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Forgive her. Her brain isn’t fully developed.

With all this Miley stuff floating about the interwebs, for a second I thought it would get up on my high horse. I watched the performance. I felt weirdly amused, violated, and shocked, but I definitely couldn’t look away. My very first thoughts were: Doesn’t she realize she’s going to be someones wife? Doesn’t she realize someday she’ll…

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His Alternate Life

Howdy people that are readers of Back East Blonde. Please don’t change the channel yet, because even though Nadine isn’t here with you today, I AM and I’m going to talk about Nadine. So she’s here in spirit so you may as well stick around. I’m Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars! So as you…

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Do I Count?

It always amazes me that some people actually enjoy classic literature. Even in high school I rarely read a book that was assigned, though I’ve considered myself an avid reader since age 4. Back at Christmas time Danielle mentioned that she reads classic literature for each holiday, Dickens for Christmas. I remember being blown away…

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Fantasy Football Draft Order

This is not only my first year playing Fantasy Football on my own, I jumped in head first and am now commissioner of my league. Let’s get this out there…I have no effing clue what I’m doing.  So when N says to me, “what pick do you have in your draft?” and I have no…

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My 7 Best Pieces of Puppy Advice

1 || Not all dogs like the same toys. Archie is a retriever and we pretty much assumed he would love rope toys. We bought twelve gagillion toys of all kinds before we even brought him home and turns out, the kid couldn’t care less about rope toys. Zero interest. Buy a toy or two…

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