8 Blog Posts I Hate

Hate is a strong word. But it rhymed with 8 so what’s a girl to do? Some people blog for themselves. Others, to entertain. While I certainly understand the personal benefit of a blog being a place to document life, that doesn’t always make for great reading for others.

So here it is, 8 blog posts that I hate will probably skip over on my bloglovin feed:

1. Trip Recaps. Maybe it’s jealousy. Maybe it’s just boring to read. Either way, unless you’re an amazing photographer, I don’t need to see 8,000 photos or read a play by play of your every minute.

Oh, Nadine, you went to DC this weekend? And you loved the Newseum? Glad you had fun. Probably not an interesting blog topic.
2. Weekend Review posts that include any of the following: baby showers (that aren’t yours), weddings (that aren’t yours), and you telling everyone how you did nothing. Pretty much any weekend review post unless you did something super freaking awesome and/or took beautiful pictures of it. Not every weekend is blog post worthy. 97% of mine are not.

3. Pictures of your kid and nothing else. Unless you’re Taza, I probably don’t care.

Shameless picture of my own child.

4. Pictures of your perfectly painted fingernails. This isn’t maybe jealously. It’s definitely jealously. How do you do that? HOW? (my bare nails and peeling cuticles want to know)

5. A post where you apologize for not posting because *shockingly enough* you were busy living your life. Don’t apologize. Pat yourself on the back. Now keep living and post when you feel inspired.

6. Any blog post where husbands are referenced as: hubberz, hubaroo, hubby. This sums up my thoughts on that:

7. Recipe posts. I know, I’m gonna catch some flak for this one but as a vegetarian and someone who isn’t super inventive with cooking, these never seem do-able to me.

If it has more than 5 ingredients, I probably won’t make it. If there is anything I can’t pronounce, I definitely won’t make it. If it requires any type of special equipment or ingredients that aren’t available in a normal grocery store, oh hell no. I know, N is a really lucky guy.

8. Pinterest Posts. If I wanted to see what you pinned on Pinterest, I’d follow you over there. Want to remind me to follow you on Pinterest? Great, I probably do want to follow you. I’d just prefer to look at pins on Pinterest, not on blogs.

The best part? I’m guilty of nearly all of the above. Particularly posting only pictures of my kid, being mushy about N (and using gross nicknames), and yes, even boring weekend posts.

What kinds of blog posts are your least favorite to read? What do you love reading about?

  • Okay so I definitely agree with hating on weekend posts, trip recaps, recipe posts (unless I find it on pinterest and click through), and posts where you embedded a bunch of pins and call it a post. Sometimes the “ah sorry i haven’t posted!” drive me nuts, like when the blogger posts that once a month.

    That being said, next Monday you can expect a recap of my nursing pinning and graduation on my blog 😛

  • I also get really annoyed when people are constantly apologizing for taking a break from posting…even though I find myself doing it too! I think it’s dumb to feel guilty for not blogging and feeling like you need to apologize to your readers…because yes, blogging consistently is great but at the same time life happens and sometimes you don’t have time for it! Blogging is supposed be a fun addition to life NOT something to feel guilty about for not doing enough and I think we all need to resist the urge to keep apologizing! xoxo

  • I too get annoyed when people apologize for not posting. It’s just a blog post not forgetting to feed your child or something.

  • I love how you admit your own guilt. But, allow me to agree – Trip recaps? Make me crazy jealous, and I silently curse you (whomever you are) for having mad amounts of spare $$. Perfectly painted nails? Also jealousy, but also confusion. Like – unless you are a professional with a gel mani once or twice a week, do you either a) redo EVERY day, or b) not dirty your hands at all? I can’t go 4 hours without chipping my nails. Swears.

    However, i DO LOVE recipe posts 🙂

  • Yeah, I once quit reading a blog because all she ever talked about was her “hubster.” I wanted to throw my shoe at my laptop, but I can’t afford another laptop. It’s a “trend” that has to stop. Not cute.

    And yeah, I really don’t care to see other people’s kids. Dogs, yes. Show me all the dogs in the world.

  • I hate when people post their birth stories. I hate it. Hate it.

  • Ditto to all of this!!!

  • Hahaha I HATEEEE baby bump posts, baby birthing posts, really any posts about babies. And the word hubby makes me want to scream.

  • I was just thinking the exact same thoughts earlier on the nail polish one.

    I’m guilty of the weekend recap of doing nothing today- but if you hop on over there, you’ll see my TOTALLY NOT perfectly painted nails.

    You know, if you need to feel better about yourself.

  • Agree with you on all but the recipe posts. Occasionally, I like to see a good recipe, but like you said, it has to be easy. I hate all of the others! One to add to the list: sponsored posts. They reek. Another? Workout posts. Who cares. You go, Glen Coco, but seriously, no one cares.

