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The Sunday Currently

Oh hey. Back again for another edition of The Sunday Currently.But first, our weekend in photographs.        reading Blogs. More blogs. The highlight of my week (in blog world): being mentioned by Jessica of Jessica Who? in her weekly roundup.  writing Using a mobile hotspot in the car. Guys, I’m so freakin amazed by technology…

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High Five for Friday

 1. Cheers. It’s officially after noon.2. Spotted on a walk. Me too, Outer Banks Motor Lodge, me too. Vacation does that to people.3. Oh heyy Nav. Good stubble you’ve got goin on.4. He sells sea shells by the sea shore. Say that 5 times fast.5. The units. Pretty happy with my photography skills on this…

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Who Would Play Me?

Have you ever really thought about who would play you if your life were a sitcom or a movie?Or really, what character combination would be the most “you”?   I love tv. I watch way too much of it.And at any given time, I’ve seen at least 3 movies at the theaters.I regularly watch an alarming number…

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You’re Only Cool In The Blog World

Some ish that floats around these here interwebs is just madness.(Not the March madness, which, DEAR GOD I am so sick of)No, I’m referencing the random and the ridiculous.The expensive and the elusive.Blog trends.    Blogs do a weird thing to all of us (don’t deny it). We’ve created this crazy sub-culture in the 18-45 age group…

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How To Blend Two Very Different Families (And Have The Worlds Cutest Babies)

Once upon a time, I reached out to a fellow blogger for totally selfish reasons. First, I love her blog. Really and truly.  Second, she has lived through what will essentially take place in my life in the next 5 years: Blending two very very different families. Celeste blogs over at Our Fabulous Life in the…

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