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The Wedding Tradition I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Love

This fall I was at a wedding (flying solo, I might add, as two flights for our household twice in 4 weeks was too much) and the time came for the bride to toss the bouquet. I’ve always thought I was a pretty traditional girl and I like a lot of wedding traditions. I love a…

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5 Pinterest Recipes I’ve Tried and Loved

I rarely try to make anything from Pinterest. This is especially true of anything crafty. The amount of time/effort/craft supplies needed usually is way more than I’m willing to commit to for something I don’t find fun. Truth time: I’d rather just buy something already made. I’m also not a gourmet chef. I cook a lot of…

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Reading Absolutely nothing. The book I was reading I just couldn’t get into. I need a recommendation. HELP! Loving N, obviously. He’s the official parallel parker of our household and every time he parks my car for me, I laugh a little at our modern, urban romance. Because really, is there anything more romantic that a…

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Our Cozy 3rd Floor Walk Up – Home Tour

Isn’t cozy just the kindest way to say teeny tiny? It is, it really is. But I swear, our new place is the coziest place I’ve ever lived. It’s also the smallest. There are nice things, like the updated kitchen and bathroom, hardwood floors, and oversized windows. And there are quirks, like the second staircase…

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Can You Account For Your Actions?

Do you know exactly where you were last Tuesday between 2:00 and 2:21pm? What about where you were on Wednesday at 11:42am? What if those details suddenly became incredibly important to your life….to your innocence? A week ago, I started listening to the spin-off podcast to This American Life called Serial. It is blowing my…

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