6 Ways to Cut Your Clothing Budget in Half

6 Creative Ways to Cut Your Clothing Budget in Half

1. Make sure your friends know you are cheap and have no shame.

Yes, friends closets can be the best and cheapest thrift store (free!). My college roommate had an ever evolving style. Whenever she would decide that something just wasn’t “her” anymore, I’d be ready and willing to accept her hand me downs. Chances are, your friends would rather give you clothes they aren’t into anymore than donate them.

2. Size doesn’t matter.

The black dress I’m wearing below is a size 10. I’m not a size 10. Make it work. Don’t wear things as they’re supposed to be worn. Be creative. Alter things. Belt dresses. Have fun.

3. Don’t throw anything away. Ever.

You know those people who clean out their closets? Don’t do that. Unless it is torn or there is no way it will ever fit you again, hang on to it. And if you run out of space? Time to move to a place with a bigger closet.

4. Shop at Goodwill.

If you just went “ew,” tell me this, have you slept in a hotel? They washed those sheets but lots of people slept there. Clothes aren’t different. Hit up Goodwill. My best advice? Go to the Goodwill that is closest to the richest area near you. That’s where all of the good brands will be. Half my clothes are J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor and I’ve never bought a single item directly from those stores.

5. Be boring.

On the occasion that you do shop at an actual store, only buy basics or things that for sure aren’t going to go out of style. If it’s super trendy, say no if it’s over $10. Basics can go a long way if you dress them up with cheap, trendy accessories.

6. Accessorize and beautify.

See the outfit below? It would be super boring without the belt and scarf, the dangly earrings ($3.80 at F21) and some hot berry pink lips. Yes, beauty trends can be an accessory. Adding bright lips always makes me feel like I’m more put together (and I’m not even a makeup person). Adding a trendy braid pulls the outfit together and makes even the simplest outfit look polished.

Cozy Fall Outfit
Sweater: H&M, hand me down from a friend
Dress: H&M, hand me down from same friend
Tights: Marshalls
Boots: Thrift store in Austin, TX
Belt: F21, 3 pack of belts

Waterfall Braid

Cozy Fall Outfit

If you have off work today, you’re a lucky duck.

Happy Monday, folks!



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