Why We Aren’t Leaving Our One-Bedroom When We Have a Baby

Our house kind of looks like this, if you cut off the top floor. Our house not pictured because um, SAFETY.

You might recall that a few months ago we almost bought a house, but then we didn’t. What I didn’t say in that post was that I was 5 weeks pregnant when we had the home inspection and the thought of moving, having a mortgage, and having a baby all in the same 6 month period felt like too much to me.

We really love our current home and instead of feeling the instinct to buy a house and settle down permanently, I felt like I wanted to limit the other change in our lives as much as possible. To stay where we already know we are comfortable when we bring our boy home.

Our current house is a one bedroom house, not an apartment. Yes, those exist (but rarely). It’s a little 500 (ish) square foot, 11 foot wide row house on a narrow street in Philadelphia.

Our floor plan is pretty open and simple. You walk in the front door and you’re in the living room. The back half of the house is the kitchen. There’s a spiral staircase that leads to a fairly large (for the city, tiny for the suburbs) master bedroom and bathroom. That’s it. From my couch I can see the whole first floor. I like it that way. I never get scared that someone’s hiding in a closet or something. We can easily chat with each other from anywhere in the house. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever lived (and that’s saying something – it’s my 19th home, 20th if you count the summer I spent in the Delta Gamma house).

Before we really decided not to move, we took a look at our space and tried to decide if we could realistically fit a baby in our current home. People bring babies home to one bedrooms all the time! So it must be possible, right?

Our master bedroom has a large nook that would fit a baby crib. He’ll have his own designated little corner. Our dresser will have a changing pad on top of it. Our large closet will house baskets of baby clothes. One less chair in the living room would give us space for a rocker. We’ve got a spot ready for the swing and we can easily fit a bassinet at our bedside. Plus we have a basement to store anything we aren’t currently using.

Sometimes I wonder if my nesting instinct will kick in (still waiting on that) and I’ll wish our guy had his own nursery. I make myself feel better by considering that the AAP encourages parents to keep their baby in the same room to sleep for the first year (to reduce SIDS). Once I think that over I’m usually like, well, he’d be in our room anyway even if he had his own room.

Overall, I’m just not that worried about it. Moving during pregnancy would stress me out so much more than just staying put and enjoying the home we already feel comfortable in. It’s close to the amenities we need (i.e. grass for Archie) and more than a couple of coffee shops. We know our neighbors, we live mere blocks from our friends, and we feel safe here. Truthfully, I can’t imagine spending maternity leave anywhere else.

When our lease is up in April, we’ll probably move to a two bedroom somewhere nearby. I’ll miss this place when that time comes but for now I know it’s where we are meant to be for this time of our lives.

Now mamas, tell me, are we crazy for staying put and squeezing in to our one-bedroom? Or is this actually totally normal and all of the adorable blogger nursery’s have just changed our expectations?


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