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I’m still flushing out my system (and my email) from vacation. For a whole week I pretty much lived on pizza and frozen custard. It was sooo worth it but now I’m trying to incorporate those things called vegetables back into my life.

This is appropriate twice a day on vacation, right?

I also got to showcase my one talent in life while on vacation. You know the grabber machines? Where you try to win stuffed animals? Yup, my one talent in life is that I’m insanely good at those. My total for this trip was 7 stuffed animals. And let me tell you, this skill is wildly impressive to small children (and also Naveed). 

On another note, since we decided to move in together, I cannot get enough of checking out what’s available on craigslist. I’m wondering if there are any other ways to find houses or apartments. I’ve always used craigslist and I’m not really sure how else to go about finding a rental. Any ideas? How did you find your home?

Hoping to get back into the swing of things here soon!

  • Now I am dying for an ice cream cone, and it’s 8:49 AM…sprinkles are just about my favorite thing ever 🙂

    I always use the apartment search websites. I think there’s like and and a lot of other similar sites. I’ve had quite a bit of luck with those in the past! Congrats on moving in together by the way…so exciting!

    • Agreed. Sprinkles MAKE the cone. We’ve been checking to see how the management is etc. and it’s actually be super helpful to weed out some bad ones. Thanks for sharing! We need all the help we can get.

  • That icecream cone looks sooooo yummy! i love me some sprinkles!

    Have you checked out They also have an iphone app. I really like this site because you can search for leases in a specific, drawn out area.

    • just changed my life. Sending you a virtual hug. There are lots of apartments/houses listed in my area and they are better quality than the ones on craigslist. Thank you!

  • That ice cream looks awesome! And I bought the house we live in a few years ago after searching realty sites and driving through town, looking for “Sale” signs.

    • We aren’t looking to buy for a while but I have thought of driving around and checking for For Rent signs. I’ve noticed that a lot of times those with signs aren’t necessarily listed on craigslist and such. Thanks!

  • Congrats on moving in together! So exciting! I officially want to go get a big huge ice cream cone now too!

    Oh and Zillow is great for looking!

    • Someone else mentioned Zillow and how did I not find out about this sooner?! It’s going to be so helpful in our search. Thanks!

  • I’ve always driven around a bit, looked at “for rent” signs, and called the rental company for ones I’ve liked. Realtor/landlords have always been super helpful when I’ve looked for specific things. Rather than searching through postings, they can just tell you if they have what you’re looking for.

    Good luck!!!

    • I should look in to finding out who some of the rental/property management companies are. Good idea. Thanks!

  • Oo congrats on moving in together! When we first became “roommates,” my now-husband and I looked up apartments in the area that we would be living. Then we made appointments to visit the apartment complexes to check out the leasing office staff and the property. When we moved to Maryland though, we found our place ONLINE and the first time we saw it was when we moved in! Currently, we rent a townhouse and my husband found it online.

    • Around where we live there are tons of townhomes/rowhouses and big homes that are turned in to apartments. There aren’t too many actual apartment complexes. Still, we’ve found a few and want to check them out. I’m hoping we find something that will work! Thank you!

  • So yea, I’ve cut out starches and have been working out like crazy and the only reason I clicked this post was for that darn ice cream!! LOL, I’m so pathetic. But moving (esp with the bf!) always gets my inner decorator going, too!

    • Hahaha ice cream always gets me! I can work out in the morning and fall off the wagon as soon as I pass a soft serve or frozen custard place. I’m like nervous that I’m going to overboard with the interior decorating. I have a lot of the furniture etc. but I know I’m going to want new bedding/wall hangings and stuff. Ah so excited! Thanks for stopping by!

  • That ice cream cone looks just amazing. I can’t wait for my vacation coming up in a couple weeks. Also, craigslist…amazing. It’s a total game-changer for decorating a new place. Best of luck with everything!!

    Catherine (your newest follower)

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