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Grandma Nails and Conference Tales

Whoever read Wednesday’s Ativan fueled post from the airport and still wants to be friends,  you’re awesome. I’m a super wuss but my flight was fine and I was asleep for both legs of the flight. In fact, on the first flight, I only woke up when the wheels touched the ground.  Now only 2…

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Taking Flight

Remember that fear I shared with you here?Yup, I have a long way to go before reaching my 30 before 30. I’m still terrified of flying and don’t seem to be getting less scared as time goes on.Today, I’m flying to Indianapolis for a conference. *Any Indianapolis ladies out there want to tell me where to eat/shop/amuse…

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Help Needed

Puppies ruin your diet.I’m going to go ahead and assume that babies do the same thing.Since Archie came home, we dedicate at least 70% of our time and attention to him (when he’s awake). That remaining 30% is spent enjoying each others company or relaxing on the couch.We haven’t been to the gym and have…

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Kaylin, Your post yesterday was so good. But if there is one person in the world who I can think of that isn’t all about “me, me, me,” it’s you. You are one of the most thoughtful, wonderful people I’ve ever met. I mean, come on, you even send cards for the most minor…

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Mildly Embarrassing

Naveed and I were talking the other day about how embarrassing it would be if people actually knew how we behaved around each other when we’re alone. We might be our true selves around each other but I’m fairly sure we would never act like this around anyone else.  Our jokes are never funny (but…

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