2018 Blogging and Social Media Predictions

In an effort to jump back in to blogging, I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the current social media and blogging trends. I’m still constantly pinning blogging and social media related content to my blogging resources Pinterest board. It’s a topic I’m interested in, even when I’m not actively blogging.

So today I’m taking a stab at what 2018 has in store for blogging and social media. Let’s go…

2018 Blogging and Social Media Predictions

Instagram will pull a Facebook and start charging for business accounts to be seen. I read recently that it was recommended that you not switch your Instagram profile from a personal account to a business account for this reason. I have no idea if that’s true or not but the logic seems sound so I’m leaving mine a personal account. That said, if I managed to hit 10k followers (unlikely but – shameless plug – follow me here), I would not have access to the swipe up feature using a personal account.

People will insist they want more “real life” but will continue to read carefully curated posts and engage mostly with beautifully staged photos on Instagram. We can all try to pretend that we like slightly blurry photos taken in bad lighting just because the blogger is “keeping it real” but realistically they just don’t do as well. It’s the same reason a title like “10 Ways to Supercharge Your Weekend” works better than “Friday Musings”. I’ve seen several bloggers do some sort of poll on Insta stories about “do you want more real life?” and it seems the overwhelming majority do but I’m not sure that’s actually true.

Bloggers will cool it on the e-courses. If 2013 was the year of sidebar ads, then 2017 was the year of e-courses. I could be wrong about this (and, you know, everything else on this post and this blog and this life) but it feels like the market is saturated.

Bloggers (and readers) will realize that newsletters are mostly redundant. After Google Reader went away and so did the little Blogger widget of how many followers you had on Google Reader, people jumped to Bloglovin’. I still use and enjoy Bloglovin’.

Then somewhere along the way that Bloglovin’ follower number became less obsessed over and was replaced with the beloved email list. Because if you have someones email, it’s yours! It won’t be discontinued or taken away!

But frankly, I just don’t get it. I follow your blog to hear what you have to say. I don’t need you to email it to me also. As a blogger, what I want to write I’ll put on my blog, not in some exclusive newsletter. I get that it’s a good business move but I’m over it. I’m hoping this constant request for my email address will stop being such a thing.

More video content. I’ve started attempting a few Insta stories where I talk directly to the camera. It feels weird and awkward and mostly I can’t get used to it BUT. And this is a big BUT. BUT I enjoy those videos the best on other people’s feeds! The ones where they talk directly to the camera (to you) like a friend. I also think lots of bloggers are going to work on their video content for Youtube. I will probably not be among them but I’ll enjoy watching everyone else up their video content game.

Swipe up on Instagram for everyone. Maybe? Wishful thinking? Also could be a pay to play kind of thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if they roll this out to Instagram business accounts with all amounts of followers (currently only offered to those with 10,000 or more) but also build in some type of charge for it.

2018…the year of podcasts? I’m seeing more and more bloggers take their content in an audio direction. It makes sense, since our generation is accused of having short attention spans (come on, you know it’s true) and wanting to be entertained at all times. Podcasts allow you to listen to much of the content that might be included on your favorite blogs while doing other things. How very millennial.

So tell me, what do you think of my predictions? Have any of your own? Or even any hopes/wishes?

  • I think you are right about video on content. I follow some bloggers who created some amazing video travel content… but when I tried to replicate on our last trip to Italy, it fell flat because I really love photography. I’ll admit that I tend to share photography on my instagram, because I really love beautiful pictures and they are what gets me through the stressful times… plus I’m realistic to know that my every day is pretty darn morning. LOL

    • I really enjoy photography also which is why I love instagram so much. But when my life is kind of dull (like this week for instance, it’s been way too cold to go anywhere with a baby) I post a lot less because no one wants to see just pictures of my kid and dog on the couch. LOL

  • Jessica Mullins

    I think you are so right about people insisting they want more “real life” but actually continuing to ready curated posts with beautifully staged photos. Yesterday I listened to two podcasts talking about personal brand and both stressed the importance of showing your “real self” to your audience. I think it is great getting a peak at real life, but my eyes can’t help being drawn to beautiful photography!

