9 Things I Only Do When I’m Alone

I secretly love being alone. Since my teen years I’ve made a slow transition from extrovert to introvert. I look forward to alone time and all my secret alone time behaviors. Here’s a couple.

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1. Have full conversations with the dog. Archie agrees that it’s too humid, he also doesn’t care about the World Cup, but he thinks he’d eat Chik-fil-A even if his Mom is morally against it.

2. Stand at my slider (where the lighting is good) with a hand mirror and pluck my eyebrows.

3. Pace around the house while talking to Kaylin on the phone. Do some people sit still while talking on the phone? What’s that even like?

4. Re-watch the Harry Potter movies. Duh. We know I love Harry Potter. If you do too, read this.

5. Cover my entire head in coconut oil and then put a plastic grocery bag over it and leave it on for two hours. Best hair mask I’ve ever found. I’m not convinced the plastic bag does anything but it does make you feel so ridiculous that it’s a little fun.

6. Bounce back and forth between weird foods. I hit up the fridge for a pickle or two. Then grab a handful of teddy grahams. Then make indian food. Finish it off with some almond milk with Ovaltine.

7. Pretend like I’m going to get on top of things, blog wise. I convince myself I’ll write 5 post and actually schedule them. Then I watch 6 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy instead.

8. Research vacations that we’ll never take. I’ll check flights to anywhere, price cruises, try to figure out how expensive it would be to spend Christmas in Paris, or try to figure out how I’d convince N to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

9. Check out apartments for rent in cities we aren’t moving to. How much does it really cost to live in Brooklyn? What about Center City Philadelphia? The what if is always there, people.

And obviously, I do all these things without pants on.


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