9 Things I Only Do When I’m Alone

I secretly love being alone. Since my teen years I’ve made a slow transition from extrovert to introvert. I look forward to alone time and all my secret alone time behaviors. Here’s a couple.

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1. Have full conversations with the dog. Archie agrees that it’s too humid, he also doesn’t care about the World Cup, but he thinks he’d eat Chik-fil-A even if his Mom is morally against it.

2. Stand at my slider (where the lighting is good) with a hand mirror and pluck my eyebrows.

3. Pace around the house while talking to Kaylin on the phone. Do some people sit still while talking on the phone? What’s that even like?

4. Re-watch the Harry Potter movies. Duh. We know I love Harry Potter. If you do too, read this.

5. Cover my entire head in coconut oil and then put a plastic grocery bag over it and leave it on for two hours. Best hair mask I’ve ever found. I’m not convinced the plastic bag does anything but it does make you feel so ridiculous that it’s a little fun.

6. Bounce back and forth between weird foods. I hit up the fridge for a pickle or two. Then grab a handful of teddy grahams. Then make indian food. Finish it off with some almond milk with Ovaltine.

7. Pretend like I’m going to get on top of things, blog wise. I convince myself I’ll write 5 post and actually schedule them. Then I watch 6 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy instead.

8. Research vacations that we’ll never take. I’ll check flights to anywhere, price cruises, try to figure out how expensive it would be to spend Christmas in Paris, or try to figure out how I’d convince N to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

9. Check out apartments for rent in cities we aren’t moving to. How much does it really cost to live in Brooklyn? What about Center City Philadelphia? The what if is always there, people.

And obviously, I do all these things without pants on.


  • Well…I can tell you that you probably wouldn’t be able to find a STUDIO in the “cool” parts of Brooklyn, that’s worth living in for any less than $1600/month. And that’s underestimating.

    Also: home is where the pants aren’t.

  • I have full conversations with my dogs (and cat) too, and most of the time I’m not even alone 🙂

  • I myself have been known to have deep meaningful conversations with my cats. Sometimes I find they’re better listeners than people! Raspberrykiss xo

  • i dont watch harry potter rather i listen to the audio books all over again

  • Number 7 is the most accurate thing ever.

  • Grey’s really is the most EPIC of all time sucks.

    PS I have not a damn clue how people sit down while talking on the phone. The closest Ive ever come is while driving, and even then it’s only because I’m trapped.

  • I always look up random vacations! I found a hotel in South Africa for Under $100 a night and it was gorgeous..just in case I ever planned on going there.

  • hahaha yes. being home alone is the best. i always eat queso and dont clean it up for hours (i know gross)

  • I have full conversations with MYSELF. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and I seriously think I’ll ever grow out of it, time to get a pet to hide the inner weirdo in me

  • Coconut oil is sent from the heavens to make our lives better. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  • #8 & #9 are me every night. I guess I’m really into “what ifs.” I read somewhere that people tend to get as much enjoyment out of planning vacations as they do taking them, so cheers to us for taking advantage of the cheap option!

  • So much yes to 4, 7 and 9. Also yes to numero uno, but I have conversations with my cat all the time. She’s very into politics.

  • Hehehe totes.

    Next time, go on rightmove.co.uk, enter London and put the minimum as £1million and look at the craaaazy houses you can find. £65million mansion? You’ll find one. BOOM.


  • #7 is my life! But my guilty pleasure is House and Gossip Girl… Sucks me in!

  • I’m definitely an introvert as well, and one of my favorite things to do when I’m home alone is tell myself I’m gonna get shit done (homework, blogging, freelance articles, laundry…) and instead watch Netflix for hours on end. Oops?

  • I’m a total Introvert! I’m gonna have to try that hair trick!

  • Talking to your animals is better than having full conversations with yourself LOL

  • Yes to number 6! I do that all the time. I also eat Cookie Butter directly out of the jar.

  • Cat

    #1 — I do this whenever I’m alone, and my cats enable me to do so. They make appropriately timed mews during the conversation, which makes me feel about 1000% more ridiculously.

    #2 — I have mirrored closet doors (gloriously dated, I know) that have the best lighting for applying makeup/plucking the errant brow hair. I’m sad to say that my eyebrows have dramatically improved since moving here!

    • Cat

      *Ridiculous. Apparently my spelling suffers whenever I’m alone.

