25 Week Bumpdate

I realize you either love bumpdates or you hate them. I have to admit, I always read them if someone posts one. I swear 90% of what I know about pregnancy came from random bloggers bumpdates. So it’s a bit shocking that this is kind of my first one and I’m more than half way done!

I also realized recently how often I use my blog to help me remember the timeline of my own life. The other day N and I were debating what year it was that all of our stuff got stolen the day after Christmas. I wrote about it so I looked it up on my blog – it was 2012. So I like documenting things here to have them to look back on (or settle bets).

So week 25 of pregnancy, here we go….

Week 25 Bumpdate
Look at Archie’s face haha

size of the baby: Prairie dog! Or a large cucumber.

gender: Boy – how we found out here.

clothes: I really went all in on dresses and skirts for this pregnancy since I’m going to be most pregnant in July/August/September. Right now I alternate between a few non-maternity dresses, maternity dresses, and stretchy pencil skirts. I have one pair of maternity jeans and they’re the only pants that fit me right now. Mostly I just layer non-maternity items over my dresses/skirts.

movement: Kind of sporadic. Sometimes he moves around a ton for like an hour and kicks me in the same spot over and over again. Sometimes he’s snoozin’ and I don’t feel him for hours. He really likes to party right when I lay down in bed at night. I also experienced my first kick that was actually painful.

sleep: Here’s the part where every pregnant person hates me (and I jinx myself). Sleep has not been an issue. In fact, if I stop drinking water after 7pm (I drink a ton all day) I can make it through the night without getting up at all. I’m a little more groggy in the morning than I used to be and N has to basically drag me out of bed at 7:15.

missing: Spicy tuna. Sleeping on my stomach. Being able to breathe. I swear I get winded just tying my shoes.

cravings and aversions: I wouldn’t say I have any cravings or aversions these days. I’m not really in to fish (I’m a pescatarian but never ate much of it). I love peaches and watermelon but I can’t decide if that’s just summer or pregnancy.

what i’ve bought: I did not buy a single baby item until 23 weeks! Can you even believe it? Then I caved when Target had a great sale on their Cat & Jack brand and bought a few things. Clothes are hard because so much of what’s out right now are summer items and our little guy will need to be bundled for quite a few months. We have not bought any major baby items. Our house is pretty small so it just seems weird to buy a bunch of stuff that will take up room months before we need it. So we have no nursery or even the hint of a nursery. Still waiting for my nesting instinct to kick in.

what i’m dreaming about: Where are the weird pregnancy dreams? I want them (cause I’ve never remembered my dreams) but have had very few. I had one that involved a snake in a swimming pool. And another where I went to Hawaii and went to the beach with Kait. You know you’re a blogger when people you’ve never met are in your dreams.

how i’m feeling: Good. Pretty normal actually. Except for feeling more worn out at the end of the day.

workouts: N and I went for a run when I was about 22 weeks and the round ligament pain was too much for me. I just felt like running cramps but in a u shape under my belly. It made it too hard/uncomfortable to run. I purchased a 10 pack of PureBarre classes and am going to take those 10 (about 2 a week) and see how I feel. I walk 4-6 miles every day no matter what and at least once a week I hit 8-9 miles one day so I feel pretty good about my activity level.

Nav is: THE BEST. From back rubs to Blue Apron prep, he’s already an awesome Dad. We’ve been trying to do all the fun things the city has to offer this summer so last week we saw an outdoor showing of Ratatouille on the Schuykill Banks. Then the next night he surprised me with a date night to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with the Philadelphia Orchestra playing the soundtrack live at the Mann Center. We sat on the grass and had a picnic and watched one of my favorite movies.

looking forward to: Honestly? One of my best friends is a week overdue so right now I’m really pumped for her to have her baby and to meet our little guy’s future best friend. Also since they live 5 blocks from us, I’m excited to learn from them and practice on their kid.

best moments: Feeling him move around more. It’s reassuring and really just puts my mind at ease that he’s okay. Spending hours on every car ride trying to come up with a middle name (if you have any good ideas for a Persian middle name, please send them my way). Enjoying all the cool stuff that happens in the city during the last summer that we don’t need a babysitter. Testing out strollers in Buy Buy Baby and watching N try cool spin moves with all of them.

The 2nd trimester has flown by for me (maybe it’s just because it’s summer). I can’t even believe that there’s only about 100 days until we bring this little boy home. I feel so lucky to be having an easy pregnancy (knock on wood). Thanks for stopping by and letting me share these little details!

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