5 Things Las Vegas is NOT

Las Vegas Marathon

Well hello there! Long time no chat. I’ve been in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon. No, I didn’t run (don’t you know me at all?!). I was there for work and boy, was it an experience. Here are a few things Las Vegas is NOT.

1. Relaxing. If you’re trying to sit around and get some R&R, Vegas is not for you. I walked miles and miles each day. Sure, you could take the monorail but that costs money. Cheeapy Cheaperson over here wasn’t about to pay for the monorail when I could walk for free.  I calculated our walking at over 5 miles a day. Plus, I wasn’t going to go all soccer mom and wear comfy sneakers. I wore cute flats so I looked fabulous but wanted to die a little. 

2. Healthy. You can smoke inside. Go right ahead. I’ll just be over here giving you dirty looks while I hold my breath and walk past you as quickly as humanly possible. Yuck.

3.  Wholesome. Okay, so you knew this. Between all the things that are legal in Vegas and the people handing you what are essentially baseball cards of hookers on every street corner, the nickname “sin city” is well-earned. But the number of regular men with clearly less than honorable intentions astounded me. Creepers, if you will.  It was during this trip that I actually got hit on my a dad and his 4-year-old son. The dad dropped some gross “hey gorgeous, damn look at those eyes” and the 4-year-old repeated it word for word. I was disgusted. That’s what you’re teaching your kid? Really? I do not suggest walking around alone, even in broad daylight.

4. A butterflies in your stomach, New York City kind of city. It doesn’t give you those feelings that anything is possible. It’s not really uplifting or joyful. It’s almost sad to see so many drunk people having the time of their lives right along side of people who have clearly thrown their lives away gambling. When I visit a city I want that butterflies in my stomach feeling. And not because I’m about to upchuck a $17 daiquiri.

5. For Everyone. After three days and two nights in Las Vegas, I’ve decided it isn’t for me. Granted, my travels were free of charge and completely work related (thus making me sound like an ungrateful beeytoch) but you know, I’m over it. You see, Vegas could be fun. If you had a ton of money, a natural propensity for luck, and a fun group of friends to chill with, yes, I could see it being fun for about 18 hours. And even then I’m pretty sure I’d be over it. Now I’m back home cozy on my couch with Archie and it’s exactly where I want to be.

Has anyone else visited Vegas and not loved it?


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