7 Ways to Annoy a Vegetarian

7 Ways to Annoy a Vegetarian

As a note, I don’t speak for all vegetarians. But sometimes there are things that come up that just kind of surprise me. If you’re a vegetarian, maybe these things surprise you too? Here are 7 ways to annoy a vegetarian. Specifically, me.

Be too accommodating

Nothing upsets me more when someone goes out of their way to accommodate my diet when I didn’t ask them to. The guilt! I don’t want to live with the guilt! Yes, this sounds bratty and it is. But I made a choice and that choice doesn’t have to impact you. In fact, I feel really bad when it does. So just pick the restaurant, serve chicken wings (and I’ll pray you have chips and guac too), and just know that I won’t starve. And if I do, it was my choice.

If you do go out of your way to accomodate my diet, thank you. I promise I’m not a total brat and I’ll love you for it.

Ask me if I’m getting enough protein

I might not be but you know what? Too much is bad for you too. In fact, most American’s eat too much protein. Like, way too much. Try telling that to the Paleo people.

Fail to understand the concept

You know the line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the aunt says “That’s okay, I make lamb”? Let’s just say I’ve had remarkably similar situations in my personal life. Chicken is not vegetarian. Chicken broth is still made from chicken i.e. also not vegetarian.

Treat me as though being a vegetarian is my defining feature

I often wonder if other vegetarians experience this. I interact with several people at work who basically know one thing about me, and that is that I am a vegetarian. This was usually revealed to them in some mundane way (it’s not something I brag about or anything) and now it’s all they talk about when they see me. Comments like “I had a hamburger for lunch today” with a look on their face expecting me to be mad or “how are those vegetables doing for ya?”. Um, good. I hope you enjoyed your burger.

I’m so many things before I am a vegetarian. It’s not my defining characteristic.

Ask what my partner thinks of my vegetarianism and then share how much it would annoy you

Does your fiancé eat meat? Yes.

Do you cook meat? Eh, not really.

Oh gosh that would be terrible.

Yes, it’s totally terrible to live with me. Thanks.

Be astounded when I have opinions about meat dishes

Most vegetarians were not vegetarians from birth. I haven’t been a meat eater for 4 years. That doesn’t mean I don’t remember what it tastes like. It doesn’t mean I don’t love the smell of chicken wings. It doesn’t mean I can’t send you a damn good ground beef casserole recipe.

Suggest we’ll get food “on the way”

Becoming a vegetarian is one of the fastest ways to eliminate fast foods from your diet. At McDonalds it’s pretty much just fries and pies for me. While that’s fun on occasion, long road trips usually mean that quality food options are limited. Try finding good vegetarian food anywhere on the New Jersey turnpike. It’s impossible. I have been known to pout while eating just french fries and pondering my life choices.

My two favorite fast food options are Subway (mmmm Veggie Delight) and Taco Bell (they’ll replace any meat with refriend beans). Problem is, both of those options are a bit harder to come by. So I contradict myself a bit regarding #1. On long road trips, maybe consider my options a little. Or give me 5 extra minutes to pack myself a snack.

If you are a vegetarian, what annoys you? If you aren’t a vegetarian, what annoys you about vegetarians? I often worry how my personal choices affect those in my life so I wonder, how does having a vegetarian in your life affect you?

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