22 Times It Sucks To Be A Blogger

22 Times It Sucks to be a Blogger

1. When you have to write an intro to a post. Intro’s suck.

2. The first time you’re on GOMI. And every time after that.

3. When you have a brilliant post idea and then you realize that you’ve already written the exact same post.

4. When you don’t write a post because you think you already wrote it but then you realize, nope, it’s just been in your drafts for a year.

5. Getting the comparsies. I think The Daily Tay coined that term. She gives me the comparsies sometimes cause she’s so damn funny.

6. When you don’t have time to blog because life got crazy with super un-fun stuff like going to the DMV, having your dog eat something that gave him an “upset stomach” all over the carpet, or getting maintenance to your apartment because the shower is crazy un-Draino-able clogged. You want to blog but you can’t! The un-fun stuff of life is happening!

7. When you realize you wrote something that made you sound like an ass.

8. 404 error. Damn it.

9. When you find out that someone you know in real life reads your blog and you really really wish they didn’t. How? How did they find it?!

10. When you write about something and your mother is not. Too. Pleased.

11. Someone tells you that your online persona isn’t really “you”. And you feel like you’ve been lying.

12. When you add up the hours you’ve spent blogging (my rough guestimate? 1,000 hours)  and you realize that it’s enough time for you to have learned a foreign language. Which would be more useful than, you know, sharing your feelings with the internet.

13. You have to google basic grammar stuff you learned in 10th grade. Are you supposed to capitalize “A” in a title? Too late, already did.

14. When you told a real life someone about your blog (you let them in to the circle of trust!) and then they admit they really never read it.

15. Someone asks you about your hobbies and you want to scream BLOGGING! I’M A BLOGGER! But instead, you casually reply with “reading and photography”.

16. When you need a picture for a blog post and you can’t find the perfect picture on any of the free photography sites you know about and you’re too lazy to take one yourself.

17. When you get an email from your mother two hours after you hit publish with the list of spelling errors in your post.

18. When your Instagram proves that your dog is more popular than you are. An unofficial review of my Instagram shows that posts of Archie are 162% more popular than my posts of anything else.

19. When your laptop burns your leg skin because it takes you two freaking hours to write a post.

20. Another blogger writes a freaking Ah-mazing post and you’re like WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!

21. When you write a blog post about blogging which is totally worthy of being mocked but you can’t help it because you loved every minute of writing it.

22. And when you titled that post “22…” and you get to 21 and run out of ideas.

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