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Friday Musings

I’m trying something a little different today. In an effort to get back to blogging the way that it used to be, I’m setting a timer and giving myself 20 minutes to write a blog post – including editing. I often fail to publish content that is completely written simply because it needs the little…

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Why We Aren’t Leaving Our One-Bedroom When We Have a Baby

You might recall that a few months ago we almost bought a house, but then we didn’t. What I didn’t say in that post was that I was 5 weeks pregnant when we had the home inspection and the thought of moving, having a mortgage, and having a baby all in the same 6 month…

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It’s Not Just Because I’m Pregnant

I’ve been very lucky in that I mostly have felt exactly like myself throughout this pregnancy. I have had no bouts of crying, very little anger (I mean, I’ll scream and yell obscenities at a car that almost hits me in a cross walk but I’m not a rage monster over here), and overall no…

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25 Week Bumpdate

I realize you either love bumpdates or you hate them. I have to admit, I always read them if someone posts one. I swear 90% of what I know about pregnancy came from random bloggers bumpdates. So it’s a bit shocking that this is kind of my first one and I’m more than half way…

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