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Lies I Love To Tell

I’m all in favor of honesty. I try to live my life in an honest way.But sometimes in life, you just have to lie.You’ve said some of these too. You know you have. Oh my gosh, your baby is so cute!  Not only do all babies look nearly identical to me, but they look like identical…

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Why I Blog

I have no idea why I blog.In the beginning I was a blog lurker. For years I just read.Didn’t leave a single comment.   Then I was like, if they can do it, I can do it.So I started a blog. And for a long time, my Mom was my only reader.Because that ish was boooo-ring.   Don’t…

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From Rat to Brat

Sometimes I miss when he was little.   And then when I remember that he used to crap on himself, I don’t. But I still like to get all mushy over pictures of him when he was small.   Enjoy. And today.   Hasn’t he perfected his smile? Sometimes I think he looks at us…

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Green with [Urban] Envy

Blogging leads you to believe that places you previously thought were completely mundane are actually fabulous.  Every time I think that the middle of America is probably not that thrilling, I find out that some fabulous fashion blogger lives there. You look like THAT every day in Arkansas? Meanwhile I buy one stylish article of clothing…

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5 Books About Blogging that You Should be Reading

  Sometimes I pretend to be one of those bloggers who doesn’t take it all that seriously. I try not to. But I love blogging. And so, when I’m not blogging I love to read about blogging. I’m constantly striving to be better. At any given time you can find about 20 samples of blogging…

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