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Earlier today, I got texts from my bf and my bestie telling me that my blog was down. Down? What does that even mean? So I go to my blog address and what do you know, there is a pay-per-click type ad for adult related content. I died. And of course I happened to be not at home so I couldn’t do anything to fix it. 

Needless to say, I’m pissed. I bought my domain name through blogger and I’ve never had any issues before. Naveed says maybe the server was down and it picked ads as a default based on the domain name i.e. the words “back” and “blonde”. Not so good. Any hoo, please know that if you came to my blog earlier and saw anything inappropriate, I’m deeply mortified and apologetic. Within under an hour my blog was suddenly back and I hadn’t done a single thing. Please please please comment or email me if this has happened to you.

On a lighter note, I walked by J. Crew tonight and saw this:

At only $168, I’ll be buying this ummm NEVER. But still, I’m in love. They have a skirt version too that is absolutely amazing:

If it’s at the outlet on super sale in like a year, I’d consider. Until then I’ll just drool over it via the internet.

In other news of way-too-much money, I bought the new MacBook Air tonight (hence the mall trip). It’s so beautiful I could cry. Electronics are not something I will be stingy about. I want the newest and best one because I’ll probably be using it for the next 5 years (my old one lasted 6, remember this?).

So until next time, I’ll be happily playing with my new toy and all the cool stuff it can do!

Happy Monday!

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