8 Blog Posts I Hate

Hate is a strong word. But it rhymed with 8 so what’s a girl to do? Some people blog for themselves. Others, to entertain. While I certainly understand the personal benefit of a blog being a place to document life, that doesn’t always make for great reading for others.

So here it is, 8 blog posts that I hate will probably skip over on my bloglovin feed:

1. Trip Recaps. Maybe it’s jealousy. Maybe it’s just boring to read. Either way, unless you’re an amazing photographer, I don’t need to see 8,000 photos or read a play by play of your every minute.

Oh, Nadine, you went to DC this weekend? And you loved the Newseum? Glad you had fun. Probably not an interesting blog topic.
2. Weekend Review posts that include any of the following: baby showers (that aren’t yours), weddings (that aren’t yours), and you telling everyone how you did nothing. Pretty much any weekend review post unless you did something super freaking awesome and/or took beautiful pictures of it. Not every weekend is blog post worthy. 97% of mine are not.

3. Pictures of your kid and nothing else. Unless you’re Taza, I probably don’t care.

Shameless picture of my own child.

4. Pictures of your perfectly painted fingernails. This isn’t maybe jealously. It’s definitely jealously. How do you do that? HOW? (my bare nails and peeling cuticles want to know)

5. A post where you apologize for not posting because *shockingly enough* you were busy living your life. Don’t apologize. Pat yourself on the back. Now keep living and post when you feel inspired.

6. Any blog post where husbands are referenced as: hubberz, hubaroo, hubby. This sums up my thoughts on that:

7. Recipe posts. I know, I’m gonna catch some flak for this one but as a vegetarian and someone who isn’t super inventive with cooking, these never seem do-able to me.

If it has more than 5 ingredients, I probably won’t make it. If there is anything I can’t pronounce, I definitely won’t make it. If it requires any type of special equipment or ingredients that aren’t available in a normal grocery store, oh hell no. I know, N is a really lucky guy.

8. Pinterest Posts. If I wanted to see what you pinned on Pinterest, I’d follow you over there. Want to remind me to follow you on Pinterest? Great, I probably do want to follow you. I’d just prefer to look at pins on Pinterest, not on blogs.

The best part? I’m guilty of nearly all of the above. Particularly posting only pictures of my kid, being mushy about N (and using gross nicknames), and yes, even boring weekend posts.

What kinds of blog posts are your least favorite to read? What do you love reading about?

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