  • Merchon

    This made me laugh so much. I am alone a lot more often now that I travel for work so it’s been interesting just thinking about life but I will always watch Harry potter if it’s on. It’s probably the only reason I check ABC family. Unfortunately I have convos with my dogs even when people are around. I actually enjoy making up voices for them. I used to look at flights to go back to Italy before we started planning a wedding. There aren’t many things better than being silly while alone and laughing at yourself.

  • Is it weird that I talk to my dog when I’m not alone? Haha. I also do the weird food thing. I like to think of it as making my own “sampler platter.”

  • Loved this list! I also check out how much it really costs to live somwhere from time to time. It makes me never want to move. Most recently I investigated NYC and Brooklyn (which were so expensive it almost blew my mind…almost). Haha.

  • I pretty much do all these on a daily basis even when I’m not alone.

  • I’ve become a bit more of an introvert too as I’ve gotten older. I love being around people, but sometimes I just need some Emily time to read whatever I want, binge on any TV show or YouTube series I want, and never get out of my PJs.

  • I love this list. I really enjoy having alone time as well. I def look up vacations i will never take and how much it costs to live in places I will never move. Great read! Love the blog too! So glad I found it!

  • have you read the new hp story jk rowling wrote?!??!

  • I feel you. I have full conversations with my dog all the time. Although, I do it with other people around too. I definitely research vacations I’ll never take and apartments where I’ll never live.

  • That hair mask sounds awesome! May have to try that this weekend…

  • No 2 and 5 hit me. I do that all the time when I’m home alone :).

  • haha I am all about planning vacations that are not happening and finding future homes when we aren’t moving 🙂

  • Love this list. I rewatch HP movies all the time and when the BF walks in I act like I am on my first one when it is really number 3 or something!

  • the conversations I have with my dog are downright weird when i’m home alone. i don’t know why i bother asking a non-verbal animal how he’s doing today, but i can’t seem to stop myself.

  • I neeevveeeerrr sit down and talk on the phone. I am usually walking room to room, waving my free hand in the air and making emotional gestures about whatever I’m talking about. I have no idea how people sit down and talk on the phone. I have to do it at work and it drives me crazy. Also, I will have to try that coconut oil mask thing. 😉

  • I guess we’d be best friends in real like or something because I do 90% of them as well. I wave my freak flag proud! 🙂

  • My husband always comes home when I’ve found the good light and have taken my magnified mirror to it to pluck my eyebrows. It’s like therapy for me, I LOVE to do it and he thinks I’m so weird!!!

  • 1. I do this in public. It’s shameful.
    5. Oooh plastic grocery bag, good idea! I did it once without any sort of plastic covering and it was a MESS but I didn’t want to mess with finding a shower cap.
    6. Totally do this. I also eat the worst foods when I’m alone so my hubby doesn’t food shame me.
    9. Same. Except I look for homes for sale in our same city, even though we just bought a house less than a year ago and aren’t leaving for at least 5 years!

    Love your list! We all do silly things!

  • Totally relate to number six… Not even funny. And then I waste part of my day whining aloud about my stomach ache that I definitely brought on to myself… Oops 🙂

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  • I love to look at places for rent around here even though I am not going to move and I am not looking for a place to rent I just like to see what is around and what the prices are. I use to have serious talks with my dog “dot dot” can’t do it now since she has died and yeah I do miss her.

  • If you ever get serious I can let you know all about how much it costs to live in Brookyln – I watch Netflix and blog at the same time when I’m alone!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I totally do the thing where I’m CONVINCED I will write tons of blog posts and then watch TV (the last show was Reign..and it was oh so good) and price vacays. I’m also currently trying to convince Cody we need to go to HP world like yesterday. He’s not buying it. He DID say we can go in October though so win? (If we actually go!)

  • The older I get the more introverted I become!

  • I don’t just watch the Harry Potter movies when I’m alone…I watch them all the time. I’m pretty much an out of the closet Harry Potter nerd:) I actually styled a Harry Potter outfit yesterday…lol:)

  • The plastic bag is to create heat which is supposed to help whatever you are conditioning with penetrate the hair shaft. It’s also an excellent way to keep your clothes and furniture from getting greasy 🙂

  • The HP movies are on ALL THE TIME. If and when I discover they’re on, I watch them. HP makes me happy.

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