9 TV Shows I Never Miss

At the beginning of this TV season, I posted a Fall TV Cheat Sheet. Now as we approach the winter finales of all our of favorites, I’ve narrowed my must-watch list down a bit. Hey, I gave most new shows a solid episode or two before quitting. This years new shows were pretty much a load of crap. Sure, I’ll watch Trophy Wife or The Michael J. Fox Show On Demand occasionally, but the below are the ones I do not miss. Ever.

Oh and 9 shows? Excessive or pathetic? Nope. No shame.

Monday and Tuesday TV

1 | How I Met Your Mother

This season is annoying me. Anyone else? It’s like, yes, Barney and Robin’s wedding. We get it. Get on with it. But that this point I’m in it ’til the end. Ted and the gang got me through my worst break up in college, as I binge watched 4 seasons and didn’t leave bed for a week. I owe them. But let’s have Ted meet the mother already, okay?

2 | New Girl

I’ve come up with a theory that Schmidt and Cece are the new Ross and Rachel. At first I thought Jess and Nick were but I refuse to believe that they could break up for 5 seasons and not wind up together until the very end. Let them be Chandler and Monica! Am I right or am I right? This show might be my absolute #1 and N even watches every episode with me now. I love that they’ve brought Coach back but I want some better story lines for my beloved Winston. Less cat, more character.

3 | The Mindy Project

The first season of this show was iffy. I watched religiously because Minday Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is one of my favorite books I’ve read in the last five years. I knew that with some time it would get into a grove. And oh has it! It definitely has the quirkiest cast of characters on TV and with every semi-awkward encounter between Mindy and Danny I become more and more convinced that an ill-timed but meaningful hook up is in their future.

TV Series

4 | Modern Family

The show everyone loves. No really, can you think of anyone who hates Modern Family? No. They don’t exist. “Do you see me saying “I’m done.” Never. Because there’s no “done” in Dunphy.” I’ll never be done with you, Phil.

5 | Grey’s Anatomy

Yes, I’ve stuck with it all these years. I miss McSteamy and Lexi but they’ve done a good job of getting us hooked on the newer characters. When will Jo and Alex finally get together? And when will Jackson (dreamiest man on TV, hands down) and April finally realize that they are madly in love? Next week we get to see her marry another man…or do we?! Jackson + April 4 Ever. Now scroll up and stare into that mans eyes. He’s a stunning genetic marvel.

6 | Elementary

I don’t hear much talk about this show but it’s a gem. Jonny Lee Miller is perfectly cast as Sherlock the recovering drug addict. He’s challenging and edgy but the rare glimpses of his caring side reveal a dimensional and lovable character. Lucy Liu plays the stunning and brilliant Joan Watson. She’s got many issues of her own but brings the heart and the social skills to the Sherlock and Watson relationship. The show does a good job of not falling in to the CSI/Bones/Law and Order formula where the second person they interview is the bad guy. They mix it up.

TV Series

7 | Reign

You knew I had to include at least one show from the CW, right? The YA Novel reading, PLL loving side of me had to give this a chance, given the premise. Mary Queen of Scots is shockingly likable, level-headed, and hopeful. Obviously they distort history pretty drastically to make all the soapy goodness but it’s a fascinating premise with gorgeous costumes and even a little spooky wonder.

8 | Parenthood

This is one of those shows with a smaller number of dedicated viewers and tons of critical acclaim. I didn’t watch from the beginning but actually got hooked on it via Netflix, caught up, and now watch every episode. This show is one of the best written shows on TV. Remember the show Brothers & Sisters? It’s like that but with more realistic story lines and tons of flawed but lovable characters. As a bonus, it’ll make you feel like your family is semi-normal. Call it free therapy.

9 | Masters of Sex

This show is going to win all kinds of awards. Not only is it fascinating to find out all of the stuff they didn’t know about sex, the performances here are killer. Lizzy Caplan is so much more than Janis from Mean Girls. But the most crushingly good performance is that of Libby, Dr. Masters struggling wife.  If you haven’t already, check this show out. It’s about so much more than sex.

So tell me, what shows have you stuck with this season? Want to convince me that Sleepy Hollow or Hostages are worth a watch?

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