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How Pinterest Ruined Weddings

I know almost nothing about weddings. I’ve only been to about two in my life and I’m pretty easy to please on the wedding front. Give me an open bar and a dance floor and I’m a happy girl. Plus I’m usually too busy doing things like burning my dress while ironing it 10 minutes…

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10 Reasons I Could Never Be a New Yorker

Occasionally I have the pleasure of working from our New York office. Every time I see the New York City skyline, it takes my breath away. It’s a feeling in my stomach, like magic. It’s endless possibilities.  It’s kind of indescribable unless you’ve experienced it but there really is nothing like it. But I could…

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dress: H&M, $17.99shoes: Target, $19.99hat: F21, don’t remember Discovered this week: – In high school, we called hoops this big “ho hoops.” I just found this pair deep in my jewelry box. Call it a re-discovery. – How to take a jumping picture. Kind of. – 40 Days of Dating. Ever thought about dating your…

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7 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas + 7 Free Ideas!

1. Get out a notebook. Watch a TV show you love. Think about the plot line, the relationship between the characters, and anything that causes conflict. Have you had a similar experience? Do you love the show so much you could just write about that? – Who is the “A” of your life? – How…

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Dear Prince He-Who-Has-Not-Been-Named,

Well by all means, take your sweet ass time getting here. It wasn’t like there were 800 reporters camped outside of the hospital for weeks in the middle of the hottest month of the year or anything. And no, it didn’t urk me at all that I had to check every hour for the last…

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