And Then I Threw A First World Fit

I think we’ve all heard of the phrase “first world problems.”
But what happens when you take that to a whole new level?
Let’s call it a 
First World Fit
We’ve all had them. Don’t pretend like you haven’t. 
That moment when something you are so privileged to do/have/be just throws you over the edge.
Some examples include:
The wifi isn’t as strong in the back of your house and your Apple TV gives you a “loading” while watching House of Cards on Netflix.
Throw a fit.

The lights aren’t bright enough to take a picture of yourself without a flash.

Your order from Amazon Prime gets to you in 3 days, not 2. 

You receive a notification that you’ve used 75% of your data for the month, while trying to check your twitter at a red light.

Note: All examples are real and probably happened in the last 48 hours.

Sure, the world might be full of starving children, unclean water, global warming and tons of other bad stuff. But YOU now have to control the amount of tweeting that you do on your phone! 
There you have it. I invented a new thing.
So next time you lose your shit over something you are clearly privileged to lose your shit over, pat yourself on the back because you just had a 
First World Fit
Now don’t you dare tell me you’ve never done it.
What did you totally lose it over?
Leave a comment with you best (worst?) moment.

  • hahaha this is perfection. i often find myself asking “why me?!?” when horrible things happen, such as spilling water off my nightstand or not being able to detangle my hair after a shower. life is hard, ya know? 😉

  • Hahahh this is the BEST I throw first world fits all the time. I love this name for them!

  • LOL! as always, you never disappoint!

  • Haha! I totally was lecturing my boyfriend (oops…)yesterday because he was over the top grumpy that he had to park and walk 5 minutes to school instead of getting a spot right in front of the building. First world fit!!

  • yes! I love this term, it’s going into my regular vocabulary at this very moment. I just recently had a first world fit over not going out to dinner on a Friday night.

  • LOL this is soooo true. My hubby and look at each other and constantly say “first world problems” to each other. Recently ~ the grocery store line was too long and it then it rained after I got my hair cut and styled. waaahhhh!

  • This is spot on! The apple TV one is huge for me. I think i throw a first world fit over my internet connection every other day.

  • I love this!! I definitely lose it over internet connections all the time, especially at school where, gasp, I don’t have wifi! Glad I’m not the only one!
    <3 Kiersten

  • Hahaha! I love this!!! And I recived a txt 5 days ago that said I have used 90% of my data for the month. Talk about throwing a fit! I can’t check anything or do anything on my phone till tomorrow.

  • Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious…and totally spot on. I probably throw a first world fit like once a day, which is so sad. The most recent thing that I got super pissed about was the memory card on my camera being full. I’ve got over 3000 photos on there that are ALSO on both of my laptops, but I was SO annoyed that I had to delete a few to take new ones. I threw a little fit because Arsen didn’t have time to go buy me a new one before my baby shower…like, hung up on him saying “UGH, whatever, I’ll just deal with it.”. Really?

  • SO true. Yesterday it was raining and the satellite went out and I couldn’t take a nap. And this morning Good Morning America had a Deals and Steals segment with a brand of something I want but not the exact thing I want. Life is so hard in the first world.

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  • HAHA I have a #firstworldfit almost everyday! I’m definitely going to start using this.

  • So embarrassing! I yell at my husband All. The. Time to hook up our SECOND computer so we can BOTH do our facebooking at the same time. Every time I throw a FWF I think I should send money to those starving kids in Africa…

  • I throw a first world fit EVERY. TIME. my boyfriend is using my laptop (his is broken) and I happen to want to check facebook. I want it NOW!

  • Lol I love this I would say my worst is when I spilled a full cup of Starbucks on the front of my pants because their new “green” lids I proceeded to get out of my car and walk back in to order another one while muttering to myself d*mn you Starbucks can we not be green today?

  • Realizing Tim Horton’s forgot to put the cream and Splenda in my coffee after I left the drive through. Not proud but it definitely happened.

  • Haha, another perfect post! My phone died on me and while waiting for a replacement, I had to use a temporary 3G smart phone. Are you serious? Go back to a 3G phone? What, is this the Stone Age? I definitely threw a First World Fit for how slow it was compared to my 4G. Afterward, my husband and I had a good laugh about it 🙂

    P.S. My replacement phone died too. I decided I would rather have no phone for 24 hours than use that 3G phone again. Haha.

