9 TV Shows I Never Miss

At the beginning of this TV season, I posted a Fall TV Cheat Sheet. Now as we approach the winter finales of all our of favorites, I’ve narrowed my must-watch list down a bit. Hey, I gave most new shows a solid episode or two before quitting. This years new shows were pretty much a load of crap. Sure, I’ll watch Trophy Wife or The Michael J. Fox Show On Demand occasionally, but the below are the ones I do not miss. Ever.

Oh and 9 shows? Excessive or pathetic? Nope. No shame.

Monday and Tuesday TV

1 | How I Met Your Mother

This season is annoying me. Anyone else? It’s like, yes, Barney and Robin’s wedding. We get it. Get on with it. But that this point I’m in it ’til the end. Ted and the gang got me through my worst break up in college, as I binge watched 4 seasons and didn’t leave bed for a week. I owe them. But let’s have Ted meet the mother already, okay?

2 | New Girl

I’ve come up with a theory that Schmidt and Cece are the new Ross and Rachel. At first I thought Jess and Nick were but I refuse to believe that they could break up for 5 seasons and not wind up together until the very end. Let them be Chandler and Monica! Am I right or am I right? This show might be my absolute #1 and N even watches every episode with me now. I love that they’ve brought Coach back but I want some better story lines for my beloved Winston. Less cat, more character.

3 | The Mindy Project

The first season of this show was iffy. I watched religiously because Minday Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is one of my favorite books I’ve read in the last five years. I knew that with some time it would get into a grove. And oh has it! It definitely has the quirkiest cast of characters on TV and with every semi-awkward encounter between Mindy and Danny I become more and more convinced that an ill-timed but meaningful hook up is in their future.

TV Series

4 | Modern Family

The show everyone loves. No really, can you think of anyone who hates Modern Family? No. They don’t exist. “Do you see me saying “I’m done.” Never. Because there’s no “done” in Dunphy.” I’ll never be done with you, Phil.

5 | Grey’s Anatomy

Yes, I’ve stuck with it all these years. I miss McSteamy and Lexi but they’ve done a good job of getting us hooked on the newer characters. When will Jo and Alex finally get together? And when will Jackson (dreamiest man on TV, hands down) and April finally realize that they are madly in love? Next week we get to see her marry another man…or do we?! Jackson + April 4 Ever. Now scroll up and stare into that mans eyes. He’s a stunning genetic marvel.

6 | Elementary

I don’t hear much talk about this show but it’s a gem. Jonny Lee Miller is perfectly cast as Sherlock the recovering drug addict. He’s challenging and edgy but the rare glimpses of his caring side reveal a dimensional and lovable character. Lucy Liu plays the stunning and brilliant Joan Watson. She’s got many issues of her own but brings the heart and the social skills to the Sherlock and Watson relationship. The show does a good job of not falling in to the CSI/Bones/Law and Order formula where the second person they interview is the bad guy. They mix it up.

TV Series

7 | Reign

You knew I had to include at least one show from the CW, right? The YA Novel reading, PLL loving side of me had to give this a chance, given the premise. Mary Queen of Scots is shockingly likable, level-headed, and hopeful. Obviously they distort history pretty drastically to make all the soapy goodness but it’s a fascinating premise with gorgeous costumes and even a little spooky wonder.

8 | Parenthood

This is one of those shows with a smaller number of dedicated viewers and tons of critical acclaim. I didn’t watch from the beginning but actually got hooked on it via Netflix, caught up, and now watch every episode. This show is one of the best written shows on TV. Remember the show Brothers & Sisters? It’s like that but with more realistic story lines and tons of flawed but lovable characters. As a bonus, it’ll make you feel like your family is semi-normal. Call it free therapy.

9 | Masters of Sex

This show is going to win all kinds of awards. Not only is it fascinating to find out all of the stuff they didn’t know about sex, the performances here are killer. Lizzy Caplan is so much more than Janis from Mean Girls. But the most crushingly good performance is that of Libby, Dr. Masters struggling wife.  If you haven’t already, check this show out. It’s about so much more than sex.

So tell me, what shows have you stuck with this season? Want to convince me that Sleepy Hollow or Hostages are worth a watch?

  • I still watch Grey’s, too! I feel like everyone I talk to about is shocked that I still keep up with it. I’ve come this far…I can’t stop watching now and I think they are doing a good job keeping the story lines for each character interesting!

    • Nadine

      It took me forever to get to know the new interns names but now I feel like they’re officially part of the crew. I just wonder sometimes if McDreamy and Meredith left if the show could go on. They’d have to change the name!

  • I, too, am annoyed with this season of HIMYM. When I found out all the episodes were going to center around Barney & Robins wedding i got worried, and now I see why… it’s a boring setting! We need more McClarin’s/apartments scenes for it to really feel legen – wait for it…

    • Nadine

      It just seems like a cop out. They are dragging out this one weekend and we’re all like…GET ON WITH IT. I want to see Ted meet the mother and develop the relationship a bit. It better not end with them meeting and then that’s it.

