3 Weird Pregnancy Thoughts

23 Weeks and Archie

Just dropping by for some quick thoughts about pregnancy. Sometimes the thoughts I have are weird.

Being early in your pregnancy feels a lot like having an imaginary friend. You never feel quite as alone as you felt before. You feel like someone else is with you all the time but there are weeks (or months) where other people don’t know this. So you’re just walking around though life knowing that you’ve got this other person with you and no one else can see them or knows they exist. Plus since there were days I felt totally normal, it was hard for me to even grasp that there was a kid in there. He really felt like my imaginary friend sometimes. Maybe not all pregnant ladies felt this way but that’s how I felt.

Here’s another strange realization I’ve had since becoming pregnant – I used to read stories about someone who had a tumor the size of a baseball or something but didn’t know it. I’d always think – how did they not know? Well, now I know. Because my little tumor was the size of a banana before I ever felt him move. In fact, because I didn’t look pregnant for so long, I could totally see how you could have a large tumor and not realize it. Kind of terrifying but I also feel like it’s made me less judgmental (especially since I work with cancer patients).

And lastly, lately I’ve been much more aware of how much blood there is in my body (40% more, according to doctor internet). Just a look at my arms and I can easily see way more veins than used to be visible. If I rest my hand on my stomach, thigh, literally anywhere, I can feel my pulse super easily. It’s just odd to be so aware of the blood pumping through my body. I’m a vampire’s dream.

Do you/did you have any weird pregnancy thoughts like this? Do share.

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