7 Things You Won’t Admit To (But I Will)

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1. When you’re laying in bed at night checking your phone, sometimes you drop it on your face.

2. The number of magazines, books, and other reading materials on the back of your toilet tank. 

3. The number of months that pass before you change your calendar to the proper month. For instance, mine is currently on March.

4. How messy your car actually is. I have a banana peel in mine from last week. And at least a dozen water bottles. Beat that (ew, I know).

5. How many hours you spent attempting to learn Anna Kendrick’s “The Cup Song.” Ask me how good I am. [really effing excellent]

6. That your dog has behavior problems. Archie’s a jumper. I would say we’re working on it but if being dog parents taught us one thing it’s that neither of us is the disciplinarian. Ruh roh.

7. When I got to number 7, I asked N what other weird things I do that I should add. He started listing too many things and I started pondering my own sanity.


Now it is my pleasure to introduce you to Lisa from Two Martinis! Let’s just put this out there: I’m really glad I’m not the only blogger whose love story involved more alcohol than romance. Lisa’s is hilariously funny. She also isn’t afraid to share the most embarrassing search terms I’ve ever read. Crochless Underwear included. There, I said it. Now I’ll have horrible search terms too. 

Are you married or pondering marriage? Check out this rock star post called the ABC’s of Marriage. And while you’re at it, check out her marriage confessions. It’s a post that cannot be missed!

So go check out Two Martinis or tweet at Lisa and tell her your most embarrassing search term (if you can beat hers!).
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