6 Facts About Me

One. The item I would most highly recommended without hesitation of anything I’ve ever owned is a Honda Accord. Easily. Buy one, you won’t regret it. Mine is 14 years old and I will not get rid of it until it completely dies (which will not be for at least 5 years, these things last forever). Even if I ever get super rich (unlikely) I will still own a Honda Accord because the only thing I really want in a car is that it starts every time I ask it to. And it does.

Two. I am a public nuisance. I can count on no hands the number of times that I have returned a library book on time. It has never happened in the history of me and probably never will. The library should take my card and cut it up but until they do, I’ll keep dropping by because hell, it feels like shopping but it’s free!

Three. As a Californian on the East Coast, I was pretty confused at my first confederate flag sighting. Since then, I’ve seen many more and I still really don’t get it. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the meaning but doesn’t a confederate flag scream, hey, I’m a racist!? Perhaps it’s a sign of Southern pride that I just don’t understand. It’s definitely the thing that confuses me most since moving here.

Four. I get really obsessed with one or two songs and listen to them on repeat like it’s my job. Right now it’s a Avicii Wake Me Up and I will listen to it 37 times a day until I get sick of it in 3 weeks. Then I’ll suddenly get over it and never want to hear it again.

Five. If I’m winning at one thing in life, it’s car dancing. My upper body is totally capable of keeping the beat. Don’t tell my legs, they never can. I have no shame in rolling down the windows and dancing my fool head off in the car next to you at a red light. 

Six. I want to get into the stacking bracelet trend but every time I wear them, they drive me nuts! I’ve tried but maybe me and this trend are just not M.F.E.O.

I hope you are having a lovely long weekend! N has been at Made in America all weekend so Archie and I have been glued at the hip and have watched an entire season of The Vampire Diaries. Go ahead and judge me. Now I’ve started season 4 and I just can’t stop. I’m so Team Delena but I think Archie is holding out for Stelena.  


Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Ashley from Rainstorms & Love Notes. Ashley actually inspired this post with her You Oughta Know post. Do you need some great recipes for football season? Ashley’s got you covered (and the pictures will make you hungry!). Have an upcoming flight? Ashley’s post, What’s In My Carry-On Bag will help you make sure you don’t forget anything.  She also isn’t kidding about the love notes part of the blog. This post just might inspire you to be a little more romantic in your day to day life. 

Want to make sure you don’t miss a single perfect game day recipe? Head over to Rainstorms & Love Notes or follow Ashley on Bloglovin

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  • I completely feel you on the over kill listening to song thing. I am the exact same way and I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it.

    Also, I have tried the ‘arm candy’ trend as well. But, I have the worlds tiniest wrists known to man, so everything slides all around and doesn’t even stack at all. So frustrating!

  • This made me smile! Especially the part about library’s feeling like free shopping! I’ve never really thought of it like that before, but I LOVE it! Hahah.
    My song of the moment is Katy Perry’s ROAR,followed by One DIrection’s Best Song Ever – I’m not even a fan, but it’s like a contagious disease that I just can’t seem to shake off!xx

  • As a fellow californian living on the east coast…totally same thing with the confederate flag. I was surprised and still continue to be so.

  • Haha I feel the same way about my corolla, I’ve heard Hondas run FOREVER!!! Oh and the picture of you is absoloutely adorable!

  • Cat

    I totally feel you on the confederate flag thing. I’ve just moved to the east coast from Oregon, and every time I see one I’m ridiculously confused. Why would you want to associate yourself with that? There is being proud of your heritage, and then there is racism….

  • I can’t stand seeing the confederate flag. Like… even if they aren’t racist, to me it says that they agree the South should have succeeded from the union. Like… they don’t want to be part of this country. The Civil War has been over for a LONG TIME people! Get over it!

  • I don’t understand the confederate flag thing either. Also, I want to get into stacks but they drive me nuts as well and I usually take off all the bracelets before I even get to work.

  • AVY

    No buying American for you huh?



  • YES on the Accord. I just got my Accord in May and I could not be more in LOVE with this car. Ridiculously so. My husband has a 2nd car just to drive back and forth to work – it’s a Honda Civic that is approaching 300,000 miles. Can’t beat that!

  • Finally someone else on the Delena team! There is no shame girl. I’ve watched all the seasons on netflix twice..

  • haha, I love this.

    And I totally agree with the whole confederate flag deal – even worse when I see it being shown off by people I grew up with in Wisconsin, I think it’s morphed into some sort of symbol of redneck-ism. Which doesn’t make sense at all, then again they’re just to daft to realize the actual meaning behind it. hah, I could go on for ages, but I’ll spare you!

    On a brighter note, I love the stacked bracelets but I just cant handle anything on my wrists/lower arms, even sleeves drive me nuts most of the time, regardless if I’m cold!

    Have a good labor day!


  • The transmission in my honda accord went out on me at about 150K miles, and I know someone else who had the same issue. I’ll never ever everrr buy another one again!

