural blonde! Love it!

    I think you look great brunette, but I obviously don’t know you very well. But yeah, blonde looks AWESOME on you 🙂

  • I just dyed my hair dark brown last night and right now I love it but it is not too drastic of a change for me – I was a brunette to begin with, and I did one for only 28 washes. Here’s to hoping I don’t hate it in two weeks!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Oh Ashlee Simpson! I’d almost forgotten all about her, she DID rock every hair colour. I think I prefer the red on her actually, although when it was black with the box fringe that worked well for her too.

  • Rachel McAdams is my all time favorite!! I am half Filipino, so I don’t even attempt to color my hair. Anything other than dark brown or black just never looks natural on an Asian! Guess I can’t vlog about being a “hair chameleon” this month.

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