My 7 Must-Have Beauty Products

7 Must-Have Beauty Products including L'Oreal Voluminos Mascara and Colour Riche Balm, CeraVe Lotion, Pureology, and more  #beauty #musthave

Some products are just tried and true. I realized yesterday as I was finishing my third tube of L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm that I’ve never taken the adequate time to rave about it on this here blog. There are other products I use every day, without fail, but who wants to hear me rave about bar soap? Bo-ring. But I adore Dove plain bar soap. I really do. So without further adieu, here are 7 beauty products I buy and re-buy and will always have on hand. Always.

1. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. If you’ve read my how to grow your hair long hair -fast post, you know I attribute my hair’s health to this magic potion. The shiz is expensive but I bought a liter of it off Amazon ages ago and I’m not even half way done. Plus, it’s Vegan. That opened the door to the question…why the hell is there any shampoo/conditioner that isn’t Vegan? So. Confused.

2. Dove White Beauty Bar. An oldie but a goodie. It’s in our shower and always will be.

3. E.L.F. Eyeliner Pencil. $1 and it works as well as the $5 stuff. Hell, even the $14 stuff. Need I say more? Plus, it comes with a sharpener! BONUS.

4. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. This was recommended to me by my dermatologist years ago. I don’t know that it’s made specifically for the face, though it’s oil-free and the derm suggested I use it on my super sensitive face. It does a great job of moisturizing my dry skin and wears well under makeup.

I later read some reviews of super expensive face creams who were touting ceramides and hyaluronic acid and I was like, wait, my $12 face lotion already has those. Google some reviews. People love this stuff. Also the bottle is ginormous and it will take you at least 8 months to use.

5. Garnier BB Cream. I’m on my third tube. It’s like makeup for girls who never learned how to do makeup (uhm, that’s me). I rub it in like lotion and poof, flawless skin. It’s great for lazy people and doesn’t emphasize dry skin, an issue I frequently have with traditional foundation.

6. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lip Balm. I’ve tried this in Heavenly Berry, Caring Coral, and Rose Elixir. To be honest, the colors are so faint they aren’t that different. The Heavenly Berry is more of a my-lips-but-better situation, the Caring Coral looks like my lips, and the Rose Elixir adds a faint pretty light pink.

The formula isn’t waxy like a Burt’s Bees (though I do love the waxiness of Burt’s). It’s more like a gel but not as thin as the Maybelline Color Whispers. It has some substance, which I like. If something is on my lips, I want to feel it on my lips! Plus the packaging feels glamorous. I’ll keep buying these. Up next, I’m trying the Pink Satin shade, which I’ve heard is a dupe for the Dior Addict Lip Glow.

7. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. I’ve tried tons of mascaras and I always come back to this one. Sure, I’d love to wear Benefit They’re Real all the time but $23 for mascara isn’t in the cards for me. Maybe I’m the only one but I kind of like the old school (i.e. non-spikey plastic) brush. This formula holds curl better than others and the Carbon Black version really makes your eyes pop.

So in a way, today was me playing beauty blogger. I’m way more of a product junkie than I let on. I’m so good at wasting hours watching beauty tutorials on youtube that it could be in my “skills” section of my resume. Call it internet research.

What products do you swear by? Beauty vloggers do their “empties” videos and if I made one, these would all be on mine.

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