  • P.

    OMG, I’m #4 all the way. And the worst part is that I get the most annoying songs stuck in my head, and I repeat parts of it, listen to it several times in a row, show it to the hubs… I’m extremely annoying in that sense. And then I move on and there goes another iTunes download I’ll never want to listen to–EVER AGAIN! 😛

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  • Stacked bracelets drive me nuts. I can go up to two and then it’s just too much but I can never wear a watch and a bracelet. It just throws it all off lol

  • I’ve personally only ever seen a confederate flag hanging once, when I was young and visiting my grandparents. But I agree – maybe there’s something I’m missing, but I just don’t understand why you would proudly fly that flag in 2013. It seems like something you would only find in the deep dddeeeeepppp south, and I live nowhere near there.

    <3 Kiersten

  • I currently own my third Honda, and they are the only cars I will ever own. LOVE them.

  • i’m totally guilty of listening to the same song on repeat. i listen until i know all the words (which for me takes foooorever). my poor husband.

  • haha I’m a Honda Civic girl myself, so I hear ya! And I like wearing a few bracelets, but wearing 20 on one arm is just so annoying, especially at work where I have to type all day!

  • The Confederate flag doesn’t stand for racism usually–just southern pride and states’ rights. Most Southern people like myself look at as a symbol that, as a group, we’re a little more country (redneck) than the rest of the US. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone flying it mention anything about its significance in the Civil War or about slavery–it’s pretty much just a regional pride thing. 🙂

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    • I totally agree with that, it’s not just white Southerners who have Confederate flags, and show them off, I see black southerners with Confederate flags all the time.

  • Vampire Diaries is my shit! NO SHAME. And I loooooove Damon but I secretly hate Elena cause she’s a whiny little bitch who doesn’t deserve either brother. Sorry I’m not sorry

  • So glad I’m not the only one that hates bracelets. They looks so cute on people but when I try to write or move they drive me NUTS!

  • YFG

    I’m from the south (born in Kentucky and raised in Texas) and I find the confederate flag thing ridiculous and offensive. I am all about southern pride but come on!

  • #4 is so me! And I promise, the Confederate flag is NOT synonymous with racism. Well, for some sad people, it may be, but in general, no.

    • (also ditto on the bracelets. they are cute but drive me nuts. I always take them off!)

  • Unfortunately, racism is related with the confederate flag, but having been born and raised in the south, I can tell you that most of the people who relate it with that are northerners.

    I would say a good 80% of my friends and family rock the flag in some way or another, and it’s more about southern pride. Not a single one of them are racist, and some of them are even of different races themselves.

    It really doesn’t mean what it used to mean, but unfortunately there are bad historical connotations.

  • Hmmm #3 has been puzzling my husband and I since we moved to Nashville from WI. No shame on the Vamp Diaries!


  • I am SO the same way with music–lately it’s been “Same Love” (I know, I’m behind the times) or the whole Black Keys album. I think I drive my roommates nuts!

  • Moving from NYC to Maryland, then to Georgia, I can attest it gets worse with the Confederate flag the farther South you go. I don’t think it’s necessarily a racist thing, but it definitely does offend and confuse me. It was a symbol used during the Civil War and I think it should stay in that era. And those are my two, unsolicited but valuable, two cents.

  • I’m totally with you on #4… That is totally me too.

  • Let’s be friends and listen to songs on repeat together while not understanding the confederate flag. K?

  • The Confederate flag doesn’t really signify anything to do with the Civil War anymore. It’s just southern pride, or more for redneck Republicans. I am the EXACT SAME WAY with songs I like. I can (and do) listen to them OVER AND OVER AND OVER and annoy everyone around me for the time period that I’m obsessed with the song.

  • I’m a Honda girl too! A Civic. I will never own any other kind of car. EVER!!! My husband can have his fancy Audi. I don’t want it.

  • I’m a Honda Accord girl too. I love mine and will probably want another when this one dies! One of my best friends has been stuck on “Wake me up” so it’s only a matter of time until I get sick of it too. Haha! Oh, and I’m definitely team Delena! Cannot wait until VD gets back on the air – I’m pretty sure I’ve had the return date scribbled in my Lilly since the spring.

  • Umm M.F.E.O.?? Made for equal opportunity? I love Hondas too. My first car was an accord. They’re super easy and so is the maintenance.

  • Totally guilty of number 4 myself, and even had the same issue with Wake Me Up! Cracking tune; how could you not listen to it over and over?!

  • My first two cars were used accords!! They both lasted well ver 250,000 miles! I loved them. But when the last one went down the drain, we found a great deal on a Toyota. It’s an OK car, but not Honda! I love the stacked bracelet look, I just HATE the way they feel. My wrist are abnormally small so finding ones that don’t slide all over the place is difficult!

  • I’ve always loved Honda Accords. Maybe next time….but my Chevy Lumina has done me well–it’s 17 years old now and I’d happily drive it for the rest of my life if I could!

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