  • I love new girl & himym! 🙂

  • I used to be such a devoted TV viewer… then I had Ella! I still keep up with New Girl, Modern Family, & Mindy Project. I DVR Nashville & watch it on weekends or days off from school. Same with KUWTK. I’ve cut way back… but I don’t really miss it.

    • Nadine

      I’m sure if I had less free time or was doing something useful with myself I’d watch less tv haha. I can’t stop though because I’m so invested in all of these shows! I tried to get in to Nashville and I like the music but it didn’t really hook me. Maybe that’s one to catch up on next summer. That’s when you know you have a problem. I’ve just planned my tv binges 7 months in advance.

  • Caitlin

    I absolutely love and adore Parenthood and you are so right, it gets a lot of critic and not a lot of well deserved attention. I swear I tear up at least once per episode haha. How embarassing

    • Nadine

      Same! I don’t have kids but the storylines resonate with anyone who is part of a family (which is um, everyone). It’s a beautiful show and I wish more people would watch and appreciate it.

  • New Girl and Parenthood are currently on my DVR….I agree more Winston and less of Ferguson (even though it is an epic cat name in my opinion). I swear Parenthood gets me to tear up every week. I still watch Grey’s…I feel like I have to see it on through to the end. What about Nashville? You definitely need to watch that one! It is so good! Thanks for the recaps!
    Meet @ the Barre

    • I’m right there with you with how I met your mother and new girl, maybe I should try some of the others? I have to wait until finals are over just in case I’m hooked which is usually the case with me.

    • Nadine

      I’m glad someone else feels bad for Winston. Ferguson is an epic cat name but he definitely doesn’t need such a big presence on such a great show. They’ve got enough to work with! And I’m a diehard Grey’s fan. I’ll watch til the very end!

  • 1-4 and Parenthood for sure. But I haven’t seen any of the others. oops?

    • Nadine

      You’ve been busy doing other things like umm traveling the world and getting a Phd. Ya know, minor stuff. lol Catch up when you get back to the states!

  • Oh, I’m so ready for HIMYM to finally meet the mother! That damn rhyming episode was the worst!! Glad to find another Reign lover, it is seriously so good , but I’m a little afraid to admit that. Parenthood is my number one favorite show but I also never miss The Mindy Project or Modern Family. Happy viewing!

    • Nadine

      The rhyming episode was somehow both completely obnoxious and impressive. At first I was like, how long can this go on? And then I was like, this needs to stop. The premise of Reign interested me from the very beginning and I think the girl who plays Mary is so likable. Great show.

  • I love HIMYM and Grey;s, but I need to catch up because I haven’t watched them in forever! I honestly can’t even remember what I watch and can’t miss. I just have it set to DVR and I couldn’t tell you other than that. However, I do think all my shows that I watch have gone off until the spring or at least until next year.

    • Nadine

      You can catch up on HIMYM while doing other things. I honestly can’t tell you what even happened this season. It’s all taken place on the same day. Boring.

  • Kate

    I feel like HIMYM has definitely jumped the shark. I’m glad they renewed it long enough to wrap everything up, but I really just kind of hate where it has gone. Bor-ing. But of course I’m going to watch every episode until the end!
    I didn’t start watching New Girl until recently. Pretty sure the BF and I binge-watched the entire first season in 2 days. Don’t judge me. Totally agree on the Winston part. I feel like they were really doing good things with his character until this season! Poor guy.

    Modern Family definitely takes the cake though. MY FAVORITE. Love love love it.

    • Nadine

      I just wish the would have Ted meet the mother already so we can all enjoy the beginning stages of their relationship. And New Girl is one I started watching alone and now my boyfriend gets mad if I watch without him! It’s a good one.

  • I started watching Masters of Sex online a few weeks back and am completely hooked — such great acting and so fascinating!

    • Nadine

      We love it. I bet it’s going to sweep the Emmys. Lizzy Caplan is so different in the role and I’m constantly fascinated by the crazy basic stuff they didn’t know about sex back then.

  • My husband stuck with Sleepy Hollow, but i’m bored with it, to be honest. I LOVE Criminal Minds, and watch not only the new episodes but all the reruns.

    But you know what i’m really excited about? The Following. It comes back in January and we already have a standing date night with our neighbors to watch every single episode. It’s the kind of show that can get me excited about getting out of bed on a Monday because I know I get to watch it that night. So. Freaking. Good.

  • LOVE Masters of Sex! I agree: Libby is a stand-out. Just don’t google it. Wikipedia tells you how it all ends up.

    I made it half an episode into Sleepy Hollow. Didn’t like it at all.

    My new love is Once Upon a Time. Have you tried it?