    Also, for what its worth, I’ve loved the videos you posted where you talked directly into the camera (and now I’m looking for stars on row homes!). I can imagine they are uncomfortable to film, but I hope it helps knowing the videos are enjoyable by your audience!

    • You’re definitely right about being drawn to beautiful photography. It’s hard not to be. I do think people are doing less of the super super staged office looking photos – you know the ones usually on white marble etc.

      And thank you! I’m going to try to do more of them but I struggle in public because I feel like I’ll die of embarrassment.

  • This is such an insightful read, Nadine! I quite agree on a lot of things you mentioned here, especially the part about newsletters being redundant. I used to roll out newsletters using my RSS feed and even write a weekly “round-up” of posts published on the blog, but it’s gotten to a point where it’s all too exhausting.

    • I think you nailed it. I honestly don’t know how other people do it – producing content for a blog AND a newsletter?! I couldn’t do it. But also I don’t really see the point.

  • I think you’re spot on with so much of this. I don’t want to subscribe to a blogger’s newsletter or join an email list when I’m reading the blog and following along on social media. I use and love Bloglovin’ too.

    • Exactly. I just wish there was a point besides bloggers getting people’s emails so they can prove to brands that they’ve got a strong following or something.

  • I think you nailed all all your predictions! I absolutely hate being prompted for my email address at nearly every single blog I visit. I don’t care for newsletters at all. I know it’s a good business move for them and if you are trying to make your blog or Instagram a career, a newsletter might be a good option… but I’m not into blogging for that at all. I wish that newsletter request would not keep coming up after I’ve clicked no.

    • Agreed. I’m not sure I understand the point of sending a newsletter if you already have a blog. I feel like the whole game is to get people’s email addresses and then be able to show that to brands etc. to prove their value.

  • yes to all of these! I hate when bloggers ask for email addresses. I use unroll.me and roll up all those ‘spam’ emails so they never get read anyways.

    I’m curious to see how this ‘real life’ vs curated stuff will play out. I feel like it means more behind the scenes and personal stuff, but still beautiful pictures and not too messy. I personally am over super curated posts and usually mark as read without even reading a lot of them.

    • I definitely think there are some people who are good at showing real life in a really beautiful way. I prefer this to the super super staged white marble type photos or flatlays of more clothes from Nordstrom.

  • I think these are all pretty accurate! And I’ll admit, I kind of slightly hate myself for pushing my email list so much. But I’ve been told for aspiring authors it’s one of those “must haves” so… I was like “FINE I’LL DO AN EMAIL LIST.” Although, I will say sometimes I like getting the email updates of blog posts vs. having to go to another site all of the time, even though I do like bloglovin.

    • Definitely a different ball game for aspiring authors. I could totally see why you’d have one and it would be good to show a behind the scenes kind of thing.

      • That’s what I’ve been trying to do. We’ll see if it works!

  • You hit the nail on the head on a lot of these predictions. I think audio and video are going to be king and I much rather do podcasts, which I started doing last year for a bit, rather than video. Video is too much work for me and also it gives me anxiety being in front of the camera. I don’t even like to do IG live or Snaps where I talk to the phone, it feels weird. I’m a words to paper or words to blog kind of girl.

    As far as newsletters, I get what you’re saying because it seems too much on top of having a blog. I guess for me, I want to make it where people can see what I do behind the scenes and have a more intimate way of communicating if they reply back – which some of them have and it’s been a lot of fun! But I admit when I’m struggling to create content on the blog, the newsletter is the last thing on my mind. So it’s a good thing to have but you have to have a plan in place so that it doesn’t lose traction.

    • Yeah I struggle with video because I feel awkward and frankly, I don’t have the capacity to blog and podcast. Interesting thoughts about the newsletter. I never thought of it as a way to communicate more directly.

