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How I Became A Runner

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I’d ever be a runner, I’d have laughed at you. I’d have insisted that it just wasn’t something my body was built to do. If you had told me I’d ever run a half marathon (let alone 14 weeks pregnant!), I’d have called you a liar….

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How Breastfeeding Is Going

I think it’s the tendency of bloggers and of people in general to share where they differed from the majority, if that makes sense. It would be kind of a boring blog post (and might feel hard to relate to) if I just wrote, it was easy peasy! No issues! It works like nature intended!…

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Happy 6th Birthday to My Blog

Today is my blog’s 6th birthday. Or it’s my blogiversary. Whatever we want to call it. I can’t even believe it. SIX freaking years I’ve been rambling on the internet. Wow. I’m of the belief that you shouldn’t scrub your archives. I know plenty of bloggers do. But my old posts are who I was…

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Babywearing: How and When We Use Each Type of Carrier

I knew I’d be in to babywearing as soon as I started researching baby products. I loved the idea of having my babe close to me and still being able to have both hands available. I hoped that our baby would love being worn (cause I know some don’t). Luckily, carriers are Ben’s happy place….

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Why Turning 30 Doesn’t Scare Me

Well it’s happened. My 20s are officially behind me. I turned 30 last Sunday. And I feel awesome about it. I didn’t always feel this way. Past birthdays starting around 25 were always prime time for a meltdown or two on my part. I’m not one who feels spectacular about the years showing up on…

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