  • Thank you! They are dragging it out so bad I cannot take it. That rhyming episode? Yeah I stopped watching after 2 minutes. Nonsense. I never really thought about the New Girl/ Friends thing. Good catch! AND REIGN! I did not think I would like it so much. Those dresses- I die

  • Hostages! YES! haha I usually don’t get too into network TV shows because my husband is crazy and can’t stand commercials, but we watched a few shows this season and hostages is one of them. It’s totally unrealistic (what show isn’t??) but it got a lot better! I really don’t care for Toni Collette & I still see Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cooper from the OC but Dylon McDermott has totally grown on me!

  • HIMYM is totally annoying this season. But it’s a drug, and I must watch.

  • Out of all of those I only watch Modern Family! Apparently I’m missing out! Right now I am seriously obsessed with Homeland. If you have Showtime (which if you watch Masters of Sex I think you do) you must start watching it!

  • I love Parenthood and have watched it from the first or second season but I just recently started Brothers and Sisters and am just as in love with it. I am about to start the last season and it is breaking my heart it is almost over.

  • I’m still a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and will continue to be until Shonda Rhimes decides to pull the plug on the show! I’m excited for the wedding episode. April + Jackson!

  • Definitely love Modern Family too! We recently took New Girl out of our DVR though because I couldn’t stand what they are doing to Winston, and this season just didn’t seem as good. 🙁

  • I’m bored of HIMYM this season too…This has been one of my favorite shows for a long time, but let’s get to the good stuff!

    And Grey’s…sheesh. At this point I just feel like I have to stick it out to the end.

  • I still bear with Greys too after all these years (April is clearly destined NOT to marry paramedic dude) but the focus needs to stay on the main characters. Despite that, I like how Cristina’s hooking up with shark boy! Role reversal of her and Burke from the beginning. The Mindy Project has really grown on me too! Quirky and fun and yeah the writers are totally building up a romance for her and Danny. I just downloaded her book too so it’s good to hear that you loved it so much! As for my never-miss shows — Homeland and Scandal! Are you watching yet??

  • Jackson and April have to end up together! There’s no way she’s getting married… or they will just kill off her husband, because that’s what they do on Grey’s….

  • Can you believe I only watch one of these – Grey’s!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Yes. I love my juvenile CW shows. I’m curious about reign but we had to cancel our hulu plus so it’ll be awhile before I see it. I so miss the Mindy project! I think we only saw the first two episodes of the season.

  • Modern Family is my favorite! And I love love love New GIrl. I love Jess’s awkwardness because that’s totally how I am!

  • Everything you said about New Girl = YES!
    HIMYM = I totally agree. I love it and I’m glad Barney and Robin are getting married, but I really just want to see Ted with the Mother. And I read a theory not too long ago that I’m anxious to see if it is true…
    The Mindy Project = hilarious! Just like New Girl, I am constantly laughing out loud…a little too loud sometimes maybe. I <3 Danny!
    Grey's Anatomy has me with mixed emotions. I'm honestly surprised that I'm still watching it. But, I LOVE Jackson and April, especially together. So I NEED them to be together. NEED I tell you!
    Parenthood is my MOST favorite show on TV right now. My friend recommended it to me and I watched all the seasons on Netflix in about 2 months..yeah. And caught up in time for this newest season. It is so wonderful and I just want to be a part of the Braverman family.

  • I used to LOVE How I Met Your Mother… but, I got sick of never meeting the damn mother!

  • I stopped watching How I Met Your Mother because I was tired of waiting to meet the mother ha ha. But when they finally do showcase who she is you bet I’m gonna watch!
    I also agree with Winston needing less “cat lady-ness”. It’s getting a little much.
    I really really want to start watching The Mindy Project! We turned our cable off for a while so I never knew about the show but I have been dying to read her book! The previews I’ve seen look hilarious!
    I also love Modern Family but I don’t watch it as often as I like to.
    Our must watches are Law & Order: SVU, Hostages (I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it because I didn’t think they could keep the story line going but its great so far!), Covert Affairs, and I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of them at the moment.

  • I think we are TV comedy soul twins! I watch all the same one as you and agree that the Mother needs to meet Ted already and Jess and Nick should never break up. I love parenthood too. I love Nashville and Once Upon A Time is good too.

  • OK. how i met your mother – i started watching that last week and am halfway through season 4. maybe i need to keep watching, but i’m pissed that robin & barney are getting married…why can’t she and ted be together?!? new girl and the mindy project are equally amazing. mindy’s book was hilarious – i cried it was so funny.

  • I stopped watching Grey’s when they killed off McSteamy. I am still so bitter. Ha! I figure I’ll catch up on Netflix one day.

    Love New Girl and Parenthood! I still watch Modern Family, but it’s just not as good as it used to be.

  • Love this list. Parenthood is hands down my absolute favorite show. I started watching it in a similar way that you did — I think it was part way through Season 3 and decided to go back and watch the first two seasons on Netflix and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • New Girl is a must see as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine for me. I keep up with Reign as well. Masters of Sex is just a brilliant show. I’m like 4 episodes behind but they’re all stored safe and sound on the DVR. Bring on the snow days!

  • I love love love Modern Family, the Mr and I watch Fast and Loud and when it’s on, I love Longmire!

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