5 Things That Scare Me About Moving To The City

Today N and I are checking out the first of several potential apartments. With our upcoming move to the city, there are things that I’m prepared for. Things like traffic, paying more rent for less space, and that funky smell that seems to permeate the entire neighborhood on trash day.

But as much as I’d like you to believe that I’m the cool, laid-back girl, I’m not. I’m just not. I’ll adjust to city life, I know I will, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some things that scare me.

5 things that scare me about moving to the city | www.eastandblog.com

1. All the murder.

May as well throw that out there first, right? We’re moving to a city that is colloquially nicknamed “killadelphia”. I now see bars on the windows of houses as a bonus.

2. Oh shit, I have to learn how to parallel park.

Um yeah. That. Almost every apartment we look at has “free!” on-street parking. SUPER. Finding a parking spot will be hard enough. And actually parking once I do? Well, let’s just hope my neighbors don’t mind a tap or two.

3. Will Archie adjust?

From the time I leave for work until N gets home, Archie is all by his lonesome in the big city. What if someone breaks in to steal our electronics and finds our, much more valuable, poorly trained golden retriever? Honestly, take everything. Take it all (the rental insurance will cover it). But leave the dog. He’s irreplaceable.

But what if, in the process of robbing us, Archie gets out and runs into the street? Or, more realistically, what if he doesn’t understand where to go to the bathroom because of the lack of grass? What if he always jumps at people as we walk past them on the sidewalk? Needless to say, I’m worried about how he’ll handle it all.

How do people have children? How?! Because this is how much I worry about my dog.

love statue philadelphia

4. Buh-bye closet space.

Truthfully, I use our entire walk in closet. N keeps his clothes in the hall closet. I’m that girlfriend.

Living in a city with a ton of history (i.e. it’s old) has downsides and perks.

Perk: the buildings are historic and beautiful, with lots of exposed brick, hardwood floors, and charm.

Downside: Most apartments are big historic homes that have been converted to apartments, which means that the floor plans are funky and closet space is questionable. We’ve got to downsize and that means I’ll make ruthless cuts on what comes with me and what keeps its home in my closet.

It’ll be worth it all for the hardwood floors though.

5. That I’m just not quirky enough for Philly.

Philly is an eclectic place. I’ve heard it described as “the new Brooklyn”. It’s chock full of hipsters, edgy restaurants, dog parks, and dive bars. Am I cool enough? I like cheap trendy clothing stores, chain restaurants, and I’d rather watch a big blockbuster than anything with subtitles. I worry about fitting in, about seeming too cookie cutter. But I do own a pair of fake glasses, so hey, I’m halfway to hipster.

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