Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog

Today is my blog’s 6th birthday. Or it’s my blogiversary. Whatever we want to call it. I can’t even believe it. SIX freaking years I’ve been rambling on the internet. Wow.

I’m of the belief that you shouldn’t scrub your archives. I know plenty of bloggers do. But my old posts are who I was at the time and honestly, maybe at this point they’re just funny for me to look at. Removing posts would feel like removing little pieces of my youth. It’s also hilarious to see what I thought was a good idea at the time or what I thought made me look like a legit blogger. Six years in, I still don’t feel legit.

To commemorate, I took a fun little trip through my archives and found some goodies.

Let’s kick things off with my very first post. Initially I guess I thought I would talk about personal finance, something I still really enjoy. My salary was teeny tiny at the time and I was finding every way I could to be extra thrifty. Many of my early posts were basically Goodwill hauls. The first year every single post was super boring. I have no idea how I had any readers.

Here is where I became a vegetarian. I didn’t know if it would last (it wasn’t supposed to be permanent) but it did!

I shared my concerns and excitement about moving in with my boyfriend. I was worried that we were both messy (LOL some things never change) and I had some concerns about space (which is funny because we later lived in a 480 square foot apartment together). It all worked out.

One time, N wrote a guest post about how living together was going. Fun fact: he mentions that we made a deal when we moved in together that he does dishes, I do laundry. That deal was the shiz and it held up basically until we had Ben and now it’s a free for all.

Here’s where we first brought Archie home!

I swore that I was going to give our future children embarrassing middle names. We didn’t. But I bet you we had Bennett’s name picked out at that point.

I wrote about why I blog. I guess my reasons haven’t changed much and I’m still surprised anyone besides my Mom reads this. And I killed it with some insight about blogging here. It isn’t the good stuff. It’s a place to share the good stuff.

In 2013 I admitted that I wasn’t ready to be a parent because I fed my 10 year old brother condensed soup without watering it down (HA!).

Later I shared some actual confessions like the fact that I wanted to be engaged but I wasn’t. I didn’t get engaged for over a year after that post. WTF N.

I warned you in 2014 that I’d be a mommy blogger someday. And damn, those are some cute pictures of Archie.

One of my favorite blog posts ever and one that is still super relevant – Is your online persona really you?

I laughed reading about the 9 mortifying things my parents did that I’ll totally do to our kids. Still true now that I have a kid. Except *cringe* it features a Bill Cosby reference. If we only knew then what we know now…

This was my most controversial post ever. The comments didn’t carry over when I switched from Blogger to WordPress and then Disqus for commenting and honestly, that’s probably a blessing. It rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I’d take it down (because it makes me sound like a bit of an a-hole) but like I said, it doesn’t feel right to scrub my archives. I’d say these days I’m basically neutral on the topic and frankly, I don’t care what you do to your body. Go for it.

This is easily my most viewed post ever. Want the quick version? Get rid of anything that your spouse could throw away while you’re at work and you wouldn’t notice was gone.

Re-reading this post about how I feel about God made me smile. Still 100% true.

I talked about a cop telling me that I “needed a gun”. I don’t have one and will absolutely never own one. And I still feel safe and at home in Philadelphia.

Remember how the other day I said I felt great about turning 30? Well when I turned 27 I felt not great and I shared my life crisis with the internet. Although I do still have the same feelings in social situations that I discussed in that post.

One time I answered reader questions about personal stuff, blogging stuff, and tough stuff.

I shared the kind of woman I want to be and my Mom’s response was so freaking perfect that I published it.

I opened up about the worst feedback I’d ever received. It affected me for years. But I do love my blogging voice in this post.

I worried that our life was boring. So we changed it. We moved to the city. You can hear my worry in this post. Then I shared 5 things that scared me about moving to the city. It was the best decision we’ve ever made.

I narrowed down the six songs I never get sick of and guess what? I’m still not sick of them!

I wondered what it would be like to be a man and to rarely (if ever) feel unsafe. I later interviewed N about it. It bums me out that these comments didn’t transfer over either because there were a lot of feelings and some wonderful discussion. Still, it’s interesting to read these in today’s social and political climate.

I think this might be my most embarrassing post. Fact: that hairstyle is ugly. Another fact: the post features a sponsored blurb at the bottom for a blogger who was similar in popularity to me at the time and is now basically a superhero businesswoman millionaire. But I made $74 on Google Adsense last month so we’re basically even. LOL.

Wait wait wait. Found this post and it’s probably more stupid/embarrassing. JK IT’S THIS ONE. Dead. Remember when I said I wouldn’t scrub my archives? Yeah, maybe I lied.

I also asked readers to talk me out of getting bangs and no one did! Guys, you failed me here. But I did share a great photo from my awkward stage and one of me with dark brown hair.

My thoughts on marriage (pre-marriage) were depressing AF. But hey, marriage turned out to be awesome!

One time I shared my 5th grade report card.

I talked about the best gift my parents ever gave me. It’s still true. Ben will not be an only child because I have to give him a built-in best friend.

I launched a blog about blogging called Blog Brighter. Later I let it die. But I did warn you (again!) that I’d turn this space into a mommy blog one day.

2016 was definitely a blogging low point. But it was a personal high point because we got married and had a freaking rager of a reception. I was busy living life and blogging took a back seat.

Here is the post I’m probably most proud of. Our family is still affected by the travel ban.

I announced my pregnancy. Remember that dream I talked about in my gender reveal post? Ben looks exactly like that baby I had a dream about. It’s like I willed him to look exactly the way he does. That statement made me sound like a crazy person but whatever.

I published my 34 week bumpdate the morning that Ben was born. I had no idea he’d be born that day, obviously. It will always be shocking for me to re-read this and know that the back pain I was describing was actually my placenta detaching.

It was later followed by Ben’s birth announcement, birth story (I have been told that it’s kind of terrifying to read – it was terrifying to live!), NICU life, and life with a preemie. I even shared the surprising thing about c-section recovery. I’m so glad I have all of this to look back on because the memories already feel fuzzy.

This year my most popular post so far is the one about not going back to work.

Phew! That’s a lot out there on the internet, isn’t it? This post kind of reminds me of those Friends episodes (oh hey, I wrote about Friends too). where they tricked you into thinking it was a new episode but it was actually just flashbacks of old episodes. But sometimes it’s fun (and funny) to take a trip down memory lane.

This blog has been with me from the time N and I started dating and we literally went out every weekend, through several jobs, marriage, and now parenthood. It was with me for more than half of my twenties. It’s like an old friend. Those of you who have been with me are old friends.

Most importantly, thank you. Thank you for being here. And a special gold star to those of you who read any of the above posts when they were originally published. We’ve been through a lot together, huh?

I’m not quite sure where this space is headed (Mommy blog status. Cringe.) but I’m glad it’s here.

Cheers. And again, thank you!

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