9 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress This Fall


The truest words I’ve ever spoken have to be “Maxi dresses are the Uggs of Summer”. Well, that and “sometimes I’m irrational” (slight understatement). But back to the Maxi/Ugg analogy. They both feel like you’re wearing pajamas but are socially acceptable to wear in public. I’ll even fess up to wearing this simple black maxi dress and then just sleeping in it too. Like I said, cozy as pajamas.

But as summer fades away and it’s not quite boot season, I’m not ready to part with this staple just yet. So I’m no fashion blogger, but here’s how I’m going to keep making it work until snow hits the ground.

1. Add a t-shirt and a moto jacket.

This jacket makes me feel like a bad ass. Since its Lauren Conrad brand from Kohl’s, that pretty much keeps my badassery in check.

Also these adorable flats have little studs on them. The first time I wore them I tripped over my own feet (typical) and stabbed myself in the ankle. Now I’m scared every time I wear them.

2. Spiff it up with a crisp shirt and belt.

Still comfy, and you can let the belt out after you eat lunch. Oh, I’m the only one who does that? Huh.

Also, can we please bring back the word spiffy? I’m working on it.

3. Need to be a little fancy? Throw on a blazer over it.

This blazer is my #1 best Goodwill find ever. It was $7.50 but it felt expensive and is cut really well. I googled the label only to find that it retails at $350. Score.

4. Throw a shirt over it and pretend it’s a skirt.

I probably never would have put this on if I wasn’t really looking for more ways to wear a maxi to write this blog post. Turns out, this is one of my favorite looks.

5. Chambray and tie it.

I realized after I took these pictures that tying the shirt high made me look taller. There’s a lesson learned for the other shorties out there.

Click page 2 for 4 more looks!


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