  • I love these predictions. And kind of hate the one about people ‘wanting’ real life but not really and I think we’ll keep going in the curated direction… unfortunately (because it takes a lot of effort)! Also, for the love, can’t everyone have a ‘swipe up’ on IG?! I’m so annoyed by this. Well, more than I should be, at least. 😛

    • Yeah. Now it feels like things are becoming curated in a different way. Like there are less white marble backgrounds and pretty tech pictures of Apple computers and office supplies but there are more “candid” family photos that you know are actually super planned.

  • I don’t get the newsletter either. Just put it on your blog. I don’t need a separate email, and what more could you possibly need to say that needs a separate mailing? Swipe up would be nice.

    • Yeah it’s just not my thing. Occasionally I’ll subscribe to a newsletter to get a freebie or printable or something but then I’m never actually interested in the newsletter itself.

  • Very interesting insights! With social sharing as ubiquitous as it is today – sharing a quick snap on IG Stories here, or a personal photo taken at a restaurant shared by the foodie groups, I think the line between an actual “blog” and the blogger behind it is super blurred. People start to follow the blogger across all channels and not just the blog, if you will. To me, that’s sort of the appeal of a newsletter, or unedited photos, or blogger podcasts, etc. – familiar face and content, but distributed even more widely! Don’t know if that makes sense at all, but just a couple of extra thoughts thrown in 🙂

    • Definitely makes sense. I kind of think of IG stories and mini reality show episodes where you are the actor, director, and producer. It kind of makes me nervous having all these mediums because the more you share of yourself in different capacities, the more people may think they really really know you. But it’s still not the same as knowing someone in real life, in person.

  • Nancy E.

    I feel the same way about your predictions! I also feel like its time for a new social media platform to appear… snapchat is pretty new but something else has to come along. Maybe a new spin on AOL instant messaging..? It’s got to be something old school that makes a comeback.

  • Nancy E.

    Also – where are you storing your photos now? Is there a new platform for that? I used photobucket before but obviously that isn’t going to work unless I pay $400+…

    • I store my personal photos with Google Photos. It’s a game changer. I downloaded the app to my computer and then it scans your computer and literally adds every single photo to your Google Photos account. It saves them at a pretty good quality but if you want to save them at their original quality/size, there is a fee. I don’t host photos anywhere for my blog like I did with photobucket when I used blogger so I’m not sure what equivalent service there is for that.

  • Interesting insights! I’d love for the swipe up feature on Instagram to be available to everyone! I think the 10k exclusivity is stupid!

    • Yeah it would make it easier even to share links with friends privately.

  • All I want is for 2018 to be the year of blog comments coming back!! I know people are on the page! Why aren’t you talking to me?!?

    • Kelly

      Love this, yes please!

    • Oh my gosh, yes! What happened to commenting?!

    • Your comment inspired me and I’ve been trying to comment when I read posts and have something to say. I’m definitely guilty of being the silent reader but I know blog comments make me happy so I figured I should share the love 🙂

      • I definitely have the same problem. The thrill when you get them though… it’s like receiving a letter in the mailbox! I try to comment as much as I can now to make others feel that joy lol

  • Kelly

    I totally agree with the e-courses slowing down, love these!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Your predictions are so on point! I do see a lot of bloggers slowly moving to Youtube with their video contents… and like you, i’m awkward on cam too hahaha maybe i should practice with IG stories too 😛

    ❤ Hazel from Dress Me Up Buttercup

    • I basically cannot do an insta story where I talk to the camera anywhere but in my own house. It’s silly because I shouldn’t care what random people on the street think of me but I can’t help but be embarrassed.

  • I found your predictions to be very interesting! Blogging has changed so much already from when I first started in 2009 and I am curious to see where it goes. I love the idea of podcasts, but am super nervous recording myself or videoing myself too.

    • I am too. Mostly because I hate the sound of my own voice (doesn’t everyone?). I don’t know that I could maintain a podcast and I love the written word too much so for now I’m just upping my game on insta stories until it feels more natural to me.

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