  • Haha, this is great – although I’m totally guilty of the weekend recaps and recipe posts. I completely agree about dumb husband nicknames (eye roll) and trip recaps though. Now, come check out my weekend recap about the recipe that I made?? 🙂


  • OMG I LOVE YOUR FOR THIS!!! hahahHAhahha Hubaroo. OMG I DIED

  • I’m going to go post a really super easy vegetarian chili recipe just for you. It has…..five ingredients not including seasoning. Lol, but I agree with pretty much everything on this list…except well…I’ve totally posted pictures of my manicures, and my kid and not much else. My mani pic pet peeve is when people post pictures of their atrocious manicures in a serious manner. For example if you posted a picture like ‘Oh haha, look how awful I am at manicures!’, that’s one thing. If you’re dead serious about how pretty your tips are tho…I can’t deal. And close up pedicure pictures are never ok. Ever.

  • haha oh no.. sorry for my weekend recap 🙁

  • I’m not a fan of recipes either. I don’t mind if a blogger posts like, one a year, but if I wanted to read about recipes I’d follow food blogs.

  • So….I basically feel like I wrote this because I could not agree more with every single thing you said. On behalf of those who are not bold enough (yet) to post things like this I say THANK YOU! ALL HAIL NADINE!

  • this post is absolutely hilarious! I definitely agree with most of these and compliment you for finally saying what all of us were thinking! Love your blog!

    xo Courtney

  • Oops… I almost only have travel posts!

  • I like travel posts, because I travel quite a bit!

    I hate bump dates posts that are posted every week or anything to do with lots of babies (sorry mommy bloggers).

    • Totally guilty of weekend posts but I can’t stop haha! I started my blog as a diary to remember all of the wonderful experiences and adventures I was having so even though they may be boring they are totally beneficial for me, sorry bout it. I am totally with you on recipes though, I skip reading them every time! Oh and Pinterest posts…bleh! It’s so uninspired and dull, I could care less what you’re pinning, it’s so cheesy.

  • I totally agree, Mondays are always boring because people are always talking about their boring weekends. I skip over every weekend post.

  • I am guilty of so many of these! Hahaha – and I am writing a Chicago Recap RIGHT NOW! Sorry about that 🙂

  • Ha ha!! I do a bunch! Not the nails; mine are always bare. And not the fancy recipes. Any that I post are sooo easy even I can make it. I’m not a big fan of excess ingredients or things I can’t pronounce either. My husband is the cook! I just did a boring weekend post today and proud of it!! And as for trip re caps. OMG-I did so many when we went to Europe but now I’m so glad I did because my memory sucks, I forgot half of what we did and I can re live it again even when I’m sitting at my stupid desk at work wishing I were somewhere else. We can be as lame and/or boring as we want on our blogs! That’s the beauty of it.

  • but honest to blog, pet names are the worst. i can’t deal. ever.

  • oh wow..i fall into most of these…

  • Yes, yes, and yes! As a person who loves all things pregnancy and babies, I need to add those damn weekly bump updates. Nobody needs regular updates about your heartburn, what size veggie your fetus is, or whether your belly button is currently an innie or an outie!

  • my guy has a name. i call him by it. if i start calling him a dumb name, you have my permission to hit me.

  • I’m guilty of lots of this, but I appreciate that you have a sense of humor about it 🙂

    Also, the weekend posts..where do people pull these out of?? It would take me until Thursday to craft an interesting (maybe funny) weekend recap post and, by then, what’s the point? Those things are pointless.

  • rwar I say hubby. GUILTY AS CHARGED!

  • Don’t like any baby posts but especially bump updates…I don’t care if your baby is the size of a potato haha! I am sure I will read some when I get to that stage in my life though. Weekend posts don’t bother me but like you said don’t post about how you did nothing!! Love this post!

    XO Samantha

  • I’m no fan of trip recaps or weekend updates either. OF course, I did just write about my trip to a waterpark, but it was a waterpark that had a real snake in the lazy river and it was very scary, so I consider that justified. My main idea with blog posts, even outfit ones, is to at least make it interesting. Add a twist somehow. There are far too many boring blog posts in the world.

  • haha all of this is so true! and I’m guilty of a few. I always try to read these types of posts and get bored half way through….

  • #5 – HATE IT! Can’t believe I just clicked a link and that’s what you told me. Ugh
    All the others I’m guilty of and my hubby loves it!

  • Awesome post! Completely agree with the trip recaps though. I’m positive I hate them out of jealousy though 🙂

    xoxo, Lizzy

  • I’m glad that I’m not the only who hates the word hubby. Ugh makes me cringe.

  • Bump updates drive me insane. I don’t want to see your stomach. And hate when people show off what they bought at designer stores. That makes me depressed cause their is no way I can afford it.

    Color Me Brave

  • You are too funny! I love trip and weekend recaps! Ha! Seeing places people travel is always fun to me b/c then I can see if I want to go there too. And I never mind seeing your dogs pics. He is SO cute.

  • I have to agree with almost all of that. Recipe posts might be an exception, but Lord help me if I ever call my fiance “hubby” when we get married, I would have a stroke. I don’t like the “hubby” and “wifey” nicknames one bit!

