7 Apps to Help You Rock Pregnancy

7 Best Pregnancy Apps

When I first found out I was pregnant I basically downloaded every pregnancy app to see which one I’d like the best. I was so excited to be pregnant that I didn’t want to miss a single ounce of available information. That said, most of the books at our local library were pretty outdated so I got much of my information about my pregnancy from apps (and my doctor, of course).

Here are the pregnancy apps that I tested and used the most:

Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia may not be the perfect app, but it is the most fun. My favorite part of the Ovia app is the ability to compare your baby’s size to more than just fruit. Ovia lets you pick from four themes – Fruits & Vegetables, Parisian Bakery, Fun & Games, and Weird-but-cute Animals.

Every Thursday when I would start a new week of pregnancy I’d go through and switch my theme and decide which comparison I liked best. For instance, week 20 Baby B was the size of a paper airplane. The following week on the Parisian Bakery theme he’s was the size of a Large brioche a tete. FANCY.

I like that Ovia gives you capsules of information in very digestible bits. For instance, each day it adds a little blurb from a category such as body changes, baby tidbits, or baby development. The information is interspersed with articles although the articles didn’t ever seem to be about stuff that I was super interested in.

Basically, I liked this app to see what weird animal my kid was the size of each week. It was fun.


BabyCenter was actually the only app that my doctor mentioned by name. I found it functional and informative but not particularly fun. There isn’t anything about it that really sets it apart. It does have a community feature called a “birth club” but it doesn’t appear to have the activity that Nurture has.

This app is just not one that I clicked on frequently simply because other apps are doing it better.

What to Expect

My doctor actually explicitly told me not to read What to Expect When You’re Expecting! She said it’s full of incorrect information and also has a lot of information that pregnant women don’t actually need that increases anxiety unnecessarily.

So I didn’t read it. But I did get the app.

I didn’t find the app to be anything outstanding aesthetically. It’s simple and easy to use. One feature that some may enjoy is that each week there is a video on your home screen with a summary of what’s happening during that week of gestation. It also includes an animated look at the baby. So if you’re a video person, this might be a good app to download and try.


Nurture is the pregnancy version of the fertility app Glow. I loved Glow pre-pregnancy and so I immediately downloaded Nurture once we got a positive pregnancy test.

One thing this app has going for it is a very active community. This is a wonderful and terrible thing. When you add your expected due date (which it can calculate for you) it puts you in to a community group of women due the same month as you. During my first trimester I found that reading through the group thread often left me anxious. It seemed more like an announcement board for miscarriages than anything and I definitely noticed that I was more pessimistic or on edge after a few minutes of scrolling through the group board.

Later in pregnancy I occasionally find the group board entertaining but didn’t contribute. Lots of people use it to discuss their challenging social situations. Sometimes it reads like a bad reality show.

What I do love is that every day it is updated with two sections on the home page – “21 Weeks 5 Days” and “Your Baby on Day 152”. If you click on these they give you an overview of where you are and where your baby is. Then the app collects what has been added by women who are exactly as pregnant as you or had ultrasounds done on the exact day that you are today. It’s pretty cool to see all the bellies of women who are literally the exact same amount of pregnant as you are and also to see ultrasounds and 3D ultrasounds of babies who were exactly the same gestational age as Ben.


Pregnancy+ is a solid app that seems like it would be great if you are in to tracking a lot of your data all in one place (weight, appointments, potential names, etc.). I never really felt the need to track too much but if I was going to, this seems like it would have been the place to do it.

I like that it shows you a side view animation of what the baby looks like inside your body. It also shows you (with premium after 14 weeks) a 2D scan, image (animated), and a 3D scan of babies at the same number of weeks that you are. I found the 3D ultrasounds in the first trimester to look a little creepy.

Pregnancy+ offers you all of the features until 14 weeks and then you have to pay additional for the premium features. I didn’t feel the need to do this because other apps offer these features for free.


Sprout opens to an interactive animation of a baby. It has a few clickable dots on the baby that give you some details about the baby’s growth that week. It was kind of cool but I never really figured out how to use the app as a whole. It just didn’t have a good flow.

I fell out of love with Sprout at 6 weeks, when it asked me to buy the premium version if I wanted to continue using it. I’m not opposed to paying for apps but this just seemed kind of gimmicky and too early in my pregnancy to pay for an app. Also, The Bump has a similar interactive feature called “Inside the Bump” that I found to be better designed (and free).

The Bump

I didn’t love The Bump for tracking my pregnancy but this app had the articles I like best. The home feed reads a lot like blog articles and they do a good job with catchy titles and sharing more than just the science of what’s happening. Some articles on my feed included “How to Find Comfortable Maternity Clothes” and “6 Expert Tips on Organizing Your Nursery”.

From the home screen if you click on “View Week 21” it has wonderful, brief information about what’s going on with the baby at week 21 and what was going on with my body. It ends the article with some reminders like “prep for your glucose challenge test” and “start planning your baby shower”.

The app is aesthetically pleasing and, if you’re using them for your registry (I did not), you can manage your registry from in the app.

I hope you found this helpful! I loved tracking my pregnancy and love that we live in a time where technology can make such an awesome human experience even more awesome. If you’re interested in reading more about my pregnancy, here are is my gender reveal, first trimester recap, 25 week bumpdate, and 34 week bumpdate (written the very day I unexpectedly gave birth!).

Tell me, did you use apps to track your pregnancy? Which was your favorite?

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