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You Probably Don’t Know…

1. I am required to wear a black blazer every day to work. I used to think black blazers were a fun, versatile clothing item but now I kind of hate them. 2. I think the whole “oh my gosh let me see your ring!” and me sticking out my hand thing is super awkward….

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3 TV Shows to Stream this Summer

Thank goodness spring weather puts everyone in a good mood (especially me) because otherwise I’d be suffering from a mild depression now that we’re deprived of new episodes of our favorite tv shows. Every year around May as I watch all the season finales I wonder, but what will I watch? This usually means that summer…

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The Last Five and the Next

Five years ago (almost exactly) I sat on the big, L-shaped couch in my sorority house next to all of the seniors (seniors get the couch, duh). At our very last meeting, each senior got to say a few words and then share with everyone what their post-college plans were. I remember feeling fairly confident…

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The Weekend Time Machine

This weekend I essentially got in a time machine and went back to 2007. I woke up Sunday morning in a twin bed in a dorm room scattered with Nattie Lights (which apparently someone bought for nostalgic reasons..??), to music blaring and a throbbing headache. Because 5 year college reunions are the perfect place to act…

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