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6 Things To Do When Your Ego Takes A Hit

We’ve all had that moment. The moment when someone delivers you a huge hit to your ego. Whether it’s getting fired from a job, getting dealt a brutal one-liner from a loved one, or getting dumped, some hits to the ego can really knock you off your game. I’ve been dealt a couple decent blows to my…

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Why Do I Think I Can’t?

I have a vivid memory of a conversation I had with N, several years ago. I was rambling to him about blog stuff (most of which he didn’t understand. blah blah sponsorships blah sidebar ads blah blah analytics blah post idea) and he was kind enough to listen. So he says to me, “You really…

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Why We Are Ditching Traditional Wedding Catering

For our January wedding, we’ve opted not to have a sit-down dinner. Oh there will be plenty of food. Tons and tons of it. But our guests will not ever be sitting in an assigned seat, eating either the chicken or the steak. While I’m certain that some of our guests will be expecting a…

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7 Things I’ve Learned from Mommy Bloggers

Let me just put this out there: Mommy bloggers have prepared me more for pregnancy, birth, and children than any sex ed class ever did. I’m simultaneously grateful to them and occasionally horrified by something I learn from them. They’ve become essential to my preparation for future children and have occasionally helped me succeed at…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! What? Huh? Didn’t the New Year happen already? This weekend we went to New York to celebrate the Persian New Year – Nowruz – with N’s family. Nowruz (Norooz?) marks the first day of spring. Let’s stop for a minute and think about how much sense this makes – the New Year is…

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