My 30th Birthday Wish List

30th birthday wish list

This post was inspired by The Fairy Princess Diaries (she recently shared her 26th birthday wish list) and also the constant list of “wanted items” that lives in my phone. This post contains some affiliate links.

I always have a list of things I’d like to eventually buy but aren’t a priority right now. Some of these have been on my wish list for years (a new blow dryer!) and others are more recent additions. None of these are necessary items and most will stay on my wish list for a long while (or possibly forever).

Here’s what I’m eyeing as the last days of my twenties tick away…


Oh how I wish I could afford to get lash extensions regularly. I got them for our wedding two years ago (you can see them in some of our photos here) and while I love the results, I struggled to justify the price to maintain them. I wound up keeping them for a few months and then slowly let them grow out and fall off.

It seems these days there are lots of products out there to help grow your natural lashes. I’d consider trying LashBoost from Rodan and Fields but the $150 price tag for a two month supply just seems steep. LashFood is a little more affordable (LOL at $76) and has good reviews from Sephora. It does contain less product than LashBoost but $76 seems like a smaller risk, you know?

Ole Henrikson Instant Transformation Lemon Facial Peel

This is my favorite peel or mask product I’ve ever tried. When you wash it off your face your skin is like baby skin. It’s absolutely incredible. They weren’t lying when they put the words “instant transformation” in the name of this product.

I found this helped dramatically with my dry skin and also reduced the number of blemishes. My jar ran out a few months ago and I haven’t repurchased but it’s on my wish list to get another jar.

Hair Dryer

It’s hard to justify buying something when you already have one that works. That said, my blow dryer doesn’t have a concentration nozzle and I’ve been unable to find one that will fit. Basically I have to buy a whole new hair dryer to get one with a concentration nozzle. Hopefully this will help me blow dry my hair a bit smoother. I’ve been giving myself blow outs a lot recently, since Ben loves the sound and it completely chills him out every time.

Casual Sneakers

I currently own these from Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack. I’ve worn the hell out of them over the past year or so and now the soles are cracking a bit. I’m tempted to buy another pair simply because they’re cute and have a good price point but I kind of want something new.

My dream sneakers are these but there’s no way I’m paying $179 for some casual sneakers. I’ve also been eyeing some classic slip-on Vans like these. If you have a pair of slip-on sneakers that you love, let me know.

Lancome Lash Primer

Courtney Shields from BYOB is one of my favorites on Insta Stories and her eyelashes give me all the heart eyes. She swears by this Lancome Cils Booster XL Vitamin-Infused Mascara Primer and I’ve had my eye on it for ages. Though her lashes are definitely fabulous due to genetics, she swears this primer puts them over the top. Who knows? Maybe it will work wonders on my sparse, blonde lashes.

Art Print

Aubrey Kinch showed a print on her Insta recently by Kelly Ventura and I was instantly in love. I checked out her other art print offerings and you guys, swoon. I’ve got my eye on this print and this one.

Hair Straightener

One of the first collaborations I ever did with a brand was for a Hana Hair Straightener. That was years ago now and this straightener served me well. Side note – I’m not even sure this company exists anymore. I can’t find a website for them. The straightener recently stopped working, which is fair, as it has weathered a fair amount of abuse.

If you have a recommendation for a good straightener, please let me know. My hair is already straight so I really don’t need anything too fancy (i.e. I will not spend $100).

Really Good Jeans

This might just be a life long quest. I’m on the hunt for my holy grail denim.

I know a lot of people swear by Madewell jeans and I’ve tried a few pairs on before but never been fully wowed. Their Roadtripper jean looks awesome, especially because they’re supposed to be super comfy. My bestie swears by the Paige Transcend fit. I absolutely adore my Free People High Roller jeans in black (that I actually bought on Poshmark) and would consider a pair in blue.

Do you have a high-rise skinny jean that you swear by? I also kind of want a pair of Mom jeans but I know they’re the kind of thing that look amazing on tall skinny people and horrendous on short regular people.

Delicate jewelry basics

I wear the same jewelry every single day. My wedding rings, the diamond studs my mother-in-law bought me as an engagement gift (literally never take them out), and my “B” initial necklace that was a gift from a friend for our wedding. Delicate yellow gold jewelry is really my jam.

Lately I’ve been considering that I should change things up or have a few other basics on rotation. I’ve been eyeing this ring from Rose & Choc after Kate from The Small Things blog shared them on her Insta story (can you tell that I’m easily sold by someone raving about something on their Insta story?). I really want a pair of small bar earrings like these. I’m also always keeping my eye out for delicate necklaces like this one.

So yeah, those are the items currently on my wish list. I’d love recommendations for some of the items above, if you have them!

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