A Make Out Kiss or the Cinnamon Challenge?

Happy Friday! Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Katie from Mr. and Mrs. Foster. Katie’s husband recently returned from deployment (thank you for serving!) and Katie has some thoughtful, romantic, and hilarious ways that she stayed close with him during deployment. You won’t want to miss this. 

Take it away, Katie…

Hey, I’m Katie and I blog over at Mr. & Mrs. Foster. I am an Army wife and I literally just made it through my third deployment with my husband!

Being apart from your significant other is always hard, whether you are in a military relationship or long distance relationship. I try and make the most of these situations by having fun coming up with ridiculous package ideas. In my opinion, the cheesier and more obnoxious the better! Anyone can send over a package full of snacks and toothpaste, but send your love one of these ideas and they will be truly surprised!

GRIZZWALD: A build-a-bear teddy with a voice box of me saying “I love and I miss you so much, muah!” Apparently, the bear would go off a lot in the middle of the night because my husband was using it as a pillow and it would make everyone around him mad. But guess what? He slept with it anyways 😉

WIFE PILLOW: Last deployment my husband told me he didn’t have a pillow and obviously I couldn’t send him any ordinary pillow and so the wife pillow was created! Crazy or amazing? I’ll let you decide 😉

BOX FULL OF KISSES: Last deployment I asked my husband what he wanted and he responded with a “Box full of kisses.” So, a box full of kisses he got. Five different kinds of Hershey’s kisses to be exact!

And don’t forget to include a “make out kiss” 😉

HELP YOUR HUSBAND GET LAID: Just kidding, help him get “lei-d.”

HUMOROUS VIDEO: I got tired of sending lovey-dovey things and decided I wanted to try and make him laugh. So I attempted and failed the cinnamon challenge all for my babe.

CREATIVE PICTURES: Dogs count as children in the Foster household.

If you too are suffering through a deployment or in a long distance relationship I hope some of my packages have helped get your creative juices flowing! Being apart from your significant other is never fun, but always try and make the best of it by showing your love in the most creative ways.

I hope you’ll stop by Mr. & Mrs. Foster! I look forward to having you 🙂

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