    Rikki @

  • HA! I was complaining to a friend the other day and even admitted it was a first world problem…but I have no recollection at all now what it may have been. 😉

  • Lol I hashtag FirstWorldProblems on a weekly basis. I definitely get crazy when my phone is low on battery (meaning 52%) or when a store is out of some specialty item I need. Haha

  • I get so mad when I go to my parents’ house and discover that they aren’t using the DVR that I bought them for Christmas! I mean who watches TV with commercials? I can’t stand live tv anymore!!
    I also once had a major MAJOR meltdown in the Rome airport when they tried to tell me that I had to check my bag (um, no). They did it anyway and I was screaming that my Tory Burch elephant flip flops were irreplaceable and they better not lose my bag or I would sue them. To make it up to me they put me and my husband in first class but I didn’t even realize because I was crying over my flip flops! I mean, they ARE irreplaceable–she doesn’t make those any more!! Luckily, they arrived home safely. My pride, not so much.

  • I can definitely relate to the data thing! I used to have unlimited data, but Verizon no longer offers it (ridiculous). Since I upgraded my iPhone a couple weeks ago (I HAD to….the screen had been shattered for over a year), I could no longer have the unlimited. SO annoying.

  • Hahaha I love this! I throw a fit every time I can’t work the TV that the husband has hooked up to the internet… I miss the old days of just turning the TV on with ONE remote and without a keyboard! I often wonder what it would be like if adults threw tantrums over things that little kids get upset over. “SHE TOUCHED ME! SHE TOOK MY TOY! I WANT CANDY!” etc… 🙂

  • Love it, I make a first world fit when there is absolutely NO chocolate anywhere in the house!!

  • uhh, yesterday that my mom form hadnt arrived for my tax return so I can get free money. Yeah.

  • Great post! I throw a fit when my cell phone charger is that awkward length from my bed that I can only scroll my phone when I lay on my side and half way off the bed. Dammit Apple! Just add another foot to the chargers please!

  • I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post.. I related to everyone of these…is that good or bad?

  • ALSO Isn’t House of Cards AMAZING???

  • Ha! I recently threw a First World Fit because my breakfast couldn’t be delivered until 11am.

    Love House of Cards!!

  • Oh I am so glad there is a name for these fits…yahoo!!!! I also throw a fit when my instagram will not process my pictures…when it says “failed” I die a little inside. I also get so pissed when people drive slow as shit in the fast lane….really??!!! LOL

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • BAHAH> I friggin love this. I had one of those fits today as well. I needed a diet coke or SOMETHING to drink and then I remembered my husband had my card so i was like “UGH” guess I will HAVE to wait till I get HOOOME. UGGGGH.

  • I had a first world fit at Target today… for some reason, the automatic doors wouldn’t open for me. I literally stood there and jumped up and down until they opened, rather than veering slightly to the left and opening the damn door myself.

    So glad I’m not alone.

  • Haha this is AWESOME. What a great thing, now I know what to call it when I freak out because I slept in on a Saturday and missed the matinee movie time.
    OR I forgot my sunglasses and have only my new visor to shade my eyes as I play tennis.
    Brats, we are. But at least I readily admit it, as do you!

  • I throw a first world fit over my internet connection multiple times a day. Especially this week when the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, and I have to go unplug the modem and plug it back in to restart it. >.<

  • haha love this! i totally get annoyed when my iphone’s connection is slow and new instagram photos won’t load. or a few weeks ago when the valet was slow haha. oh jeez.

  • I’m totally guilty of the taking a picture with flash fit!

  • I’m glad you coined the phrase because that is the story of my life!!!

  • hahahah this is so so good!

  • HA HA! I got a good laugh out of this one! 🙂

  • Truth. I have been there too many times so thanks for the reminder there’s a name for it now, lulz!

  • I LOVE this! I blogged about “first world problems” not too long ago. I had one today: “Why doesn’t Panera have a drive thru?!” HAHA!! 🙂

  • This is hilarious!! Glad to have a name for it now!

  • I am sitting at my desk in tears from laughing at this. Why? Because it’s true! I have sadly done all or some variation of the above mentioned fits.

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