5 Reasons To Miss California

Hello, all! I’m Caroline. (She doesn’t even go here!)(Please don’t leave immediately, or else I’ll feel like I’m in seventh grade gym class all over again. Tell me you want me on your kickball team, pleeeeease!)

Last week, Nadine gave us a few reasons as to why she still doesn’t miss California. She makes a few fair points, sure. But, you see, I’ve been away from California since early December. I’ve been eating my way around studying in Europe. You’d think that’s a pretty good deal I got myself, but quite honestly – I miss California like I miss pumpkin spice lattes when it’s late August. (A lot, okay?)

Will you allow me to share a few reasons why I love my adopted home state so very much? A few reasons, that is, beyond the whole – “I’m within the same state as Jennifer Lawrence!” mentality that I usually fall back on.

5 Reasons As To Why I Already Miss California

1. The avocados are cheaper.


In California, avocados are plentiful and just as good as free.  I could end the list right here.

2. You can drive with the convertible top down 355 days out of the year.

…because our weather looks like this on the regular:


I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved by not having to buy a winter wardrobe.

3. Because no matter where you go in the world, if you say you’re from the USA, people automatically say: “Oh, California?” And it’s so much easier to just say yes.

This picture was taken in December or something ridiculous like that.


This is especially cool because then their eyes get all wide and they go, “you’re so lucky! All the sunshine and palm trees and Hollywood!” And you think, “oh, but that’s not even the best of it.”

4. In-N-Out. Because duh.

Even Nadine can’t help herself. Remember this gem?


5. Statistically speaking, you have a much higher chance of being able to shriek “THIS IS MY JAM! YEAH, CALIFORNIA!” in a frat, shop, club, or moving car.

See: Hotel California, California Girls, California Love, California King Bed, Train’s entire album, Party in the USA and every other California song on the Wikipedia list of California songs that I just Googled.

My friends starting a Wobble dance-off at Disneyland, which oh by the way – is in California!

I have a hundred more reasons, but I’ve typed California so much that it doesn’t look like a word anymore and because my eyes are burning from all the pictures of palm trees, so I’ll leave it at this. 
But you’re right, Nadine. The sleeping bag coat is hard to beat.

A note from Nadine: OKAY FINE. I do miss cheap avocados. But for the record I still yell “this is my jam!” when any California song comes on because I’m still the California girl amongst a bunch of east coasters. Don’t you love Caroline? I had a video chat with her last week and she is just as sweet and funny in person. Head over to Perpetually Caroline, follow her on Bloglovin, or tweet at her on Twitter.

  • I so want to visit…..ideal holiday location!


  • Okay, the way this winter has taken a toll on NJ/the whole northeast has me a little delusional, I’ll admit, but I’m pretty sure I’ve just been thoroughly convinced to move to California immediately

  • i would love to visit California one day but for now I’ll just freeze me butt off in Cleveland.

  • Hooray, thanks for letting me come play! I loved chatting with you – that was so fun!

  • welllllll I have never been to CA…but your reasons are enough! I live in the Midwest…today it is a high of 28 degrees…i think winter will never end and I rejoice when avocados are on sale!! Also, I have never had in-n-out…I feel I need this in my life.

  • I’m jealous of the avocados!!

  • I didn’t realize how lucky I was to grow up on 2 acres of avocado trees until I had to buy one as an adult… Holy cow those things are expensive!!!!

  • This was fun to read! I’ve been dying to try an In-n-Out burger!! My friend drove all the way from Washington to California just for one.. I’m pretty tempted to do the same ha ha.

  • HA! “even Nadine can’t help herself.” I’ve never had In N Out….so I might actually have to break my streak too if I ever get the chance.

  • We have Shake Shack on the East coast, so no need for in and out. psh. 🙂

  • OMG! I wish avocados were free here in NC. And I miss CA as well, even though I’ve only spent 2 years of my life there.

  • #1, #2, #4. Definitely. The other two I can’t really relate to, because I’m not actually from there. (Just lived a short while.)

    I do miss the cheap avocados rather badly though.

  • So many reasons California is my home!

  • Lex

    I actually grew up in the Bay Area but moved away from California and weirdly don’t miss it! I know, I know, I’m crazy right? I miss my friends (and the avocados who am I kidding) but now time is split is between Illinois and Maine now and I completely love it.

  • Alicia2016

    Yeah!!!!! I MISS CALIFORNIA. When I was THERE I wanted to leave so Bad, and NOW –I realize How Much I Miss it. CALIFORNIA HELPED ME GET A LIFE, and I guess I DIDN’T APPRECIATE IT.
    California Has Programs to Help People Get Back on Their Feet, that other States Don’t Have.
    Boy, Do I Miss California Sunshines, and BEAUTIFUL SKY.

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