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Archie In-Between

The last time I did a serious Archie post, it was in January. I say I get at least one day a month to ooh and ahh over this sweet little boy.  It’s like I’m a mommy blogger only I promise I won’t talk about breastfeeding. You’re welcome. On with the praise…He really is the best dog…

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I Got a Makeover!

Well, the blog did. Thanks to Aubrey at The Kinch Life Designs, It’s lookin’ a lot more fly around here.    Aubrey was amazing to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Have you been looking to give your blog a little update? Aubrey’s your girl.  Thank you, Aubrey!   So, what do…

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Stuck in an Elevator. In Paris.

Did I ever tell you about the time I got stuck in an elevator?In Paris. Drunk. On their biggest National holiday.Cause yeah, that happened.Let’s dive in, shall we? Cause this story is a doozy.Once upon a time, I studied abroad in Paris.I know, I’m a lucky girl. My parents sent me abroad to learn French.And…

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7 Reasons You SHOULD Date a Guy from Work

Dating in the workplace. It’s not romantic. It won’t make a good story.  But damn it, it’s convenient and a ton of fun.  I’ve mentioned it before that Naveed and I met at work.    Now I’m not saying it will always turn out great. (I think I got pretty lucky) It could get awkward. And…

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The Sunday Currently

I read Tina’s version of Sunday Currently, and decided to jump on the link up train.  This is my first time linking up with the lovely Lauren. Reading After seeing Safe Haven, I decided I needed a little more Nicholas Sparks in my life. I just started his newest novel The Best of Me. So far so…

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