34 Week Bumpdate

34 Week Bumpdate

Remember when I said in my last bumpdate (at 25 weeks) that this pregnancy is flying by? Still true. I swear I have no idea how I’m 34 weeks (and 6 days!) already. I meant to do at least a few more of these in there somewhere but honestly, I don’t know what happened.

size of the baby: Anywhere between 4-6lbs. and the size of a head of cabbage.

gender: Still a boy, I’d imagine.

clothes: It’s still been warm in Philly so I’ve still been wearing all my maternity dresses. I guess that’s a blessing because I have one pair of maternity pants that are work appropriate (and one pair of jeans). I’ve also really started to value comfort over everything else so I’ve walked the line of what would be considered business casual. Athleta leggings with a white button down and some pointy toed flats? That’ll work.

But really, I’m ready for fall (aren’t we all?). Last week it was 85 degrees and I swear it felt like 100 to me and I came home and declared to N that I WAS NOT GOING OUTSIDE if it hit 80 degrees again. Apparently the dramatics come out when I’m 8 months pregnant and it’s 90% humidity.

movement: He moves a good amount but isn’t super aggressive about his kicks etc. I keep waiting for one to hurt or catch me off guard but they really don’t. It’s more like he’s rolling over or adjusting and then settles back in. He also gets the hiccups sometimes which feels like a rhythmic tapping. I’m hoping that his chillness in the womb means he’s going to be a chill baby.

Sometimes my belly will feel really still and I’ll get paranoid – when was the last time he moved? Usually laying down on my side or drinking or eating something sugary will do the trick to get a wiggle out of him. I’m not really counting kicks because my doctor said it’s unnecessary but I do try and note when he’s moved so I don’t freak out.

sleep: Meh. I discovered a new pillow configuration that’s been a game changer for me. It’s two pillows. That’s pretty much it. I just stagger them so they’re like stairs and my shoulder is on the first one and my head on the top one. Something about this I find very comfy. I have been having a lot of back pain and it’s often worse at night so that’s been waking me up almost as much as my bathroom breaks. I also get more hot than usual so we’ve always got our AC blasting and sometimes I wake up with no covers and I’m totally fine (so unlike me, I’m usually freezing).

missing: Being able to walk at my usual pace (fast), comfortably. Any time I power walk too fast I get braxton hicks contractions and my whole belly gets super tight. They don’t hurt but they’re a little uncomfortable and I just can’t keep up the pace. I have to leave for work earlier than I used to just to clock in on time.

cravings and aversions: I realized recently that I’ve really been a full on vegetarian (not my usual pescatarian) for a good long while now. I’m just not in to fish and seafood at all. It’s not repulsive to me, I just don’t want it. As far as cravings, I’ve been loving this mochi ice cream called My/Mo. I also am still really in to bubble tea. And I can always go for cereal – the plainer the better. Plain Cheerios or Raisin Bran have been consistent go-tos. Ooh and plain 2% greek yogurt. Basically plain stuff, which I never liked before.

what we’ve bought: Our family and friends have been so generous (and have really stuck to our registry, bless them) so we honestly haven’t needed to buy almost anything. I have purchased the occasional clothing item if it was on sale (these footies from Old Navy are still some of my favorites). I bought them in 4 colors.

what i’m dreaming about: No dreams. I didn’t remember my dreams much before and I still really don’t.

how i’m feeling: Not the best. And it’s crazy how fast that changed. I was feeling totally fine and was a little uncomfortable and then all the sudden on Friday night, I woke up with excruciating back pain. I honestly never realized how debilitating back pain could be until I could not even fully inhale without tearing up. These bouts of back pain and being kind of crampy lasted all weekend and have continued to this week. It just caught me off guard cause it was like a switch. I was totally fine and then I wasn’t. I’m grateful for a mostly easy pregnancy but would welcome any and all advice about what you did to combat back pain. Right now I basically have a heat pad on my low back 24/7.

workouts: Umm yeah, about that. Walking counts, right? I consistently walk between 4-6 miles a day, every day. That’s just my commute, dog walking, and general life. It seems like that’s really wiping me out these days so I haven’t been hitting up Pure Barre. I’m by no means sedentary so I think I’ll be okay.

nav is: Still a rockstar. Tonight he came home to find me sleeping on the couch. He walked Archie, made a Blue Apron, and woke me up when it was ready. This has now happened 3 times in the last week. He’s been sensitive to my needs throughout this pregnancy and is really good about reminding me to be kind to myself, that I’m pregnant, and that I’m not going to be able to do everything I used to do and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s good to hear that when I need help doing something totally basic, like buckling my sandal.

looking forward to: My brother-in-law’s wedding! Nav’s brother has been with his fiancé for nearly as long as I’ve known him. I love her and their wedding is in a few weekends. I’m so excited to celebrate with them and it gives me something to look forward to besides just feeling like I’m waiting for the baby to arrive. Plus they’re both foodies (but her especially) so I know the food is going to be bomb.com and that makes my pregnant self really happy, since I can’t partake in the bar offerings.

Pregnancy wise, I feel like people keep asking me “are you so over being pregnant yet?” and the answer is really “no”. I want him to stay in there for as long as he needs and overall I’ve been so lucky that this pregnancy has been mostly easy. I just want to take the time and enjoy these last few weeks with just Nav and I.

best moments: We had our baby shower two weekends ago and it was really wonderful. A casual party that was exactly what we wanted. One of my best friends hosted and she even added a subtle Philly theme with tomato pie and soft pretzels in the shape of a B. It made my heart so happy. My best friend flew in from California and I finally got to meet her daughter in person (we’re old facetime friends). Our family and friends were incredibly generous and it was so great to spend time with the people we love most who so clearly already love this little boy. It’s crazy how the love your family and friends have for you automatically extends to your child.

Also we took a whopping ZERO photos at the baby shower which is kind of a bummer but also indicative of the kind of event I hoped to have. I enjoyed myself too much to even think to take photos. Aren’t those always the best days?

But really, someone give me a magic idea for how to handle the back pain. I’d really appreciate it. 

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