Actual Confessions


Sometimes people “confess” things on their blogs that are absolutely not confessions. It’s like yeah, duh, everyone else does that too. Or, oh you bake too much? Terrible. Here are actual confessions that I probably shouldn’t put out there but am going to anyway.

1. I want to be engaged but I’m not. Yeah sure, blah blah blah don’t rush it. I could try to tell you I’m one of those super cool girlfriends who doesn’t think about that sort of thing but that’d be the biggest lie I’d ever tell.

2. I feel like life has stalled sometimes. We’re in between the college age and the married with kids age. I still haven’t figured out what you’re supposed to do in this time period if you’ve already met “the guy” and you have settled in to living suburban life together. Live in the moment? I’m trying. I really am.

3. Archie is the neediest dog I have ever met. I love him, sometimes it’s just like, dude, stop being so desperate. I frequently work from home and my couch is my home office. It’s cute but wildly irritating when he uses his nose to push away my hand from my keyboard. Last night I was rudely awakened by my 50 pound dog sitting on my face. Oh sure, just curl up right there, I don’t mind at all. He must be as close to us as possible at all times. I have forgotten what personal space feels like. See above photo.

4. There is milk that is a month past the expiration date in my fridge. It will probably stay that for a good while longer. I also have flowers that died four weeks ago on my dining room table.

5. Since we moved to a smaller apartment, I can’t figure out if we have become bigger slobs or there is just less space and so it subsequently looks more cluttered. It’s also a completely generic apartment and I have not hung a single thing on the walls of our bedroom. Pottery barn we are not.

6. I have a pimple right above my lip and for the past two days I have been paranoid that people think it’s herpes. Every time someone so much as glances down I want to scream “it’s just a poorly located pimple!”

And now that I said herpes in a blog post, I think that’s my cue to go.

Happy Friday, people. We’ve been waiting all week for this.

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