Cause I’m Not a Rule Breaker

Yup, I’m rockin the white jeans again.

Blouse: Banana Republic via Goodwill, $3.50
Jeans: F21 via Goodwill, $5.00
Shoes: DSW, $39.99
I’m in a personal contest with myself to see how many times I can wear these babies before labor day.
Cause I’m not much of a rule breaker, ya know?
No white after labor day.
Plus I gotta get my money’s worth.
All $5 of it.

Right now I’m waiting for my flight out.

Most of the time working for a non-profit and having student loans up to my elbows doesn’t really afford me all the luxuries of life. But every once and a while, the stars align and something magical happens…like an upgrade to first class.
(Gotta love airlines points systems)

Yes friends, I’ll be sitting up front with the important people.
Statistically its where you’re most likely to die in a plane crash.
So don’t get too excited for me.
And try not to judge me for knowing that.
Now go check out Malorie’s post today.
She was so sweet to mention one of my posts as a favorite this week.
I feel so honored.


  • Love the Outfit, and go check out my blog you inspired me.

    • Oooh yay, I love it. Like I said over there, I think it’s more acceptable to keep wearing white in Cali than it is here.

  • Fabulous Goodwill finds. You make it look GREAT!

    • Thank you! 97% of what I wear is from either Goodwill or Target haha

  • Best 5 dollars ever spent! Lovely outfit!

    • Thanks! I held out on buying white jeans for so long and I finally found the perfect pair at Goodwill (they actually looked like they’d never been worn!).

  • LOVE those white jeans! Awesome find. So cool that you were upgraded to first class but how did you know that you’re more likely to die there? Ugh now I’m going to be paranoid about that too. Luckily I picked seats in the back for my flight in a couple weeks or else I would be going back to change that now haha. Hope you had a good trip!

    • This is just sad but I’ve done my research on where it is the safest to be in a crash. The further back the better. I was in the very front row on my way back. I actually didn’t love it, to tell you the truth. Don’t be paranoid though! You’ll be just fine.

  • I love White jeans BUT I’m totally a rule breaker & do the whole after Memorial Day thing! Have a great trip & enjoy First Class

    • I’m just excited to bring back regular jeans after that (weather permitting). It’s been so hot that even these white jeans I have to save for a “cool” day.

  • love the outfit!

    • Thank you! I’m definitely no style blogger.

  • You look so cute and chic!! I love white jeans too 🙂

    • I always try to look semi-decent when heading to the airport on a work trip. If I was just going somewhere to visit friends or something you can bet I’d be in yoga pants and uggs haha

    • Thank you. I’ll come check out your links.

  • giiirl you must have an amazing Goodwill! All my Goodwill has is pilly sweaters and mom jeans!

    i couldn’t help but wonder…

    • You have to dig through! I swear even the crappiest goodwills can have amazing stuff. This sounds silly but go to the goodwill closest to the “wealthy area” near you. Thats where you’ll find the really good stuff. I just went today and got two banana republic tops!

  • Love the white jeans! I have yet to buy a pair but I really should cave in and get some!

    come say hi if you’d like:

    • I don’t know that I would have splurged and bought a full price pair at first but since I’ve bought these I’ve loved them. Now I wouldn’t worry about investing in a good pair later on. I’ll come return the visit!

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