I’m officially like that Adele Album. Only older and less popular.
Instead of sobbing quietly to myself in hibernation while watching 17 consecutive hours of Netflix, I’ve decided to pat myself on the back for being officially
A Quarter Century Old
Okay that stung a little.
(Remember how I’m trying to stop swearing before 30? Yeah, that’s going um, not so well)

So without further ado, my accomplishments in life thus far:

1. Was the 1st born in my family and am therefore the best of the best, genetically speaking. God I could barely type that, it was so ridiculous.

2. Received a very late 2nd birthday present in the form of a lifelong male best friend. No, not just Winnie-the-Pooh. Curtis. He’s still my best friend and greatest confidant. Hi Curt! (guys, he reads my blog, and not just cause our Mom tells him to)

3. Planned a career path in the following order: Ardist (circa age 5), Artist, Writer, Architect, Doctor, Anchor Woman, Press Secretary for a Politician, Teacher, employed by anyone who would pay me, Corporate Sell Out, Program Director for a Non-Profit. 

4. Lived in 3 states. None of this was really my doing but I was along for the ride and hey, it’s a bit of an accomplishment.

5. Scored a total of 4 awesome parents. Two of them are forced to love me through genetics. Two of them I tricked into loving me later. I’m a lucky girl.

6. Two of said parents produced two more siblings. They’re a bit young to read my blog, but awesome none the less. Plus, they’re gingers! Paige-a-rooni and Gav, I love you guys.

7. In 5th grade a teacher wrote on my report card, and I quote “Lately the interpersonal demands on Nadine’s mind have distracted her from giving her full attention to her classroom responsibilities…” This proceeds to be true for the next 11 years.

8. Attended 11 different schools. Hey, maybe those social skills came in handy.

9. Was blessed to be able to live my teenage years next door to my grandparents. It was a privilege to be influenced and loved by such wonderful people. Hi, Grammy!

10. Got into a college that I legit wanted to go to. 

11. Scored the best possible roommates a girl could ask for. Lizzy-poo and Rach, I miss you two like crazy. 

There are many many pictures of the three way, liz-rach-nay hug. Evidently we did this often.

12. Had the best 4 years ever. Survived at the very least, 10 serious cases of alcohol poisoning. Did not get arrested. Did not die. I count that as a win.

13. Became a Delta Gamma. ITB4Life.

Big, Grand-little, Little

14. Scored one rock star of a best friend. She planned my surprise 21st birthday party. She held my hair back. She packed my car for me to move 3,500 miles away. She went with it when I said that starting blogs together would be fun. She. Da. Best. Love you Kaylin!

15. Worked for this guy, thereby giving my resume a little oomph upon graduation. Why yes, yes I did work in the Press Office for the Governator.

Great day to wear a linen shirt that wrinkles easily, Nadine. Amateur.

16. Lived in a foreign country for 2 months. Did not learn a bit of French but it’s about the experience, right? Vodka is the same in every language.

17. Graduated from college. Just as someone deserving of this honor would, I covered the top of my graduation cap in glitter. And cried. A lot.

18. Put on my big girl panties and moved across the country after college. Moving was scary and thrilling and yes, I cried all the way to the California state line. But I’ve established a life here and I’m proud of myself.

19. Drove across the country (the whole damn thing) not once, but twice. Oklahoma, you don’t get enough credit. You were my fave.

20. Got a job that didn’t totally suck right out of college, during a recession. It wasn’t perfect but it paid the bills. Plus, it’s where I met Nav!

21. Met the man of my dreams. The yin to my yang. The calm to my crazy. And he’s super hot! [pats herself on the back]

22. Scored my dream job. I’m challenged, I help people, and maybe, just maybe, I’m changing the world.

23. Became a puppy momma with the addition of our Archie Oliver. 

I’m sorry, is he an L.L. Bean model? Perfection.

24. Managed to become a “me” I’m very happy to be. I’m overly sensitive, I care too much, I worry about every possible thing that could happen but won’t, turn everything I do into a song, and talk in a baby voice to anything fluffy. But I like me. I’m good with me. 

25. Became a mildly narcasisstic list maker. 25 was too many, huh?

Happy Birthday to me.

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