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Early in my pregnancy I made the decision to switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. I don’t even remember why really. I probably read something on the internet that (unnecessarily) freaked me out. Still, I’ve been taking a “better to be safe than sorry” approach so I put my antiperspirant aside for a bit in hopes of finding a natural alternative.

Now let me tell you something you already know: deodorant is not antiperspirant. Frankly, I didn’t think my usual antiperspirant did that much until I stopped wearing it. Initially I was horrified but soon came to accept that if the wetness did not smell, it was not a huge issue. So I won’t say that any of the below products work as well as say Secret, but I have found a few good ones to keep you from offending your coworkers. I tested each of the below products for at least a week.

The Best Natural Deodorant - 5 Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant Alternatives

Schmidts Natural Deodorant

I found that of all the deodorants I tried, this one had the longest lasting fragrance and odor blocking capabilities.

The texture of this might get you though – it’s very pasty with a coconut oil base that you are directed to put on your armpit and let it melt for a minute before rubbing. It leaves a clear layer of paste on your underarm area. I didn’t mind this except that on some shirts (mostly silky blouse type items), the oil came through the shirt and left me looking like I had pit stains even when I didn’t. I was terrified that this would stain the shirts but surprisingly, any evidence came out in the wash. If I did layer it on too thick and then put a t-shirt on, sometimes the hem of the t-shirt would still have some product build up even after a wash. It certainly hangs on.

I found myself reaching for this brand most frequently, as it does keep me smelling fresh the longest. If I’m wearing something silky or with a sheer jersey fabric, I’ll reach for the Tom’s instead.

Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant

In terms of texture, Kiss My Face is the clear winner. It goes on nice and smooth and dries quickly. I did not find that it transferred to clothing. The cucumber scent is fresh and lovely.

That said, I did not find that the scent lasted and felt the need to reapply this around lunch time to keep up the odor protection. Still, this was easiest to apply and texture wise felt the most normal to me. I’ll still reach for it, but only on really cold days.

Crystal Body Deodorant

People rave about this product. In fact, a Sephora worker actually sent me to the health food store across the street to buy this when I told him I was looking for a natural deodorant. I found that this provided me no odor protection and frankly, it wasn’t sufficient for me even on cold days.

I sometimes wonder if perhaps I didn’t get the salt stick going enough (I did run it under warm water for quite some time thinking this was the issue). Still, it felt like none of the product was transferring from the stick to my skin and by the end of the day, I sure smelled like it too.

If you have any advice about what I may have been doing wrong, let me know. I had such high hopes!

Paciifica Coconut Milk & Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipes

Not thrilled with the price tag of $8.99 for 30 wipes, I put off buying these. But since I figured I had months left of deodorant trials and I still hadn’t found my holy grail deodorant, I ordered it on (thanks RedCard!).

I love the smell of these but I’m not entirely certain they’re supposed to be used as actual deodorant. These would be fantastic in a gym bag or for a quick refresh anytime you need it. I do not think the product is supposed to be used in place of a deodorant stick. I’ll keep these in my purse this summer to freshen up after my walk to work on a hot morning.

Tom’s of Maine Stick Deodorant in Lavender

This is probably the easiest to find in stores and the most well-known natural deodorant. Be careful though, Tom’s does sell an antiperspirants as well so make sure you read the label if that isn’t what you’re looking for.

I had oddly low expectations for this deodorant and so imagine my surprise when I really liked it. No wonder it has a strong following and is so easy to find in most drugstores! I do not love the lavender scent (lavender is just not my jam) but I do think this product works well and has a similar texture to the Kiss My Face. Tom’s does come in a variety of other scents – Whole Foods stocks more than most drugstores. I’ll definitely repurchase this (in a different fragrance), especially for winter use and simply because it’s so easy to find.

The Verdict

Schmidt’s feels like the clear winner here in terms of effectiveness. It just did a better job of keeping me odor-free throughout the day. It’s the only one of the deodorants listed above that I completely finished the stick of.

So, am I sticking with deodorant over antiperspirants? Once it hit 90 degrees I just couldn’t do it. I walk to and from work every day. I’d made it well in to the second trimester and my doctor said antiperspirants are more than fine for your entire pregnancy. I popped over to CVS and bought a stick of Dove. I think I’ll use Schmidt’s or Tom’s in the winter or on cooler days but I just couldn’t stick with it in the summer heat.

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