9 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress This Fall


The truest words I’ve ever spoken have to be “Maxi dresses are the Uggs of Summer”. Well, that and “sometimes I’m irrational” (slight understatement). But back to the Maxi/Ugg analogy. They both feel like you’re wearing pajamas but are socially acceptable to wear in public. I’ll even fess up to wearing this simple black maxi dress and then just sleeping in it too. Like I said, cozy as pajamas.

But as summer fades away and it’s not quite boot season, I’m not ready to part with this staple just yet. So I’m no fashion blogger, but here’s how I’m going to keep making it work until snow hits the ground.

1. Add a t-shirt and a moto jacket.

This jacket makes me feel like a bad ass. Since its Lauren Conrad brand from Kohl’s, that pretty much keeps my badassery in check.

Also these adorable flats have little studs on them. The first time I wore them I tripped over my own feet (typical) and stabbed myself in the ankle. Now I’m scared every time I wear them.

2. Spiff it up with a crisp shirt and belt.

Still comfy, and you can let the belt out after you eat lunch. Oh, I’m the only one who does that? Huh.

Also, can we please bring back the word spiffy? I’m working on it.

3. Need to be a little fancy? Throw on a blazer over it.

This blazer is my #1 best Goodwill find ever. It was $7.50 but it felt expensive and is cut really well. I googled the label only to find that it retails at $350. Score.

4. Throw a shirt over it and pretend it’s a skirt.

I probably never would have put this on if I wasn’t really looking for more ways to wear a maxi to write this blog post. Turns out, this is one of my favorite looks.

5. Chambray and tie it.

I realized after I took these pictures that tying the shirt high made me look taller. There’s a lesson learned for the other shorties out there.

Click page 2 for 4 more looks!

  • I think I’m more excited about wearing maxi dresses this Fall than I was this Summer! 🙂

  • Oh I love this, lord knows I love me a maxi dress!

  • Love all of these looks!! You look fab, by the way!

  • I think maxi dresses are look more put together than Uggs. I like the ways you dressed this one up.

  • hahahaha omg the uggs of summer. you are awesome.

  • The leopard jacket that scares you is my favorite one! Rock it, girl!

  • You look so cute! I LOVE maxi dresses and I have been known to sleep in mine also, so you’re not alone there! All of my maxi dresses are summery colors though so now I’m on the hunt for something to wear through fall!

  • It is my personal opinion that no only are maxi dresses the uggs of summer, but they are socially acceptable yoga pants.

    Thank you for these fashion tips!

  • I use spiffy all the time! Nifty too! And yay for looking taller 😀

  • I loveee the cosy look! deff going to try it!

  • You are a fashion blogger. Don’t lie

  • All too cute! I’ll have to go and try some of them out now!!! Love those flats, target huh?!

  • Love these looks! I’ve been playing with similar ways to wear a maxi lately since summer in SF isn’t really summer (I’m sorry but a high of 64 in July is NOT summer…). Also, you have the best little booty for maxi dresses! 🙂

  • pretty sure Target has really cute maxi bedtime dresses that I want to wear in public.

  • I died laughing when you said you’ve slept in yours! I’ve TOTALLY done that. Ben calls me maw-maw because I wear legit night gowns and a robe every night. I like to keep the relationship sexy, what can I say? 😉 Love this post! I’m going to try some of these. Miss you dear!

  • Shit girl, these looks are awesome! You’re gorgeous.

  • Aly

    Where did you get that slouchy sweater? I want one!

  • I am so impressed with you! Such a fancy pants fashion blogger today 🙂

  • Okay you are way too cute in that maxi. I didn’t think it was possible to make a maxi work attire appropriate and at least 4 of these options are! Great job girl, I’m thoroughly impressed with your fashion blogger status!

  • uggs of summer – brilliant.

  • AH love every look. Especially that jacket. Meeeeeow.
    XOXO Fal

  • I love the baggy shirt with scarf or extra comfy look or the denim jacket. Maxi dress’s are so versatile or any season!


  • I love a maxi dress! I just wore mine yesterday…I love all of these ideas though, especially the slouchy sweater and scarf! Totally stealing this!

  • you are too cute…and you have the same smile on every picture lol!

  • My favorites are shirt and belt and then blazer – great options!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Love maxi dresses and love all your “looks.” All of my maxi dresses are very summery in colors and patterns so I don’t think I’ll wear them in fall but like the concept!

  • CUTE! I’m definitely still whipping out my maxi dresses/skirts in the fall. 🙂

  • I love my maxi dresses and love the different spins you put on them. I’m planning on wearing them well into winter (although I don’t think it gets that cold here in Florida!). It’s such a good idea to take pictures of yourself too for more ideas of how outfits actually look on you. And I still use the word spiffy!

  • YFG

    I love my maxi and have been trying to find a black maxi skirt… clearly my brain doesn’t function correctly because I can just put a shirt on top and now the dress is skirt. DUH. Thank you for solving my wardrobe dilemma!

  • I love this post! I don’t have any plain maxis so mine are all printed and wouldn’t work with a lot of these looks BUT that just tells me I need to find a plain one ASAP!

  • Love the bad ass jacket!

  • #1 is my go-to way of transitioning maxi dresses for fall (and #7 is my go-to outfit for when I come home from being all spiffy out in public lol). And for the record, your scary leopard print blazer isn’t scary at all, it’s so flattering!! Definitely worth the clearance splurge 🙂

  • aahh! So awesome! I have a maxi skirt in my closet that I’m trying to figure out how to wear this fall…not quite the same as a dress, but these ideas can still work if I put a tank under…more layers to keep me warm! 🙂

  • Beeba9

    that scary leopard blazer? hang on to it. the day will come when it will be a staple in your wardrobe. but you’ll probably be over 40 then. i wouldn’t have worn something like that when i was younger, but (now that i’m over 50) i have several animal prints in my closet–leopard being my favorite. and i’ve heard several women say the same thing. however, if you’d like my address to send the blazer to me, well….. 😉

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