My Best Friend’s Husband

That expression sounds weird to say, but after my last trip to California, that person exists. My best friend has a husband. I actually used the expression “Kaylin’s husband” the other day and it felt weird but cool and because I know how happy she is, it made me really happy too.

Our adventure began Wednesday, when we flew from Philly to San Francisco.


It’s really great when the only decent picture taken of you in the last year is when you’re goofy on anti-anxiety meds and standing in long-term parking. Super.

Then we got to San Francisco and did touristy stuff.

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And then of course, we drank lots of wine. Oh, and I (the vegetarian) ate a cheeseburger. JUST ONE. I always said that In-n-Out Burger was the exception to my vegetarianism, since day one. It was so good, I didn’t feel even a tiny bit guilty.


The next day we headed to Lake Tahoe and my best friend got married. I keep using that expression because it just sounds crazy to me. Isn’t this the girl I sang sorority songs with? That I slept on the bathroom floor next to? That I watched turn 21 with a bar stamp on her forehead? I guess we’ve come a long way from being those people (but on occasion, we let them come out).

It was a ridiculously fun wedding and though I’d love to share 800 photos, I don’t have them to share because I was too busy dancing and having the time of my life. Plus, they aren’t really my photos to share, now are they? So here’s just a little taste of the stunning event.


Bridesmaid! I got my hair and makeup done for the first time ever and it was pretty fun. They basically spackled my face and it took me nearly 20 minutes and 2 pounds of conditioner to undo all the teasing in my hair but damn, it looked good.


img_0358 img_0353 img_0364 img_0408

She’s stunning. And now she’s someones wife. He’s a very lucky man.

  • Best friend? Or sister?! You two are IDENTICAL! :O

    Congratulations to her! 🙂 and I love your bridesmaid dress! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • Holy cow that wedding really is stunning! I loved your hair too!

  • what a fun trip! you and Kaylin look stunning. such a gorgeous wedding!

  • You looked so lovely as did your princess bride best friend. This sounds like such an amazing weekend!

  • One of my best friends (we have a group of 4) got married 2 years ago at age 25. It was weird. Amazing wedding, but weird. She just posted “Happy Birthday to my husband!” on her Facebook and 2 years later – still weird. I wonder when it stops being crazy that your friends are old enough to be getting married? 🙂

  • Beautiful! It looks like you had a great time!

  • I love this! A lot of my friends are getting married, and it’s crazy to think that we are at that stage of life. Isn’t it the best when you get to celebrate so closely with them! And I love your hair.

  • You look so beautiful! Best friends’ weddings are the best 🙂

  • You look stunning!

  • I love your bridesmaid hair! So much that I’m bookmarking this as a hair idea for when I get married.

  • I love the colors in that bridesmaid’s dress. It’s very pretty!

  • Beautiful! I love weddings and I can’t wait until my best friends get married. It sounds like such a special experience.

    xo Julie
    Cap and Gown Style

  • You both look gorgeous! PS how do you walk in those shoes?

  • Your hair and that dress are gorgeous.

    I love the pictures from SF, the bridge is always a great background.

  • GORGEOUS. It’s always so much fun to get hair and makeup done – especially for an occasion like a wedding!!! Love all the San Fran photos, too – looks like ya’ll had a blast.

  • Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places — looks like you guys had a blast!

  • Oh my goodness, you look beautiful!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Looks like it was a great wedding and trip! Weddings are always fun in my book, so I love seeing the photos. Your hair was gorgeous, love the braid!

  • That updo is so pretty! I love a good braided updo for a bridesmaid 🙂


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