  • Oh crap, I just wrote a weekend update-sorry I haven’t blogged-photo montage post. Shite. I hate posts where it’s 1657856 poses in the same outfit. I’m like, Okay, I see that you can sit stand and laugh in every position in this outfit. You look cute. I hate you. haha

  • As someone who loves to travel it surprises me that I don’t like trip recaps. Although that’s partially a lie. I do like to scroll through and look at the pictures, but for whatever reason I don’t care to read the words. And I hate any ‘hubby’-esque names. Hate them when used on fb, in real life, or on a blog. Don’t know why, but glad I’m not the only one. I also am not crazy about pics of people’s kids… unless they have 4 legs. I’ll look at those all day.

  • Any nickname is better than “the hubz!” or any sort of variation of that. shut da fuq upppp. Call him your husband/boyfriend for fucks sakes..or maybe even his name. I am totally guilty, I called my ex Moo Bear (I suck) but I just HATE “hubby”. SO MUCH. I hate travel recaps too – love to travel but I dont need to see 4 million pictures of someone else’s vacay while I rot to death in a restaurant all summer. (I think we can just go ahead and say Im jealous)

  • hahaha so true. LOVE IT!

  • Haha. I’m a primarily travel and photography blogger, so I’d actually disagree!! When I see travel posts, I’m like “Yay!!! Maybe I should go here next!!” Lol. Though I know what you mean. I try not to chronicle my whole trip unless it’s a particular good story, or can be helpful to a reader. I also post a lot of recipes and LOVE to cook, and therefore, love recipe posts. Haha!! But I love posts like this one. I love seeing the real side of the person behind the blog. 🙂

  • I LOVE this post! I’m also posting a recipe today ;). It’s the only chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever found that works internationally though, so I feel like that’s a legit excuse for posting it. I never really understood the Pinterest post thing either. I just don’t click on those ones.

  • I JUST did a baby shower post yesterday. Sorry. No wait–not sorry, because my pet peeve is when bloggers apologize. Especially for not posting like you said. Like, wow, you’re a real asshole for living your life. 😉

  • I’m doing vacation posts right now and even as I’m typing them out I’m thinking that nobody cares this much about my vacation… but it’s giving me a few days of blogging, an what else would I do with my 570 pictures? (I promise I’m not posting all 570). I think so many of these topics are just posted because we feel the need to post something and have nothing else to write about…

  • I’m just nodding my head right now. I skip over a bunch of those, but I write them all the time. I just have to remember that is likely the reason no one comments – just another weekend.

  • LOL I’m guilty of some of these too- but some I try to do a minimum and if I do have a post like one of your examples, I still try to keep it interesting for my readers! Example – I did some of my trip photos today from Alabama, but I focused on one topic (civil rights and stories) to share because it actually had a point beyond “Look at my trip pictures!”

  • eeeeek! you’ll probably want to avoid my blog this week. But i went to europe and my blog documents my life, where else do i share it?!

  • Okay, I am SUPER guilty! I do a ton of past adventure (travel) posts and things I pinned on Pinterest – whoops! But I do not post about my children and LOVE when Taza writes about her littles!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I’m with you on the vacation thing and I KNOW it’s from jealousy. When my weekend involved me sitting on the couch or playing sims, or just, you know… breathing. I don’t blog about it.

  • I don’t mind vacation posts, as long as you don’t write a ton of words and just show me pictures. I also hate purely fashion posts. I see what you wore, but so what? And Pinterest posts are dumb unless there is a purpose or story behind the pins.

  • Do I post any of these things…………..hmmmmmmmmmmm………not sure if I do feel free to not read……..lol

  • I don’t understand fashion posts and the word hubby makes me cringe.

  • I’m probably guilty of a few of these post topics! Haha. Posts I definitely skip over are any recipe posts that look way too complicated judging by the finished product, ‘daily photo inspiration’ ‘daily color stories’ posts (no, thanks!), trip recaps (unless it’s about a trip you took for a specific awesome purpose…like a blogging conference!).

  • This is funny. I post pics of all of my travels. 98% of them are from my iPhone. I’m going to Africa next month. I’m likely to post one thousand pictures when I get back. I definitely post pics of my nail art because I’m not a pro but I’m good at it. I’ll post a recipe every once in awhile because as an insanely picky vegetarian who doesn’t cook, it’s both shocking and amazing when I find something I like and actually pull it off.
    The thing is, I’m not just blogging for a bunch of rando strangers and if I were worried about boring some people, offending others or just what the cool girls will think in general, I’d have a blog that focuses on one topic – like sewing or puppies or just giving up blogging all together.


  • I totally get this, I love to travel so i know that my contempt for endless streams of travel photos stems from a little green eyed monster. But the DIY post kill me, I mean you’ve lured me in by making this look so easy but dash my hopes against the rocks when I actually try it. Damn you pinterest and all your cute ideas!

  • As someone who loves to travel and eat, I can’t get enough of other people’s trip recaps and recipe posts! (Well, as long as the pictures are pretty and the writing is decent.) Am I the only one who finds *most of* these inspiring?

    But I have to agree with you on some of these… incessant baby/kid posts drive me nuts. I’m so thankful I was born before my parents EVER had social media so the entire world didn’t see my awkward childhood photos!

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