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Thoughts While Chaperoning A High School Dance

  I frequently attend high school dances. I know. What? Why?! Oh you know, just work stuff. While I’m not technically a chaperone, I kind of feel like one. And sometimes get called Mrs. [insert my last name here]. Then I freak out a little inside because hello, I am still MISS so let’s not…

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7 Side-Effects of Chopping Off Your Hair

  I’m adjusting to my short hair. I still love it but it’s different. Now that I think of it, I need to update that picture over there to the right. Here is what I didn’t expect: 1. Phantom hair. Running your fingers through your hair and….oh….it’s not there. Someday this will stop, right? 2. Using…

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I Hate Your Tattoo

  It seems like everyone is getting inked these days. Statistically the millenials (hey, that’s me! and everyone else born from the early 80’s to the early 00’s) are the most tattooed generation – by far. Naturally my opinion might prove unpopular. But I hate your tattoo. And pretty much every tattoo I’ve ever seen….

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7 Reasons I Won’t Get A Master’s Degree

About every six months, I get the idea in my head that I should go back and get my master’s degree. I spend hours, days researching programs, considering the cost, and musing over whether I should take my GRE. And then I don’t. I’d love to get a master’s degree. I wish I could. But…

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GET ON YOUR SIDE! and other things no one tells you about relationships

I’ve had terrible insomnia lately. I can’t get comfortable and I just lay in bed and read for hours after N has gone to sleep. And that’s when it starts, the boys creeping on to my side of the bed. One stretch, one or two re-adjustments and suddenly I’ve got 1/6 of the bed space…

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