When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

It was 11pm when she called, a strange hour, I thought, as I hurried to answer. We’re usually morning chatters. Driving to work catcher uppers. First cup of coffee gossipers. So an 11pm call must mean something. I slid the green answer bar to hear those words I’d been anticipating for months now, “I’m getting married.”

Now naturally, always one to jump the gun, I’ve pretty much answered the phone with a “are you engaged?” right off the bat for the last four months. No pressure. But this time it was true.

Somehow my brain struggled to grasp this so I said “No you’re not” and she insisted, she was. “Are you messing with me?”  I asked again. “No! Nadine I have a ring on my finger,” she implored. “Well let me see it then!” And moments later a stunning engagement ring was staring back at me via FaceTime, Kaylin’s grin ear to ear in the background.

She’s getting married.

And then I broke out in a case of the ugly cries that rivaled Kim Kardashian.

So happy I could not stop crying? Not an emotion I experience often. Words can’t truly describe what it’s like to get that call from your very best friend. It’s pure joy, a side of disbelief (are we that old, really?!), and just a dash of envy.

Kaylin, I love you. I could not be more thrilled for you. The fact that my reaction was your fiance’s favorite (I have to admit, it was kind of absurd) made my whole year. I cannot wait to talk to you about wedding stuff every day from now until the moment you say “I do”. I’m thankful every day that Delta Gamma made us sisters.

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